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**Taylor's POV**

I open my eyes to see my little sister standing in front of me, irritated.

"Taylor, your phone has been buzzing downstairs for the last ten minutes. Aren't you supposed to be up?" Grace Ann demands.

"What time is it?" I ask worried.

"It's 8 o'clock, I answered your phone, Kori said she'd be here at 8:15 to pick you up so you guys could go to work. You're welcome," she says as she smiles and skips out of the room.

Grace Ann being her typical annoying self. I grab my work shirt, and my jeans, and head to the bathroom.

I'm out of the shower in five minutes flat. I quickly towel dry and brush my hair. I throw my clothes on, put on a little bit of mascara, and run down the staircase that leads to the kitchen of my house. I slip on my shoes, grab my phone from the kitchen counter, and grab a piece of bread. Wishing I had time to toast it because I love toast.

I hear the horn from outside, and run to reach Kori. I'm huffing and puffing. Exercise without my inhaler? Bad idea, but I'll live. Kori, usually sympathetic when I'm on the verge of an asthma attack, has no patience for me today.

"Are you kidding me, Taylor? We're going to get fired if you keep getting up so late," she says. I know she isn't really that mad at me, and it's not like she hasn't been late either.

"Oh yeah, what about yesterday when you didn't even come to get me until eight thirty? We had ten minutes to drive fifteen miles!" I counter, still wheezing a bit.

She rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's just get going."

She puts the car into gear and speeds off, causing me to clutch anything I can to keep from getting whiplash. I give her a look but leave it at that, knowing we have to get to work on time today. Our boss will kill us if we're not there on time two days in a row.

After a few minutes of listening to the radio, Kori speaks up. "You know what I'm not looking forward to?"

I nod my head. "School."

She sighs, and then we both laugh. The ice cream parlor we work at is only open in the summers, so we always have trouble finding work once fall comes. And on top of that, we have school to worry about. At least this year we will be seniors and almost off to college. Thank God for small miracles.

"Do you know which college you want to go to yet?" Kori asks.

I shrug. "You know me, I've got a few I want to attend. I'm just not sure which one is the best yet."

"I guess we have one more year to get everything squared away, and besides, it's summer! We should be worrying about important things. Like that guy that keeps checking you out."

Kori winks at me and I make a face. There has been a junior that comes into the parlor everyday and stares at me. It was cute at first, but now it's gotten annoying. I don't have a boyfriend right now, but I also don't like him. If only he could take a hint.

"Come on, don't you think you should at least humor him? Why not try talking to him?" Kori asks.

I sigh. "I'm not in the mood. And besides, I'll just get in trouble if I'm talking while not on break."

She nods and we continue chatting about shopping plans and new music until we reach the amusement park. We meander around the employee parking lot until finding a nice shady spot close to our building. I can hear the air conditioner running full blast while walking in through the back door.

I see a guy standing behind the bar where we usually stand. He has deep brown eyes, and brown hair, that meets in the middle like the form of a mohawk. He's wearing a sweatshirt, with the ice cream parlor shirt over the top. It's over 90 degrees outside and he's wearing a sweatshirt. Silly new guy.

Kori bumps me, and when I look at her, she raises her eyebrows and whispers "oo la la."

"Shut up," I mutter, and see our boss approach us from behind.

"This is Jakson Abaddon, you guys will be helping him learn the ropes today," Steve says with demand in his eyes.

"You can call me Jak," the new guy says.

"Yes sir," Kori mutters next to me.

Steve walks out, and we're left with Jak.

"What made you decide to work at Pirate Pete's Ice Cream Parlor?" I ask.

"Besides the fact that I needed some dough and it's not a sauna in here?" he replies with sass.

"You're the one wearing a sweatshirt in this weather!" escapes my lips. I didn't mean to say that. Now he's gonna think I'm a bitch.

"Sweatshirts are my thing little lady. Are you just going to stand there, or like help me do what needs to get done. Or maybe even introduce yourself?" he smarts back.

"I'm Kori," says my friend, "and this is Taylor. She is tailor-made to piss people off, don't mind her bullying tactics."

"Sorry," I mutter.

"What was that Taylor?" questions Jak, "You need to speak up if you're talking to me."

There's something in the way he talks, that is commanding and controlling, I don't know if I like it or not. "I said I'm sorry sweatshirt-boy. Let's show you the ropes on how to serve ice cream."

I grab the ice cream scooper, and open the sliding glass compartments that we keep the ice cream in. "First you take the scooper-," I start to say then turn to face him.

He already has an ice cream cone in his hand, with the perfect scoop of ice cream on top. "What were you saying little girl?"

This is going to be a long day.

The day finally was over. There were a couple more smart remarks from Jak, but I think I sort of liked his sass, even if it's a bit overdone.

We slide the glass cabinets shut, wash the scoops off, and wipe down the counters and tables in the shop. When we are done, we look to Jak.

"You coming back tomorrow?" I ask, sort of hoping he'll say no so I wouldn't have to deal with him, but at the same time hoping he'll say yes, because something about the confidence he put off made me happy.

"Of course little lady, like I said, I need the dough. Now do you guys ever ride any of the rides here?" Jak questions.

"When we were little," Kori says with a laugh.

"I don't tend to much anymore, because I have motion sickness. Spinning rides and all this stuff makes my tummy upset," I tell him.

"Awww, someone is scared. It's sooooo adorable," Jak says mocking me.

"Fine!" I exclaim agitated, "I will ride a ride! Pick one oh wise one."

He taps a finger to his chin, as if deep in thought. "Hmm, well I've always loved roller coasters."

I can feel my face go a bit pale, and even Kori squirms. She has a fear of heights, and roller coasters usually move around too fast for me. Jak pointed a finger at me and laughs.

"Oh, you should see your face right now!" he choked out between laughs.

The blood rushes back to my face tenfold in anger, and I dig a finger into his chest.

"Hey! If that's what you want us to ride, then fine. We'll do it," I cross my arms in determination.

"I can hold your hand if you want Taylor. You look a little nervous. It's okay. I'm here for you baby," he says with a wicked grin.

At that point, even Kori is looking more nervous than usual. It seems like Jak only wants to pester me, though, because he glances at Kori and his expression is softened. It is strange to see that flash of emotion, especially when it is directed at me for a second as well.

"Come on, Kori. It's just a stupid ride," I say.

Finally, she speaks up. "Exactly, and I need to get home soon for dinner. And I'm your only ride. So let's go!"

She grabs my wrist and makes to go, but Jak steps in front of me. Kori's pull rams me right into his chest, so I snatch my hand back from her.

"Move," I say.

He smirks at me. "I could give you a ride home," he says so quietly I thought I was imagining it at first.

"That's not ever going to happen. Kori, I don't care what you say, I'm riding this stupid roller coaster, with you or without you," I say through gritted teeth.

Kori huffs in exasperation and finally relents. "Fine, but just this once."

Jak's expression, surprisingly, lights up. His original somewhat menacing stare melts away and his usual snarky self was back. It takes me a minute to realize that I am walking out of the parlor and toward the roller coaster already. The sun is getting closer to the ground, leaving an orange tint to the sky.

A few kids are still running around, stuffed animals and cotton candy in hand, and their parents yelling at them that they need to go.

We get onto the closest roller coaster, which happens to be a large one called The Mega Fallen Plunge. Only one other group of two women and a man are on it with us, and they chose the cart in the back. Jak leads us to the very front and gestures for me to sit next to him. I roll my eyes and sit in the back of the cart behind him instead.

He turns to look at me one last time, a glint in his eyes. "You know, there's a certain way people have to sit on these things so that it keeps the roller coaster balanced. With me sitting up here alone, we could easily go flying off of the edge. All because of you."

I don't know if he is being serious or not, but one look from Kori tells me that I should probably sit next to him. His persistence is getting on my nerves, but I also admire him for it, in a way.

I quickly scoot to the front of the cart and fumble around to buckle myself in. The bored looking girl working at the roller coaster keeps checking her watch to see when her shift ends, and doesn't notice me.

Just before she starts the ride, Jak takes pity and helps me buckle in. I blow the hair away from my face and do my best to save whatever pride I have left.

"It's been a while since I had to do this," I say, avoiding his eyes.

He chuckles. "A simple thank you would suffice."

With that, the roller coaster is taking off. It begins alright, going only a bit too fast for my liking. But then we are coasting up higher and higher and I know that Kori is getting more freaked out. Jak seems completely at ease, putting his hands behind his head. I am fine too, until we begin twisting this way and that.

My hand flies up to my mouth, and I am certain that I am going to vomit. This isn't good, because it will mean that he has won. I won't give in. I am strong. I can do this. I can prove this boy wrong.

All of a sudden the coaster slams to a stop. We are stuck in place. We are stuck going down a large hill-shaped curve. A sense of fear fills me. I am suddenly really really scared. I look at Jak. I know the worried, scared expression fills my face. My heart is racing, and I want off, really bad.

He sees it in my eyes, he grabs my hand, and I don't pull away. It is sort of comforting. The coaster is stuck, and I don't know what is going to happen. We could like fall off and die. Every bad thing fills my mind.

Then I think about it- a stranger is holding my hand, and it gives me a sense of comfort. What is wrong with me? This boy has to be special. I think maybe I will give him a chance and stop being so rude after we get off of this coaster.

"Taylor," he says, "Are you okay?"

"Just a little scared," I says.

"Taylor, look at me," he says, "You can open your eyes, silly."

I realize they are closed. Do I really think that if I shut my eyes, I will transport elsewhere?

"Jak," I say, "how, how do we get off?"

"I'm working on that. This coaster isn't supposed to stop here right?" he questions, trying to gather all of the facts.

"Last time I checked... NO. I don't think I'd be scared if I knew it was supposed to stop here!" I say, panicking.

"Uh, guys…? Does anyone have a cell phone? Maybe we could call someone…" Kori says from behind us.

I feel bad. I had completely forgotten her. She must be scared too, considering how far off the ground we are. Granted, she probably is less likely to throw up than me, but I'm sure she is just as scared.

"Hey!" one of the men from the back of the ride calls out. "Look!"

A blonde headed figure stands underneath the roller coaster. He wears an amusement park staff t-shirt.

"Are you guys okay?" he calls out from the ground.

For some reason Jak stiffens when he sees the boy, and holds my hand a little tighter. It is as if he isn't at all relieved to see him. I make a mental note to ask him if he knows the boy after we get down.

Kori sighs in relief upon seeing the boy. One glance back shows me that she is clutching her seat belt for dear life.

"We had a glitch in the park's electrical system. It usually happens near the end of the day, so it's nothing to worry about. I went to the control room and got it running again, so it should start up in about a minute," the boy on the ground says.

I find it amazing that I can hear every word he says so clearly, despite being so far from us. I can't stop the smile spreading across my face and look back at Kori.

"Did you hear that? We're saved!" I squeal.

She laughs and relaxes a little bit.

I turn back to Jak and squeeze his hand lightly. "This is the last time I agree to go on any rides with you."

Despite the sudden tension due to the arrival of the blond-haired boy, he smiles at me.

"Can I still give you a ride home?" he asks, half sarcastic, half hopeful.

Before I can respond, the roller coaster starts up again, but this time at a slower pace. It is as if the boy that saved us knows that Kori and I are having trouble with the ride. Actually, the entire situation seems to have worked out in our favor.

When the ride finally makes it back, the guy from before stands waiting in place of the girl from before. His sympathetic smile flashes pearly white teeth for everyone to see, and closer up I can see he has blue eyes.

Jak moves out of the ride and offers his hand to me. He is about to help Kori, who much like me, is still shaking, when another hand shoots out to help her. The other passengers are out and already walking away, so the blond-haired boy has directed his attention to us. More specifically, to Kori.

I wink at her when the boy has his back turned, but both his offerings of help and my secretive messages are not noticed by her. She is still pale and focused solely on getting her feet onto solid ground. That's when I notice that I am still leaning against Jak. I try to pull away, but end up getting more dizzy. He grabs my elbow and gently helps me stay standing upright.

The blonde has similar problems with Kori, and after noticing Jak and I, he says, "Are you okay? Maybe you two shouldn't go on a ride like this one again."

The way he speaks is a sharp contrast to Jak. He seems genuinely concerned and caring, while Jak is bitingly sarcastic and mostly unsympathetic.

"We're fine," Jak says in a way that stops any further conversation.

The blonde, apparently, does not get the message. He turns to Kori.

"Do you need to see a medic? It looks like you're sick."

Kori shakes her head and smiles sheepishly. "I'll be fine, thanks."

"I don't think I properly introduced myself," the blonde haired boy says.

"No you didn't," Kori says and giggles.

Jak's grip on me tightens. There is something wrong with this boy. Something is off between the two of them... and I want so badly to know what.

"I'm Reese," says the boy, "I've worked here for a couple years. My grandpa owns the place."

Jak rolls his eyes next to me, obviously not amused.

"And would you give me the pleasure of taking you lovely ladies out for dinner- you know, to consociate to this electrical failure?" he says smoothly

"Actually," Jak says, "I don't think Taylor is feeling up for that. That roller coaster upset her stomach because she has motion sickness, and with the extra scare of the ride stopping, I know she isn't up for going out for dinner. Isn't that right?"

Damn, Jak really has a problem with this guy. But in the same sense, he is right. I don't feel good because of the rollercoaster ride and the stoppage of it. "Yeah Jak, you actually hit that head on."

"Then will you accompany me to dinner Ms Kori?" Reese says, still smooth talking.

"Actually once again Mr. Eblis, this lady can't either. She needs to get home for dinner, and our rollercoaster ride is pushing her time limit, I think dinner with you won't work in her favor." Jak speaks out once again.

"Is that true Kori?" Reese asks.

"I'll call my parents and tell them that I'll be home a little late," Kori says.

Something is up with these boys and I am determined to find out what.

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