Unexpected Love

© by Misty Cantrell

I dedicated this to all my readers.

I also want to thank my readers and future ones..

Kendra Wadeson had just graduated from college. She actually did it. Now her dreams of becoming a Dental hygienist was happening. Kendra had everything, but one thing was missing in her life.

Bryce Higgans is well known respected man. Everyone who meet or heard of him, wanted to be him. Not that he was rich, but that is how he is. Even though he had inherited money, something was missing in Bryce's life, but he could never put his finger on it.

One day Kendra stumbles at the name that was just called out, Bryce Higgans . 'It couldn't be- The "idiot" who wouldn't give her the time or when he did,Bryce would insulted her. Will they continue where they left off OR will something unexpected happen?

Unexpected Love

****Chapter 1*****

All the studying and headaches paid off as Kendra went to retrieve her degree. She shook the dean's hand, and he replied with "Congrats Miss Wadeson."

"Thank you," she replied back.'Why was I so nervous' she thought to herself. As she smiled at her mom taking pictures at the glorious day of their life. Kendra also made sure to get a group picture of her two best friends; before leaving to print out the just taken pictures. Since they had chosen different fields and would be in different worlds;these picture of them, her besties, would be her treasure possession.

Back at the Wadeson household Kendra changed out from her cap and gown to something comfortable. The usual a pair of old faded blue-jeans, and a baggie t-shirt. She then went downstairs to find her mom.

"Mom?" Kendra asked.

"In here dear," Mrs. Wadeson replied back.

Mrs. Wadeson was in the living room. She had just put an 8×10 picture of them three smiling in a frame. The blue sky, green grassy field, and the cherry blossom tree made it a beautiful photo.

"You ready Kendra?" Mrs. Wadeson asked as she place the picture on the coffee table.

"Sure am" Kendra spoke cheerfully. Kendra was always ready for food, but unfortunately it have to wait until they return home.

The women was going to check out an apartment complex that was near Dental Dreams. Dental Dreams is a new dentist place that was recently built. Kendra had applied weeks before graduating and in a week she received a call and was instantly had the job. She did mention to them that she would have to start after she graduated. Drake Maxwell, the Dentist said that he understood and told her to start work that following Monday.

The apartment was small, but cozy. It was a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room and dining room; it all connected to make one big room. Kendra notice the decorative walls that show of angel's. The landlord, Peggy had just told them that the previous owner didn't want anything that was left in this apartment. So if Kendra was interested in the place the items here was hers. Peggy show them to her office where, Kendra signed the papers. Peggy then handed Kendra the key and told her the rent was due the 2nd week of the month;Kendra nodded in understanding and . Wadeson and her daughter had made it back home, after they made a quick stop at a local grocery store; to get some empty boxes for Kendra to pack her things in.

"We're back" Mrs. Wadeson called out looking for her husband. Just then they both smell the hamburger meat from the grill."I know where he is at now!" Mrs. Wadeson said in a grin.

"Hi Dear!" Mrs Wadeson said, as she approach the grill that was outside near the picnic tables.

"Hi Dad. Smells good!" Kendra said as she smell the greasy meat frying.

Mr. Wadeson chuckle. "Hey Hun, Hey Kendra. It's about done" he said. He then turn away to wipe the sweat off his brow, and clean his black frame glasses, while the meat continue to grill.

"Since supper isn't ready, I'm going to pack some of my items." Kendra said and turn to go back inside.

"Don't be too long Kendra!" her mom shouted to the door frame.

"I won't mom," Kendra yelled out towards the outside.

Kendra started packing her "needed" stuff. Not everything of course, she would still leave some things here just in case "deals". As she had finished up some of her packing, her stomach growled, she decided then to head back downstairs.

The warmer weather made it such a beautiful day so the Wadeson family sat out on the picnic table. They had begin eating and Mrs. Wadeson try to break the silence by joking with the following.

"Hey Kendra that boy at the grocery store was pretty cute huh?"

"WHAT BOY?" Mr. Wadeson voice thundered and his fork drop sudden onto his plate; making a huge racket.

"Relax Dad! He was just helping me carry the empty boxes to my car." "And besides he's too young for me anyways."

"It was a joke dear, and I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it" Mrs. Wadeson said with a sighed.

"Oh." Mr. Wadeson said, then turned to his daughter. "You know the rules young lady," he said while pointing a fork at Kendra's way.

"Yes Dad. But I'm moving out tomorrow."

"Don't remind me!" Mr. Wadeson said sadly.

"Aw. Dad I still come and visit. Now your being silly." Kendra said, trying to cheer her father up.

"You better!" Mr. Wadeson said, trying to joke. I like having a dentist to make house calls"

"Dad I'm not a dentist. A dentist hygienists. Is what I'm.-Never-mind." Kendra begin to say, but brushed it off.

Evening had left and now night begin it's cycle and the Wadeson family slowly, but surely made it to their beds.

Suddenly Bryce woke up from his slumber to realize he was in pain. 'Dumb tooth.' 'He had to go and eat that piece of hard candy. 'Ugh' he thought. 'I can't wait til morning. So I can do something for it. I'm hoping it's just bruised, but knowing my luck it's probably reason I haven't done anything now is well because of my stubborn self.'

He was just inherited one million dollars from a deceased, loaded aunt, aunt Jenny. 'Thank you Jenny' Bryce thought. No his plans didn't involve spending ever penny of it, but investing it. First thing he needed to do is pay off debts. Bryce got up, since he wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. He went to the counter, and took some pain medicine for his tooth.

He went into the living room and stretch out on the couch and begin reading "The Planet We Know." It was interesting; Bryce didn't think it would be, but a friend had suggested to him. After reading a couple of chapters, Bryce was hooked and was enjoying the context. It wasn't long til he had fallen asleep.