Unexpected Love

****Chapter 2****

Kendra woke up from the alarm buzzing in her ear; morning had arrived unaware, and unwanted. She jumped up rapidly to get ready for today. Even-though it was a Monday, she would make the best of it. Kendra rush downstairs to grab a slice of toast from the kitchen table. Meanwhile her purse was in one hand as she headed out the door. She then took the keys out of the front pocket of the purse. Kendra then climb into her black cavalier car; that was bought for her 16th birthday. She place the key into the car's ignition, next she put in gear, and drove to work.

Twenty minutes later Kendra had made to work safety; it seem that everyone was late this morning. Once she was close enough, Kendra could see that the building has white siding all around with huge square windows. As she entered the building carefully, and cautiously she had came in at the front; where the patients would enter. From looking outside no one would imagine how capacious the inside look too. She also seen the kid's artwork that was taped on the wall, and done in different crayon's colors. Kendra notice as she approach the receptionist's desk that it was on the right, and the waiting room on the left. She look at the sorta roomy waiting room with abundant blue chairs and a book shelve; that held the crayons and coloring books. The room even had a small table, and chairs for kids to use to color on. Kendra waited patiently as the woman finished the phone call.

The receptionist has short blonde hair with a small purple hair clip that was to the side; she also was big boned and very tall.

"Can I help you?" The receptions asked in distaste.

"Yes. I'm the new Dental Hygienist!?" Kendra said in a shy voice.

"Go further on back to where it says "Employees only" she said, as she pointed out behind from the desk.

"Thank-You" Kendra said as she went toward the direction given.

The receptionist just gave an acted "Uh huh" response, and went back answering the ringing phone. 'Here we go' Kendra thought as she opened the door.

"Hi!"came a voice from a woman in a blue flowery scrubs."You must be Kendra. I'm Joan."

Joan has medium length blonde hair that was highlighted and some of her natural brunette color was peaking through. She was skinny and pale the make up she wore needed to be a darker shade. Kendra noticed her hiding the fact she smoke by shoving the cigarette pack deeper into her purse. Joan's face flushed because she had been caught. 'Either she just started smoking or she's trying to quit' Kendra thought.

Joan cleared her throat and said "Here you can have the locker next to mine,"Joan gesture towards the locker and smiled.

"Um. Thanks," Kendra replied and placed her purse in the locker and give the door a slammed, but didn't mean to.

"No problem" Joan said. "Now we better head on in"

"Right" Kendra said as she stood waiting on what to do in the work area. While Joan went back out to the waiting room for the next patient.

The first few hours went by so fast that Kendra's stomach growled from hunger. She looked down at her watch it was five minutes til noon. 'Almost lunch time' she thought. She went back to her locker and retrieve her purse. Then took out her car keys and started towards her car.

"Hey Kendra. You want to eat lunch with us?" Joan asked.

"Not today. I need to make some phone calls," Kendra said, and added. "Maybe next time."

"Okay. C -ya in an hour" Joan said and turned away.

Kendra had reached her car, unlocked it and climbed in. She then reach behind her seat for her packed lunch. For her being new and not knowing this area she sure did fit in well. Everyone here was so nice even -Dr. Maxwell was; especially Cathy. She wasn't to thrill about Mondays either. She then checked her phone; it read she had five missed calls from her mom. Kendra swiped her phone where her mom's number was located and dialed it. Kendra told her mother that she was having a good day. Mrs Wadeson told her that her best friends Lacie Elden and Hayley Dizemond had called the house to see how she was doing and to pass the message that they was doing well. Kendra soon ended the call and inhaled her lunch; took a sip of her cold crisp diet coke.

"Ah. That hit the spot" she said out-loud.

Before long it was time to head back inside. Kendra clocked back in and so did the others. Suddenly, they was slammed for a solid two hours. Which was odd, but they kept busy. But then it slow down and it went back to it's steady pace. Kendra went over to Cathy and ask.

"Who's next Cathy?"

"Here you go Kendra" Cathy said reaching her a folder with the next patient's name inside.

"Thank you." "Dalton?!" Kendra asked confused.

"Yep" Dalton responded back.

"I thought you had appointment next week?" Kendra asked.

"Well I did, but a friend of mine needed to come on in, and so I just called to see if they could squeeze me in too." "My friend didn't think he would make it here today so I decided to give him a lift here," Dalton said while Kendra put a bib on him.

"Oh okay. That was very generous of you. Where is he at?" Kendra asked adjusting the chair level.

Dalton sighed. "You know me"

Kendra smiled at him for Dalton had always been a person anyone could relay on.

"He must still be on the phone trying to get his car fix" through a mouthful since, Kendra was examining his mouth and begin to clean his teeth. The rest that Dalton said was lost in the mumble.

"Okay." Kendra replied back. "That's it. Dr. Maxwell will be in shortly"

"Thanks Kendra. It was nice seeing you again. Stop by at the dinner anytime" Dalton said

"It was nice seeing you too Dalton. Sounds like a plan. I do miss those vanilla milkshakes," Kendra said.

They both laughed and Kendra left and shut the door behind her. She then went to put Dalton's folder in the "Next Up" section box. As she did this she heard the name "Bryce Higgans" she stop right in her tracks. Kendra's heart skipped a beat.'Nah it couldn't be' she thought. 'He moved away for collage.' She took a peak in the waiting room and suddenly hid back. 'OH MY GOD! It's him. The most handsome man on this planet. His short jet black hair which was a mess, and those few pieces of hair that fell into his dreamy blue eyes. Bryce is wearing blue jeans and dark green shirt that covered his muscle tone arms and chest.'Wow' Kendra thought. She never told anyone about her crush on him; not ever would she dare to tell. It was her own secret.'Relax Kendra! He's not into you remember? How he was such a jerk to you in high school?! Guys like that NEVER changed. Every time he would say anything it was rude and granular. I just wonder' Kendra thought.

"Hey Joan I take this one" Kendra said taking the papers.

"A old friend of yours" Joan asked

"You could say that," Kendra said as she smiled and face him.