Chapter 1 – Welcome to Hell:

Waking up every day in a world where you don't fit… it's a torture, isn't it? At least, that's what some people experience. But there was someone who could not bear such a big burden, and did the only thing he could do… wake up in another world. Though, it is safe to say that he did not expect to see what he saw upon his awakening.

Who is this boy to begin with? That question can have many sorts of answers. How does he look like? Well, he has gray eyes, and dark, pulled back, somewhat spiky hair. As for clothes, he used a white hoodie, a gray t-shirt, black trousers, and dark sneakers. I guess that's enough for a description, wouldn't you say? You may be wondering why I'm telling you all this? This is the story of that one boy who could not live in the world. Not the story of his life though, don't get me wrong.

This is the story of his afterlife.

Where should I start…? How about… right as the boy died? He was no older than 16 years and 8 months old. A bit too young to die, you might think. But he couldn't take it anymore. He lay down and felt the blood of his body, draining away, causing him to fall asleep. He had used a kitchen knife in order to cut his wrists. He did not want to make any noise, and he feared he would yell at the moment of hanging if he had chosen that option.

He wished to awake somewhere else. And...

He did. But, at first, he wasn't sure where exactly he was. He found himself floating in red and black. That is, the area where he found himself in was of those colors. It seemed like a completely different dimension. After all, it was.

As he slowly woke up and analyzed his surroundings, he noticed that he looked exactly the same as he did when he took his own life, including his clothing. Though, his wrists weren't slit. They did possess some sort of strange markings, the skin of those areas being of a pale tone when compared to the rest. He was floating, it seemed. After all, the floor was inexistent! Below his feet was just a dark void...


A female voice echoed throughout the area. It seemed to emanate its strength through the body of the teenager.

"Who's there?" He asked, looking around, searching for the origin of the powerful voice.

A white flame formed right in front of the eyes of the boy, startling him. He performed a motion similar to when one jumps back due to surprise, and despite miserably failing at doing it due to the lack of solid ground, the flame moved towards the opposite direction, increasing in size while doing so. After the flame became the size of the young man, it turned into something else; It turned into… a woman. Well, she did look around the same age as him, maybe a year or two older, but nothing beyond that.

The young man analyzed her figure carefully. She was human, or at least appeared to be. Her incredibly long, pale-blonde hair was tied up as a ponytail, reaching her knees, and it possessed violet colored bangs over her forehead, and even some strands of her ponytail were colored in the same tinge, but it was hard to say with all certainty within the darkness. Her clothes consisted of a purplish outfit, with details colored in white and blue. It was similar to a medium lengthened dress, with drawings of the outlines of ten wings spread around the surface. Her legs wore long, white and purple boots, exposing a small portion of her thighs. In addition, long white gloves, which reached her elbows, with platinum colored gauntlets could be seen being worn by the woman as well. Her proportions would be considered somewhat common in teenage standards, the chest and hips being of a somewhat normal size, but her height was the same as the boy's, and her waist was rather thin. Finally, her sharp eyes were colored with a bluish-purple tone, whose beauty actually stunned him.

The teenager was, with no doubt, was confused beyond his comprehension. The woman grinned mockingly, appearing to be enjoying the confusion and the inability to comprehend the situation of the boy.

"No need to be alarmed." She informed, shutting her eyes, but maintaining the grin.

"Who are you? And where am I?"

"Oh, you know me. You've probably called me by many, many names, even if some of them are technically wrong. But you should call me by my one and true name. Not to mention that it will be enough to answer both of your questions." The boy swallowed hard when she opened her eyes again and shot a friendly glare. "My name is Lucifer, and I am the Sin of Pride."

Familiar with the name, his mind out two and two together very quickly. "Then… this is…"

"Welcome to Hell!" she spoke, laughing loudly afterwards. Her voice was strong, but still within the normal standards of someone of his own age. This struck the boy as odd. After all, if she was indeed Lucifer, she would have to be far older. "You must be wondering why you're here."

"M-More or less. I mean, I've never really been 'bad' to anyone in my life. I admit that I am curious as to why I'm here."

"You're taking this pretty lightly." Lucifer noticed, somewhat surprised. She would've expected more panic and reactions of the sort, but the teen, even if nervous, seemed calm.

"I committed suicide. I would either be here, in Heaven, or in eternal darkness. I was aware of that." He answered, crossing his arms and grinning. His cocky look surprised her even further. "So, why is Lucifer, the Devil itself, or rather, herself, talking to me? I would consider this an honor if this wasn't Hell."

"Oh, you should be honored. By the way, "Devil" isn't exactly the best name to call me. And stop with the act, I know you're not that kind of super-confident guy you're trying to pull off. You're talking to me, after all."

The boy sighed, relieved. He could be somewhat confident, but not enough to actually pull the act he attempted to pull off with Lucifer, the act he had been pulling off in his entire life. He wasn't surprised that it didn't work: one thing was common people, another one was Lucifer. He probably thought maybe he should impose a 'cool' look to the master of Hell and all its demons.

"I've been observing you. Well, not exactly observing. More like... reading. I've been reading your soul for a while now. I know nothing about you, I don't even know your name, but I do know you." This alarmed the teenager slightly. "I know about your not-so-little problem, and your fake-attitude. I know that you don't fit in the world because you're "too nice", that society isn't a place for people like you, people with your beliefs." He couldn't believe it. She was… right. He didn't manage to fit in properly, and it drove him up the wall really hard. Throughout his life, he attempted to disguise it by acting emotionally tough, indifferent, even if that wasn't like him at all. "But I can offer you a deal."

"A deal?"

A Deal with the Devil? If TV and books had taught him anything, it was to not do that anything like that. The wicked fiend always misled the human to suffer far more than he expected. But it managed to pick his curiosity. After all, what really made him feel somewhat safe was that, usually, the part of the deal that had to be performed by the human was promising his soul to go to hell. But he was already in Hell, so it had to be something else. Not to mention, he was already 'dead', so what exactly could she offer him in order to accept?

"The deal is complicated if I perform it alone, so I'll need the help of six friends of mine."

Suddenly, six more flames appeared, in groups of three, each one next to Lucifer. On her right side were a green, light blue, and orange flames, while on the left were a red, yellow, and blue.

"These are Leviathan, Satan, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub and Asmodeus! And the seven of us represent the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust respectively!"

The first to appear emerged from the Green Flame. That was Leviathan, the sin of Envy. Her hair was incredibly wavy, like the ocean, and of a color similar to the hue of emeralds. She possessed a physiology similar to Lucifer's, making anyone assume she was a teenager. The eyes of the apparent teen were of a sea-blue tinge, and her skin was somewhat pale, but not to the point of being repulsive or ugly whatsoever. Her clothing consisted of the top part of a dark red bikini with a yellow fang-like pattern, and tight jeans. She wore a green sleeve-like piece of clothing on her right arm, and a single lack fingerless glove with spikes around the wrist on her left hand. On her back was imprinted a tattoo of a large reptilian sea-monster with hollow eyes, which the boy was unable to see in the meantime. She appeared to be somewhat nervous, but still forcing a pressuring expression.

The second to make an appearance came out of the Red Flame, Satan, the sin of Wrath. She was very similar to Lucifer in shape, build and stature. Actually, almost identical! What really differed between them were the eyes, hair, clothing and expression. While her eyes kept the same shape as Lucifer's, both her eye color and hair dye were bright red, her hair being long, reaching her waist, and slightly wavy. On the top part of her head resided a pair of dark-crimson horns, resembling the infamous "devil horns". Her clothing consisted of a black, red and crimson attire, red skinny jeans, and long vermillion stockings. Her face showed anger, and her glaring scared the lad quite a bit. Also, a red tail with a triangular spike by the end could be seen attached to her lower back.

As for the third, the sin of Sloth, Belphegor, entered, coming from the Light Blue Flame. Compared to the other present women, she was far shorter, and her skin was much more tanned as well. Her eyes were of a silvery-blue shade, and her hair was of a greyish-light blue, reaching her neck, but not her shoulders. Her outfit was fairly simple: it consisted of a dark cloak that covered her body from the shoulders down. Inside, which could be seen through a slight opening in the cloak, she only wore two pieces of light blue underwear and nothing more. She constantly moved her head, as if she was making her best to stay awake, as her half-closed eyes suggested as well. Two curled goat horns protruded from her head, and a mammalian tail could be found inside the cloak attached to her lower back.

The next to appear was Mammon, the Sin of Greed, who came out of the Yellow Flame. She certainly appeared to be the most mature: while the previous demons possessed a young atmosphere and a teenage appearance, this one possessed the form of a grown woman. Her proportions were rather… insert word that means 'stupidly perfect' and 'lustful'. Her chest and hips were large, and her waist as thin as Lucifer's. The eyes were of a beautiful green hue, and her hair, styled as pigtails, was of a gorgeus golden dirty-blonde tone. Her clothing consisted on a modern-looking yellow dress, with multiple golden colored details spread around. She also wore expensive-looking jewelry, including a diamond encrusted platinum necklace. She was a little taller than the boy, Lucifer and Satan, making her the talest of the bunch, but only by a couple of centimeters.

The following one was Beelzebub, the Sin of Glutonny, who appeared out of te Orange-colored Flame. She possessed the same height as Belphegor, making her the second shorty of the group. She was by far the most slender, making her proportions not so large when compared with the one who would have the same kind of build as her, Belphegor. Her hair was frenzy and flowing simultaneously, colored pure black, and her eyes were of a strong orange tone. She wore an outfit that resembled that of a maid, colored white, black, and orange, and it did possess a rather short skirt. Her head did possess a pair of large curved horns, and a black reptilian-like tail emerged from her lower back. She also had two insect-like wings with multiple veins spread through them attached to her back.

The last one to emerge, from the Blue Flame, was Asmodeus, the Sin of Lust. Beginning with her proportions, despite being the same height as Lucifer, her chest, waist and hips were almost identical to Mammon's. Her eyes possessed a yellow color, making them seem hypnotic. Her hair was of the same color as sapphires, and she appeared to be somewhat cheerful and happy. As for her outfit, it was without a doubt the weirdest: a blue skinsuit-like clothing, similar to a gathering of stringsand strips of some sort of material that covered up portions (most conveniently) of her body, connected to very long boots. She also possessed curved cow-like horns, a pair of thin demonic wings, and a rose-colored tail whose end was shaped like a sharp heart instead of the traditional triangular or arrow shape.

The boy took a moment to analyze them all carefully, not to mention the fact that he actually took the time to make his best to memorize their names and respective sins. He was already somewhat familiar with the classic list of sins, so he didn't take as long as most people would to memorize the sin correspondant to each demon, which was easy thanks to their appearance.

That's when a question came back into his mind.

"And what is this deal that you mentioned before all about?"

Lucifer continued her explanation. "It's a little complicated to explain what the exact process is, but, in the end, the seven of us will give you eternal life, youth and regenerating abilities." She grinned as if she read the boy's mind. "Doesn't that take care of your little problem? You want to live, but without being within a society you are not able to fit in, at least without going against your principles. Well, if you're immortal, why would you need society?"

The boy, while stunned at first, quickly retorded. "Being so generous, my part of the deal must be pretty heavy."

"Show more respect!" Satan barked. "Do not talk to Lucifer, or any of us for that matter, with such casuality!"

The boy's body began to shake in fear. Satan's furious glare almost looked like if she was intending to kill him. Despite the fact that he was already dead and in the after-life, he was still afraid of what she could do to him. Maybe something even worse than dying was possible.

But a comforting voice made him feel comforted. The voice, comforting and soothing, came form Mammon.

"My, my, Satan, please calm down. Can't you see you're scaring him?"

"Hmph! It's not problem whether or not he's afraid of me."

"But… we're going… to be… his… guardian-figures… Don't you… think… we should be more… hospitable? Baa~~…" Belphegor followed in the conversation, almost falling asleep in between words, finishing in a syllable that sounded like the sound of a baby goat, if spoken in a human tone of voice. Of course, much to his surprise, she actually fell asleep afterwards.

"Awww…! Belphegor's so cute when she is tired!" Asmodeus, blushing brightly and popping up one of her legs, squealed, not in an annoying tone though, placing her hands over her cheeks and shutting her eyes, as her tail whipped around almost frantically.

"A-Asmodeus, keep focused."

"Don't worry, Leviathan. You're very cute as well when you're jealous when I praise other people!"

"I-I don't get jealous of that!"

"Leviathan, you get jealous of everything, don't lie. Besides, shouldn't we be talking about more important things." Beelzebub, who had stayed quiet throughout the conversation so far, finally spoke up, almost ending the side-track conversation. Though, shortly after, she placed a hand over her stomach, looking as if she was… hungry.

"Thank you, Beelzebub. Now, as I was saying, we need your help." Lucifer spoke again. "In exchange for your eternal life, we need you to send the demons that have escaped Hell, that are currently on Earth, back here."

"How did they escape?"

"Someone… left the gates open." Mammon answered. Then, the six demons all looked towards Leviathan, the Sin of Envy, making her blush in embarrassment.

"It wasn't me, I swear!"

"Of course it wasn't." Lucifer stated sarcastically, rolling her eyes, making Leviathan blush much more intensely and tears appeared in the corners of her eyes, but she whipped them clean with her fingers quickly. "Either way, we need your help. We are the Queens of Inferno, the most powerful demons in hell."

"But because we have that tittle, we don't have powers on Earth besides a couple of abilities." Asmodeus, the Sin of Lust, informed with a cheeky smile.

"And so, we need someone to do the job for us, if you want to put it bluntly." Satan explained as she crossed her arms.

"But why me?"

"Because… you're… the only one… who would… accept… eh!" Belphegor tried her best to stay awake, opening her eyes wide at the last moment of the sentence, in an attempt to knock her tiredness off.

"After all, not everyone accepts a request from the Devil." Mammon informed, while maintaining her comforting smile.

"From everyone we even thought of offering so far, you're the only one who would have reached this point." Beelzebub added. "I'm hungry…" she whispered to herself, lookingdown to her stomach.

Leviathan decided to finish the conversation. "So? What's your answer."

"Do you accept the deal with the Seven Deadly Sins?" Lucifer asked, extending her hand with the palm facing down. The other six put their hands on top of hers. "If so, put your hand on top of ours, and be bounded to us forever!"

He looked at his right hand, causing multiple thoughts to rush through his mind. "An eternal life? …It does solve my problem… Being able to live however I want… Without being surrounded by cruelty… It is… a good deal. A good deal, nonetheless!" The boy lay his hand over theirs, despite him thinking that it resembled more of a 'Go Team!' kind of thing, and the deal was closed.

The "dimension" where the 8 of them were suddenly flashed and turned into a different area. The color scheme was the same, but it was certainly different, this time including a floor and gravity. It also presented something resembling a crimson palace behind the personifications of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Lucifer broke the small moment of silence. "This is your new home- umm… I almost forgot to ask, what's your name again?"

"Eh? My name…?"

"C'mon, you know what that is, right?" Satan asked, glaring down at him.

But the boy looked odd. He seemed nervous, like if he was struggling with himself mentally. "I… I want to forget my past life." They all looked at him with curiosity. His behavior was somewhat familiar to some of them. "So I'll have a different name! My name is, from now on… My true name name from now on…" he stayed silent for seven seconds, eyes shut. He suddenly opened them wide, confidence and resolution clearly reflected on them. "'Sakuma'."

"That took its time." Lucifer snickered. "Well, Sakuma, I welcome you to Hell!"

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