I am a writer you see,

I write about the soul in me.

Every one of my characters carry a part of my mind,

For most people it takes their entire life for their self to find,

But I have found myself within the characters I write about,

I don't make them up, they just come calling out,

You see, I'm not myself, I am them,

But they are not me, I'm just their stem,

I am merely their backbone,

My soul is just a simple loan,

I give them my soul and they give me a story,

I don't write the stories for money or glory,

I write simply because I write,

I write to find the light,

To give me an ending to this long life,

It doesn't mean I want to cut myself with a knife,

I'm just simply bored and tired,

A life filled with adventures I always desired,

My characters are me and they do what I can't not,

They go on adventures and do what I always sought,

They are the escape to this boring life I call my own,

Upon their chest is a symbol is shown,

They are mine but not mine,

Their and my life are intertwine,

It's hard to explain,

I know it sounds insane,

But they are me and not me,

I am them but not them, you see,

We are each other but again not,

We both have a different plot,

They are my dreams, they are my creation,

They are a form of my reincarnation,

But they are their self and they are free,

They're allowed to be whoever they want to be,

Yes, I made them but they are not mine,

Even without me they will not decline,

I see them as immortal souls,

They fill my hollow holes,

I write to create life and be reborn,

I write to be in another form,

I give them life and immortality,

When I write I have no rationality,

This is the reason I write, to create life,

To create life with emotions and strife,

One that give me small freedom out of this boring state,

They have unlimited freedom while I am stuck with fate,

Because they give me the feeling of freedom and satisfaction,

I create them and they give me a wonderful present, an extraction,

I am a writer and this is my reason,

I write in every state and every season,

I write to create immortals with an unlimited soul,

I wish to pass down this idea, that is my goal,

So every young writer out there, listen up,

Your imagination is an limitless cup,

Just like it has no bottom you also do not,

Just like you I have also had fights I fought,

But that is no excuse, you must write to create,

You must write to create immortals of anew state...