Castle in the Sky

Opening: Castle in the Sky-DJ Satomi

Chapter Two: The Preserver

"FREEZE!" came a cry from above them. They all looked up to see a woman with long blue hair standing there. She wore a visor that stretched across her face. She wore blue leather armor with ERP stamped here and there on the shoulders and above her right breast. She held in her hand a giant gun. "The law strictly prohibits people from beyond the border to engage in the real world. I, Angela Christine Darmagon, hereby command you to cease and desist all activities, as authorized by the Earth Reality Police force! You are all under arrest!"

"There's no such thing," Penny pointed out. "I've never heard of you guys."

"Then we're doing our job right then, aren't we?" Angela countered.

"Then what do you guys do?"

"We enforce the barrier between the fantasy world and the real world. It is our job to make sure that the two worlds remain separate and-" A realization struck her. "Hey! I'm the one asking the questions here!"

"Officer," the blond man called. "I'm just here for the Barrier Princess. Let me grab her and I will leave peacefully."

Angela blinked in surprise. "The...Barrier...Princess?" Then it hit her. "The Barrier Princess?!"

"Yes," the man said, moving towards the girl. "Princess Adelaide. You must come with me."

"No," cried the girl, pressing herself against Penny's back. "Leave me alone."

"She doesn't want to go with you," Penny said. "So go away."

"Why do you want to protect her so much?" the man asked. "You don't even know her."

"That is true," Penny answered back, crossing her arms on her chest. "But...something deep telling me I'm doing the right thing." She flung her arms back out. "And I will protect her with my entire being!"

The girl's eyes went blank. She grabbed onto Penny's shoulders. "Then do your job, Preserver." She began to glow with a bright light and fell backwards.

"Preserver?!" the man called. "That can't be right. Only her intended can become the Preserver."

The glow transferred to Penny and she began to shine brighter than the sun. The man, his guards, and Angela all covered their eyes to protect them from the sheer brightness. When the glow died down, Penny stood there in blue armor with red trim. She had a blue helmet with a red visor covering her face. A cloak descended from her shoulders. In her hands was a giant golden sword with runes running up the blade on one side from the hilt.

Penny looked down at herself in surprise. "Wha-?!"

"No! It's not possible!" the man exclaimed in surprise. "The Preserver has always been male! Why is this happening?!"

The girl lay behind Penny. She opened her eyes. "What...What happened?"

The man looked at her. "Adelaide! What have you done?!" He looked at her and then realized something was missing. "The crystal?! Where is it?!"

"Crystal? Preserver? I'm so confused..." Angela muttered.

"You're telling me!" exclaimed Penny.

"The crystal is what controls and protects the Barrier. The Barrier Princess is the only one who can wield the crystal. If it's missing and happens to be destroyed..."

"The two worlds will collide, issuing forth a wave of chaos and destruction," Angela finished. "The Dark Ages will return en force. This is disastrous!"

"And how do I fit into this?" Penny asked.

"Once the Princess comes of age, she goes out into both worlds to find her Preserver, a protector of sorts. They usually become married and have two children," the man explained. "One male and one female. The male protects the fantasy world, while the female protects the barrier between both realms."

Penny blushed. "It's a little tough for us to have kids when we're both females!"

"Now," the man began. "To finish what I came here for. Preserver or not, I am taking Adelaide home."

"Hold on there!" Angela called out. "No one's going anywhere. Especially not this girl!" She pointed at Penny. "She is not a resident of fantasy, therefore, she cannot cross the border. And from what it sounds like, this 'Adelaide' must be protected by her Preserver at all times. So she can't leave either."

"Very true," the man agreed. "I guess that only leaves one course of action. I must kill the Preserver!"

He charged at Penny, thrusting his sword forward. She gripped her sword and held it in front of her. The man disappeared in a flash and reappeared behind her, a thousand cuts appearing on Penny. She screamed and fell to her knees.

"Not much of a swordsman, are you?" Then he saw the runes on the sword. "'The wielder of this sword is charged with keeping the peace and protecting the realm. Kneel before...'" he gasped. "Impossible!"

"Now what?" Angela called.

"That's not possible! That sword hasn't been seen in centuries and now it appears in the hands of this girl!" He shook his head. "It doesn't make sense."

Penny looked at the runes. "Hey! I can read them. 'The wielder of this sword is charged with keeping the peace and protecting the realm. Kneel before...'" her eyes widened. "'...Excalibur!'"

"Why do you have the most legendary sword in both worlds?!" the man screamed at Penny.

"How the hell should I know?! I don't even know what's going on!"

Angela lifted her wrist to her face. "Angela reporting in. We have a level 10 breach. I repeat...a level 10 breach!"

"Acknowledged," came a voice.

Angela trained her gun on the man. "Alright. Everyone's going in for questioning."

Everyone looked at Angela as a voice came out of the speaker on her wrist. "Downloading coordinates for Officer Darmagon's location. All units in area respond to her position for a level 10 breach."

"Already on scene," came a reply. The others looked up as a large, muscular man, wearing the same uniform as Angela, stepped out of a nearby alley. Except, on his arm were two stripes.

"Lieu-Lieutenant Sheffond..." Angela breathed.

"Stand down, Officer Darmagon. This scene is now under my jurisdiction."

Angela snapped to attention. "Sir!"

Lieutenant Sheffond looked over the scene. He bowed to the man. "Prince Argyle, pleasure to see you again, Your Highness." He then saw the girl standing up behind Penny. "Now who are you?"

"That is Princess Adelaide," Argyle answered. "She is the Barrier Princess."

"The Barrier Princess?! Here?!" Sheffond exclaimed, surprised. "Why isn't she guarding the barrier?"

"Our palace was attacked. I was sent to retrieve her."

Sheffond raised an eyebrow. "Really? And why is that? Why is the Prince of the fantasy world being sent after the Barrier Princess? Isn't that the duty of the guard?"

"No. That duty falls to me."

"And why is that?"

"Because...she's my sister."

Closing: Destiny-Nightcore