An Impure City

Officer Green could hear police sirens outside. The noise echoed through his aching skull. He felt the metallic taste of his own blood in his mouth. He could feel the sharp edge of stone cut at his feet as he was dragged. A voice was just starting to make sense to his still bleeding head.

"-the modern world! They stand outside with their boom sticks and screeching chariots, but we are undeterred! We, the Pure, will not be oppressed by them! The police sent their Champions to kill us, but we have killed them all! All, but these three!" A man wearing a decapitated dog head was standing atop a pile of broken furniture. He had dried blood on his nearly naked body. "These three must be shaped by the fire! Then consumed! Then their strength will be Pure Strength!"

Green was dropped to the ground. Two other officers were there, in similar states as him. He struggled to stand up, but he was quickly kicked by one of the cultists. He groaned in pain as his face collected gravel and more of his own blood, while the two other officers spoke to their captors.

"I hope you choke on me." Officer Nelson hocked a loogie of blood at one of the naked guards. The woman wiped the loogie off the ground with her hand and licked her fingers, shuddering at the taste of blood. Nelson recoiled in disgust as the Pure chanted and roared with bloodlust and violent ecstasy.

Green didn't know the other officer, who was scared and was trying to appeal to the lunatics. "P-please! Don't kill me! Please! I'll do anything!" He cried, tears mixing with dirt and blood.

The Dog Head, who Green assumed was their leader, held up his hand. The crowd stopped and awaited his words. "One of the Champions has denounced his false gods! What say you, brothers and sisters?! Shall he be given a chance to become Pure?!"

Screams of approval. Moans of depraved euphoria.

"Fuck me," Green bitterly chuckled as he saw the crying boy pulled onto his bloody feet.

Nelson glared at him as Dog Head and a pair of scantily dressed women walked to meet him. "Have I heard you right, fallen one? Do you renounce your false gods and accept the true Purity?" Dog Head lifted the boy's head up by his beach blonde hair. The women behind him smiled, holding a large bowl together. Green could see what looked like red sand spill from the edges of the bowl.

"Y-yes!" The young man wept. Dog Head smiled and reached a hand behind him to grasp a handful of scarlet sand. It spilled from his fingers, but he didn't seem to care. He began to chant, holding the hand of dust to the roof, the other hand bending the boy's head back. Dog Head began to pour the sand-like drug onto the young officer's face, down into his mouth and into his eyes.

The young man wept more, coughing as a pair of guards began to drag him away from Green and Nelson. He was starting to convulse, throwing up stomach acid and blood as his eyes rolled into his head. The chanting came back as Dog Head looked at the last two cops.

"What of you and the police whore? Do you denounce the Impure and accept Purity into your life?"

Green flipped the bird. "Get bent."

Dog Head didn't like that. He stood erect and held his blood stained hands to the roof, screaming to the Pure. "They have made their choice! Bring the fire water!" The audience of naked and cannibalistic psychos roared with approval, beating their chests and holding their assorted weapons of knives, clubs, pipes, and rocks to the air. They hooted and howled in approval as a barely clothed man came forward with a red canister of gasoline. Nelson looked away, shielding her eyes as the man began to pour the foul smelling liquid onto her body. Dog Head was handed a torch. He licked his dried lips in sick anticipation.

Green closed his eyes in acceptance.

There were several screams, and unlike the chants and hollers that had been present moments ago, these ones were scared and in a panic. Green scanned the room in an attempt to find out what was going on, but all he and Nelson could see were people vanishing into the growing darkness. It was like something out of a horror movie, only the blood covered psychos were being hunted by a far fearsome predator.

"Be calm, my brothers! The darkness cannot stand against our Purity! Guards, find the attackers and kill the-" Dog Head was silenced. Green tried to look around, but all he could see was the advancing darkness. It snuffed out every fire and devoured any opposition.

Green suddenly heard a roar as the young officer who betrayed them stood up and began to beat his chest. His veins looked ready to pop as his skin became red and sweaty. He grabbed at his shirt and began to tear it with his bare hands, screaming as his eye twitched wildly. The deranged man ran forward and picked up one of the still lit torches from the ground. He slammed the burning wood into the face of a passing by Puritan, howling to the approaching darkness.

The embers flickered in the darkness, before they were swallowed up by the approaching ebony. The young man roared at the darkness, when suddenly a fist shot into the light and against his stomach, knocking him back. It quickly retreated back as soon as it had appeared. The man stood back up and swung the torch into the black nothingness, trying in vain to find the attacker.

All around him the approaching shadows took his fellow Puritans, until he was the only one left. The savage's roars were beginning to be replaced with whimpers as his light was the only one left. He turned left and right erratically, searching for the still unknown attacker. There was a flash of something and the man swung the torch at it. A metal blade cut through the burning wood with ease. As it fell to the floor, and Green couldn't believe he was thinking this, but as it fell to the floor he could of sworn he saw a ninja covered in armor being caught in the torch's light.

In an instant the light was snuffed out, and everything was quiet. With a loud hum of energy, the lights were turned back on. All of the Puritans were on the ground, either sound asleep or unconscious. Green blinked blankly, before looking at Nelson. "What the hell just happened?

Ryan stretched his skinny arms as far as he could. He sighed as he examined the data on the computer screen. This 'Purity' stuff is anything but, he thought. Ryan scratched at his shaggy blonde hair, before moving down to do the same at his beard. "When was the last time I showered?" he thought aloud, before yawning loudly.

His thoughts about taking a break from his work was interrupted as the base's garage door opened. A black Kawasaki motorcycle rode in. The driver stopped his bike, parked it, and stepped off. The driver was decked out in practical, flexible body armor. A pair of katanas rested on his back. The body armor matched the hilts and shafts of his swords- pure black. The only part of the young man's garb that wasn't pure black was his face mask, which was a dark crimson.

Despite the man's intimidating appearance Ryan gave him a kind smile. "Heard on the news that Black Samurai saved some lives tonight."

"Another Purity cult. Here." The ninja threw a small, leather sack to Ryan. "Brought you more of that stuff to examine."

Ryan struggled to catch it, before finally holding onto it with both hands. He chuckled at his clumsiness, before joking, "For me? You shouldn't have." Black Samurai turned around and attempted to get onto the bike. Ryan's smile quickly vanished as he ran over to his friend and grabbed his shoulder. "Whoa! Where are you going?"

"Back to work. There are more cults out there, Ryan. I have a job to do."

"One: This is not a job. You get paid for a job, and if we were paid, we wouldn't have had to steal half of our supplies from the police."

"Not like they'll use it," Black mumbled, not pulling away from his older friend.

"Two: When was the last time you slept?"

Black Samurai answered the question with another question. "When was the last time you cleaned that lab coat?"

Ryan blinked and looked at the coat. He gave it a sniff and recoiled from the horrid scent. "Guess we've both been working hard these last few nights, huh? Tell you what. I'll go grab some microwave burgers, and we'll have those for dinner, okay?" He offered. He smiled at the younger man, who merely sighed.


"Great. I'll go work on that now. You get some rest." Ryan walked away from Black and began to walk up the lab's stairs. He walked into the kitchen before he heard the distinct sounds of a motorcycle engine. He sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Damn it, Yi..."

The next morning, the city of Chicago was attempting to return to a semblance of normalcy, ignoring the rising violence and carnage on the streets. Sadly, in a world so full of evil, a new threat was quick to take advantage of the scared populace.

A vault door crashed to the ground with a grinding screech. It had been blown off of its hinges by a powerful explosion, and now it laid in the middle of the entrance room of the bank. A figure walked into the vault and quickly stepped out, leaping onto the broken door and stretching his arms out to either side. "Hahaha! Cower before me, you dolts and imbeciles!" The vandal had seemingly stepped right out of the circus, wearing a bright yellow suit and sparkly red vest. He tipped his matching polka dot top hat to the people as he hammed it up. "I, the Magnificent Juggler, have robbed you and this extraordinary establishment of all of your monetary possessions! For my next trick, I, the Merciful Juggler, shall allow you fools to live!"

One of his many hostages, an elderly woman, trembled with fear as he laughed again. His traveling eyes stopped on her; in particular, stopping on her golden necklace. She followed his gaze, touching her necklace with a look of horrified revelation. "Please...Don't! My husband gave this to me! I-it's all I have to remember him by!"

"The Attentive Juggler hears your tragedy, madame. But he does not care! The Deserving Juggler will be taking that necklace!" The supervillain pulled out a bright yellow orb from his vest and began to casually juggle it. The other hostages scurried away from the quivering woman as she pleaded for help. She hid her face as the supervillain pulled back his throwing arm, when suddenly a radiant light blinded his eyes. "Ah! Who dare shine a light into the Juggler's eyes?!"

"Seriously? What, were you bitten by a radioactive circus performer or something?" The golden light was beginning to fade. "Or did your father, King of all Rodeo Clowns, banish you for being such a freaking loser?" The Juggler rubbed the spots away from his eyes as he struggled to find the source of that voice. "Oh, I know. You were chosen to be a super-clown, got frozen, thawed out thanks to global warming, and turned to a life of crime after realizing that the concept of a super-clown is stupid, inept, and kind of impractical."

The Juggler was finally able to see the source of the voice. A streamline, leather tracksuit covered a masculine body from neck to toe. A glowing series of lines moved up the body, giving each part of the man's body a golden luminosity. Besides the bright glow, the man's most catching factor was his mask. His entire head was covered by a helmet, metal in the back, glass in the front. It also had the golden lines on the back and base of it. The Juggler found himself staring at his own reflection as the figure stared at him through his mask.

"Sup. Neon Charge. Superhero from Los Angeles. Came to Chicago about a drug problem. Took a break from that to stop some supervillain with a clown fetish from robbing a bank." The man held himself very casually, leaning against a counter as he stretched his limbs. He moaned a bit as he bent his back. "It's cool, you know. The whole clown fetish/cosplay thing you got going on. Me? I got the whole leather SnM thing, yeah, but you know what else I got?"

The Juggler could only stare with confused eyes. This unknown hero from Los Angeles just oozed casualness. He struggled to blink as Neon helped the old woman up to her feet.

"Sorry about this clown bothering you, miss. That necklace looks way better on you than it does on him. He's just jelly." He held onto the woman's hand to make sure she could stand on her own, before he gave her a quick look over. "Now you? You're gorgeous, ma'am. Why, if I was 80 or 90 years older...Mmm!"

"Um...T-thank you, young man?"

"S'cool. Now, where was I?" The old woman quickly ran away from the two as Neon Charge rubbed the chin part of his helmet.

By now the Juggler had recomposed himself and began to juggle several of the colorful orbs. "Well, well. A new superhero thinks the Juggler will be easy prey? Little does the hunter know, he is now the hunted! I, the Spectac-"

"That's right!" Neon snapped his fingers. "Coffee! Can't fight weirdos with circus fetishes without coffee!" The masked hero walked across the room to a table and began to pour himself a cup of warm coffee.

"I...Are you...What are you doing?!" The Juggler screamed.

"Drinking coffee." Neon splashed a cup of coffee against his mask, before wiping his visor off with his free hand. "Ah. Helps fight tooth decay and good for my colon! Mmm mmm, good!" He began to pour himself a second cup.

The Juggler tilted his head slightly, struggling to understand the glowing man with coffee stains on his leather jumpsuit. His conclusion? "You're an idiot."

"Whoa. Shots fired," Neon chuckled, pouring another cup of coffee onto his helmet.

"The Confused Juggler does not know what makes you think you can defeat him! The Amazing Juggler has defeated the Black Samurai before, laid waste to dozens, and is feared throughout the criminal underworld as one of the greatest criminal masterminds on the face of the-"

"Bullshit. I refuse to believe an idiot like you is the greatest anything. I bet you aren't even that good a juggler!"

That one broken the camel's back. The Juggler threw the pink orb at the masked man.. "Let's see what you think of my juggling after this!"

Neon caught it in his hand and gave it a quick inspection. "No, please, stop," he snarked. "Think of the children."

With a sudden bang the orb exploded in a pink haze. The Juggler laughed as he dusted his hands off. He turned to face his audience once more. "And now you see, people of Chicago. The Unbeatable Juggler has vanquished yet another would-be he-"

"So, want my general opinion?" Neon was suddenly right in front the Juggler.

"Ah! How did you-?!"

"A loser with a gimmick is still a freakin' loser." Neon pulled back his golden fist and slammed it into circus performer's face, knocking him down. His hat rolled away as Neon continued to speak. "I mean, I get that you non-powered evil fanboys want to join in the supervillain craze, but you don't even have a cool gimmick. Juggling? Come on. I mean, at least throw some torches or knives or something."

The Juggler grabbed his top hat and reached into, pulling out a telescopic rod. With a click of a button, the rod became a full sized baton. He swung at Neon who effortlessly caught the stick. "I mean, look at me. Not only do I have incredible good lucks and a voice that can make the ladies swoon..." His golden glow intensified, and Neon began to float, pulling the Aghast Juggler off the floor. "I can also fly."

"Ahh! Put me down!" He cried as they neared the ceiling.

Neon suddenly dropped the poor fool and flew down fast enough to catch him in his arms. "I'm superfast." He callously dropped the crook to the ground and picked up his baton while he crawled away. "Superstrong." With a few quick bends the metal bar was in a pretzel shape. He dropped it to the floor and dusted his hands. "I even have lasers! Freaking lasers!" He aimed his finger like a gun and 'pulled the trigger,' firing a golden beam and setting the Juggler's hat aflame. "Oh, and I can do this." The gold lines on his body suddenly turned emerald, then switching to a cool sapphire, before ending up with crimson lines going up and down his bodies. "Stylish, practical, and handsome! I'm basically the full package," he chuckled.

"You-you-you dare make a fool of the D-Divine Juggler?!"

"It's not like I have to try very hard," Neon mumbled to himself.

The supervillain stood up and reached into his vest. He pulled out a handful of green ping pong balls and began to juggle them, skillfully. Neon Charge watched with amusement.

"You know, you don't actually have to juggle them, right? You could just, I don't know, throw them at me, jackass." The Enraged Juggler threw the entire set of balls at the superhero, watching them explode in a green smoke. The hostages covered their ears as a series of deafening bangs filled the air, echoing through the vandalized bank. When the smoke cleared, Neon stood unharmed, the ground around him torn apart as evidence of the explosives' potent force. But all Neon Charge could do was pretend to yawn. "Nice poppers. Wanna see mine?"

A loud hum begin to fill the air as Neon held out his open palm. A small green sphere of pure energy formed in the palm of his hand. He played with it a bit, mockingly juggling it between his hands. The Terrified Juggler made a run for the exit, crying out in terror as he saw the green light surround his shadow. There was a boom, and the Wet Pants Juggler felt a powerful force explode behind him, sending him flying out the bank and crashing on the pavement.

"HA HA! Neon Charge, baby!" The masked man flew over to the Unconscious Juggler and threw him over his shoulder. He looked to the hostages one last time. "Remember this as the greatest day of your lives, folks. I expect several of you to name your children after me, but please. Only name the good looking ones after me, okay?" He pointed at a slightly overweight man. "You don't look like you'll ever have kids, so tell your friends to name their kids after me. Good? Good. Neon Charge, AWAY!" And with that, the superhero flew off with the unconscious bank robber.

"Hey. Wake up, Mr. Brown Pants. I got some questions for you." The Juggler felt a slap hit his cheek and he began to awaken from his slumber. "Come on, dude. My hands are getting tired holding your fat, broken ego."

The Juggler opened his eyes to once again find his reflection staring back at him. He groaned and closed his eyes, praying to awaken from this nightmare. "What am you doing here? What do you want from me?" The thief tried to step away from the superhero, only to find his feet not touching the ground. He looked down and found out why. The ground was many, many, MANY stories below them. "AHHH! Put me down!" He screamed, grabbing onto the man's hands for dear life. The only thing keeping him from a very quick demise was Neon's grip on his collar.

"I could do that. You'd reach the ground in about a minute before you went splat. But say I don't. I got questions, and I'm hoping you have the right answers." Neon's voice went deep and serious with those last few words, before returning to being upbeat and snarky. "Now then. What do you know about Purity?"

The Juggler's eyes looked down. The people were like little ants... He was shaking as he looked back at Neon. "I-I don't know anything about it! I swear!"

"BS. You have to know something. I'm sure one of your fellow supervillains spoke about it. Probably during some kind of supervillain book club. EVIL book club," Neon hissed.

"W-what?! No! I swear, I don't know anything about it! All I know is what everyone knows!"

"Figures. You're probably not even invited to Evil book club.. Next question. Do you know anyone who would know about Purity?" The Juggler was panting now, his face red as he looked down once more. Neon gave him a shake. "Answers, Juggy. Who would know about Purity? Who?!"

"Black Samurai! B-Black Samurai's been busting up Purity cults! If anyone knows about that stuff, it's him! Please don't drop me!"

"Black Samurai...The resident superhero, right?" The villain nodded. "Cool. Last question. I'm thinking of a number between one and twelve. What is it?"

"W-what?! Um-uh-er-tw-"

Neon's head slammed into the Juggler's face, knocking him out. "Wrong, bitch. It's Neon Freaking Charge!"


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