When Blacky Met Neon

Black Samurai held the thug's leg, dangling him over the edge of the building. "Who is supplying the cults with Purity? Talk. Now."

"I don't know, nothin' mon! I swear!"

"I don't believe you." Black Samurai's other hand reached for the sword on his back.

"I don't know anything!" He cried, tears going down his face.

"Better try something new. You're starting to sound like a broken record..."

"I don't! I swear, I don't! I-"

"Yi! Stop. You're done there." Ryan sounded angry. Yi closed his eyes and let out a quiet sigh. He offhandedly tossed the thug aside, hearing him hit the ground as Black Samurai walked away.

"I wasn't going to kill him..."

"I know, but I think I have another lead. Fun fact, I was able to get it without having to threaten anyone," Ryan deadpanned.

Black could only reply with an annoyed groan. "Hrm." He climbed down the fire escape before landing on the ground beside his motorcycle. He rode off under a blanket of stars. Perhaps if he had taken a moment to appreciate them, he would have seen a glowing red star following him.

"Yi, I've been hearing some weird reports since this morning."

"Can it wait? I'm about to sneak in," the ninja requested. He was on the roof of an old, broken down warehouse. How cliche, he thought to himself as he opened a window.

"It can, but-"

"Radio silence, Ryan." Black Samurai turned off his earpiece. The inside of the warehouse was dark, pitch black in fact. Thankfully, the shadow walker came prepared. He pressed a concealed button on his mask and the darkness turned into varying tones of green. The place was run down, with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and the wood and stone infected with mold and grime. He took one step on the dusty, decaying floor and heard a soft creaking. His eyes narrowed as he tried to spread his weight, moving lightly and quickly to another door.

He grabbed the rusted door knob and gave it a slow turn. He prowled the run-down halls of the warehouse, already hearing a rhythmic beating and chanting in the air. The Purists. He began to formulate a plan when he realized something had changed.

He had a shadow before him, meaning there was a light that wasn't there earlier behind him.

"Blacky? That you?"

Black Samurai's eyes widened and he spun around, swords drawn and at the neck of the speaker. A masked figure stood behind him, holding his hands up in fear as he backed away from the samurai. The figure had strange white lines on his arms, legs, and body him, lines made even brighter due to Black Samurai's night vision goggles.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm on your side, Blacky!" The glowing masked man cried.

"Who are you?" Black Samurai whispered, struggling to hold back his temper.

"Neon Charge! Superhero! Sexual badass! On-again off-again stripper!" The masked man listed off, flinching a bit as Black Samurai's swords inched closer to him.

The samurai's brow shook with annoyance. He didn't know who this was, but he had no time for this 'Neon Charge's' games or riddles. "Why are you following me? Who do you work for?"

"No one! Do you know how hard it is to get people to hire you when you're in a full leather jumpsuit and mask? Not to mention the glowing I constantly do! Hell, do you know how long it takes to remove this suit? There's a reason I lost my job at the strip joint!" Black slammed the mystery man against the wall. Dust leapt off the old, wooden boards as he held his blades against Neon Charge's neck.

"Stop. That. Stop rambling. Pick what you choose next very carefully, or I will. Hurt. You." Each word slowly revealed his barely contained rage.

That silenced him, if even for a moment; Black stared into his own reflection on the man's mask before Neon finally spoke. "I think we're about to get fucked up our metaphorical butts, dude."


There was sound of movement, they noticed, before suddenly the floor beneath them shattered. The wood splintered and broke as a cinder block broke through from below. The two fell through the crumbling ground, with Black Samurai quickly landing on his feet and Neon Charge landing face first.


Black ignored the man to take in their surroundings. The metal walls of the warehouse had red paintings of the Pure slaughtering and sacrificing the Impure for the deities they believed in. One particular painting depicted a black figure with a red face being torn apart by several Puritans. Almost feel honored, he thought to himself.

Over a dozen barely clothed Puritans were surrounding them. Each of them had warpaint decorating their faces and down their necks. Some had weapons in their hands, some of the larger ones were holding cinder blocks over their heads.

Too many to fight. Need to use the environment to my advantage. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted rows of tall, metal shelves. They were occupied with dozens of large crates, but they'd do.

"Well played, gravity. But next time I'll be ready for your devilish ways," Neon chuckled as he began to stand back up. He suddenly fell back down as Black Samurai leapt off his back, using him as a spring board as he soared over the drugged induced masses and landed behind them. He quickly began running towards the shelves, leading the supposed leader of this particular cult to scream at the others.

"Kill them! Kill the Impure!"

"Huh. Guess he's off to be the next Hokage," Neon Charge commented as he watched Black Samurai run off. Several Impure surrounded the glowing man. "What? Don't you believe it?" He shot into the air, dodging several fists as he floated above the savages. One of the larger Puritans threw a cinder block at Neon, only for him to catch it with ease. "Huh? This isn't for me. Guess I better return it back to cinder!" The block shattered against the ground, having nearly crushed the attacker. Neon grinned behind his mask as he slowly descended to the awestruck crazies.

"Nice one, Neon. Thanks, Neon! Self high five!" Neon cheered, clapping his hands together as the braver Puritans attacked him. He dodged a punch and flew around another, laughing all the way. A wild woman swung a pipe at him, only for him to effortlessly catch it. He smiled at her as his hand's glow intensified, and she cried out in pain as the hot metal burned her palms. "Yeah, I'm pretty hot."

He kicked her down before turning around and held his hands up to a charging brute. "CRUSH!" The Pure bruiser held up his fists, only for a rainbow colored light to flash before his eyes, blinding him. "AHHHH! Eyes hurt bad...!"

"You're about to feel a lot worse," Neon grinned, before he uppercutted him.

Several Puritans ran between the tight confines between the large shelves. "Where is the Night Demon?!" One roared, his veins nearly popping. A light whistle suddenly caught his attention as he and his cohorts looked up to see a large crate falling towards them. It landed on the biggest of them, pinning him down as the others were barely able to get out of the way. They looked up to see the 'Night Demon' standing atop a tall metal shelf.

"Kill!" They screamed, leaping onto shelf. They began to climb, snarling like idiots as they talked about all the things they'd do to Black Samurai when they caught him. They were quickly nearing him,. before he casually jumped down from them. He landed on the ground and the armored ninja looked up to the confused lunatics. "The Night Demon is escaping!" Before they could leap down to attack him though, Black threw a ninja star at the metal structure. It impaled itself beside one of the Puritans' heads and suddenly crackled with electricity. Electricity shot through the entirety of the metal shelf, electrocuting his attackers.

"Hm." Black Samurai almost smiled at the sound.

"Graaaah!" The biggest of the Pure roared as he lifted the heavy crate off of him. He tossed it aside and glared at the ninja. It gave out a guttural growl as it charged at him. In one quick motion, Black grabbed a gun from his side and held it up. He pulled the trigger and a grapple hook was fired, colliding with the brute's head and swiftly pacifying him.


Neon Charge was laughing as he held a much larger man over his head. "Yeah! Fear Neon Frickin' Charge, bitches! Fear him...er..ME! FEAR ME!" He threw the man into another drugged crazed lunatic as he let out a well practiced maniacal laugh. He then felt a hard nudge on his back. He paused and turned to his side to see another man in warpaint, this one holding a broken 2x4.

"...Seriously?" Neon faced the man with his arms crossed. "Do you know who I am?!" The Puritain looked at the broken piece of wood, then at the superhero. "I said, do you know. WHO. I. AM?!" Neon leaned forward, until his mask was rubbing against the growling man's face. He suddenly up straight and placed one hand over his heart, and a finger to the air. "I'm the God Damn Neon Frickin' Charge!" He then pulled the man's weapon away from him. "And you tried to attack me with a 2x4?!" Neon swung the weapon at his own face, shattering it further against his mask. "Everyone who saw what you did is now dumber. I don't think I can even count to four now! One, Q, pumpernickel, kumquat...Nope! Can't do it!"

Neon shook his head in disgust of the man, before he finally punched him in the stomach. The savage fell to the ground, gasping for air as Neon dusted off his hands. "...Ahhh, that actually did hurt," he groaned, holding his face. He looked around to find that the very few remaining Purity cultists were fleeing now, escaping with their tails behind their legs. "That's right, you better run!" Neon cheered as Black Samurai ran to him.

"Damn it. They're gone," he sighed.

"This was fun. We should do this again," Neon chuckled, floating around Black Samurai lazily.

The ronin turned to face him, blades pointed. "Who are you?! Why are you here?!"

Neon gave a fake yawn and turned himself in the air, floating upside down. "I told you. Neon Charge. I'm a superhero. Like you. Cept, I have actual superpowers and you don't seem to." Neon flipped himself right side up. "But hey, that's cool. I don't judge. Well, a little, but not out loud." Black Samurai swung his sword, only for the man to suddenly fly out of the way and float behind him. "Nice try. Even if you could hit me, I'm super-invulnerable. Kind of makes me hard to hurt with a knife, Blacky."

"Fine. You want to bust up up the Puritans too, but I have the situation under control. This is my city."

"...You can't see my face, but I'm looking at you like 'Really? REALLY, Blacky?'" Neon finally landed on the ground. "I came to Chicago cause that's the city this Purity junk debuted in. I know you've been busting up their parties for weeks now. Why NOT take some backup?"

"Because I don't need it."

"Blacky, please!" Neon Charge dramatically groaned. "If you could have taken these punks down, you would have already. You need the help."

Black Samurai shook his head in annoyance as he pressed a button on his earpiece. He walked away from Neon as he spoke into it. "Ryan?"

"About time. Are you okay, Yi?"

"Surviving. But we have a new problem."

"Who are we talking to?" Neon hovered over Black Samurai's shoulder. The ninja sighed and tried to elbow him, only for the man to fly out of the way.

'There's some masked idiot here. He-"

"That's Neon Charge."

Black paused, before frustratingly asking Ryan, "You knew about him?!"

"I tried telling you about him before you went silent. Reports were coming in about a new metahuman flying into the city. He introduced himself as Neon Charge. I assume you've met already?" Black Samurai could hear Ryan's smile.


"Good. I suggest working with him."

"What?! You too?!"

"He's actually been asking for you since this morning. He's not exactly subtle."

"You can say that again..." Black turned to see the annoying man crouching beside one of the unconscious Puritans.

Neon placed his hand on one of the female Puritan's chin and began to speak for her. "Oh, Mr. Neon Charge, you're so sexy!" 'she' declared.

Neon laughed it off, flamboyantly shrugging off her advances. "Oh my, thank you, madame!"

"Please, come to bed with me, Mr. Neon Charge? Pretty please?"

"Oh ho ho! Buy me dinner first, baby."

"But I need you right now, Mr. Neon Charge! Right now!"

"Okay, okay. Just give me a minute, baby! I got to do this thing with my heterosexual life-mate."

"Right NOW, Neon! RIGHT NOW!"

"Bitch, you don't own me!" Neon suddenly stood up, waving his hands angrily. "I am an independent man of vague race and age! I will not be controlled by the likes of you!" He stormed away from the woman, stomping his feet down as he walked over to another body. He crouched down and grabbed the man's chin.

"Oh, Mr. Neon Charge, you're so sexy!" 'he' gushed.

"He's an idiot. I didn't know a human being could be this obnoxious," Black Samurai groaned, rubbing his head.

"Idiot or not, he's taken down cults in Utah, Colorado and Missouri just in the last week. He's been going from state to state taking down Puritan cults since the stuff appeared in Los Angeles. No doubt he's here-"

"Because Chicago is where the drug first appeared. Yeah, he mentioned."

"Bingo. He does have prior experience with the cult, Yi, and the extra help wouldn't hurt. Besides, having someone on the field to watch your back would put my worries at rest, at least."

"...Neon!" Black Samurai turned to face the overgrown child, finding him playing with two unconscious bodies like they were dolls.

"Now kis...I wasn't doing nothin'!" Neon quickly dropped the bodies and stood up fully. Black rubbed his forehead in annoyance before glaring at him.

"Fine. I'll accept your help."

"Whoo! Neon and Blacky! We are going to be the most Heterosexual of Life-mates! We'll go on double dates with girls, play videogames together, share blankets, talk about our crushes...Ooh! I should learn how to scrapbook!" Black Samurai was already walking towards an exit. "Blacky! Wait up!" He quickly flew after him.

"Stop calling me that." He opened the exit door and stepped out, Neon following behind.

"Calling you what, Blacky?"

"That. 'Blacky.' I am Black Samurai, and you are certainly not going to refer to me with some childish nickname such as that."

Neon Charge blinked blankly, before suggesting, "How about Sam-Sam?"

"No." Black Samurai approached his motorcycle.

"Ooh! Tom Cruise?"


"BS Boy?"

"...No," Black Samurai sighed as he got onto his motorcycle. He paused as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his chest, resting their hands on his abs. A head landed on his shoulder.

"How about BoBo?" Neon suggested, as if everything was normal. "Wow! You sure work out..."


"Yes, Blacky?"

"What the hell are you doing?"


"Get off. Now. Before I kill you."

The two raced through the city, Black Samurai speeding between cars as Neon Charge flew overhead as a beam of red light. They flew under a starry night sky as Black led his new associate to their destination.

"Its just around the next corner," he stated.

"Where we going anyways?" Neon inquired as they turned. The glowing superhero flew to where Blacky had parked and landed beside him. He looked up at a brightly lit, multicolored sign. "Crooked Nose? Wait...Is this a bad guy bar?" He let out a small laugh. "Wow! What a cliche!"

"Can it. Let me do the talking. Understand?" Neon Charge was already flying over to a window. "I'm going to rip his freakin' head off..."

"BOOM!" Neon crashed through a window and landed on a table, shattering it under his weight. The glowing, rainbow colored man quickly stood up. "Neon Freakin' Charge out of NOWHERE!" The patrons of the not-so-fine establishment stared blankly at the masked man, before he suddenly pointed at a random person. "You! Shrimp-dick! Where are the drugs?!"

"Who the hell are you, man?!" the boy screamed, being lifted up by his collar.

"You sound like a majestic fucking eagle," Neon replied, before he began to shake the boy wildly. "You think this is a game, bitch?! You think that this is a G rated story?! Bitch, this shit is rated PG-13! I can kill you!" A wooden chair suddenly smashed into Neon's back, making him drop the patron. He moaned in pain, rubbing his back. "Ow, that stung..."

"As you can tell, my...sidekick is in a poor mood. I am in a far worse mood." Black Samurai took another chair and sat down on it. He placed one leg across the other as his eyes scanned the room. "Purity. Someone hear knows something about it, and none of you are leaving until we get our answers."

"Yeah!" Neon smiled. He patted Black Samurai's back, before pointing at a random woman. "Blacky! If you make that woman cry, I'm gonna give you a badge!"

The ninja glared at the other man, who quickly backed off. "I am in a very bad mood today, ladies and gentlemen. I have had to deal with this moron for far too long for my liking. I want answers." He reached for his sword. "Give me what I want, before I show you how close you can get to the verge of death."

"Yeah!" Neon placed a hand on Black Samurai's shoulder. "I am having so much fun right now, Blacky. We should do this again sometime."

"We won't be, I can assure you of that."

"Aw come on, BFF!" Neon poked Black Samurai's cheek. "We're like brothers!"

The other hero let out a low growl of rage as he suddenly turned to face Neon. He stood up and grabbed the man's collar and held him up with surprising strength. "We. Are. NOT. Brothers."

Neon Charge stared at him, his own face was unreadable thanks to his mask, but for once he was silent. Before he could even think of something to say, the two heard the sound of a groaning metal. "Huh?" They both turned to see the back door had been opened and a man was running away from them. "...Shit."

"Damn it, he's getting away!" Black roared, throwing Neon aside and running after the escapee.

"Hey, wait for me!" Neon quickly stood up and flew after the ninja. The two rushed outside, only to see a yellow motorcycle zoom by. "And there he goes..."

"Damn it! Come on, we have to get my bi-IKE!" Black Samurai was suddenly picked up by Neon Charge. The glowing superhero grinned under his mask as he took off with the ninja in his arms.

"No time! Hang on, Blacky!" The two shot off like a red bullet after the yellow motorcycle, much to Black Samurai's chagrin.


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