Santa Remix


T'is the Season

To be Jolly

Cloaked in snow

And wreathed in holly

Share the merry Christmas cheer

Argue over Santa's deer

Ooh, let's name them all in fun


Crap, which one?

Let's get tea.

This game's too long.

Eggnog time?

No, it's wrong.

Still the snow falls heavily on

Distant voices now grow near

Ah, it is the children Dear.

There's the door, open wide

Twenty voices sing too high

God, t'is bad!

That's enough.

Urge to kill...resist, be tough.

Now the chimney softly quaking

Coal dust falling, brick stones shaking

Santa's here

Look, his boot!

Now his red and furry suit!

Burst into a Christmas song

...shit, I left the fire on.