Hey everyone, SpaceUnicorn1831 here. This is my first non-fanfiction story so go easy on me. This is an idea I came up with while listening to instrumental music on YouTube. All of the chapters will have a soundtrack that I think fits with the situation.

So I guess...Here it is. The prolouge of The Power Within. Enjoy :)

Stella Maree Davis and Aiden Cade Davis are brother and sister. Their father's name is Douglas Randall Davis and their mother's name was Deema Alicia Davis. Douglas has a secret that only he and his wife knew. When she died he told Stella, but it would be dangerous if Aiden found out.

Deema died in a car crash - or at least that is what they tell people - when Stella was six and Aiden was three. What really happened was four people broke into their house and killed her while trying to get to Douglas.

Before their mother died she gave Stella and Aiden both something very special. To Stella she gave a charm bracelet with a golden star and to Aiden she gave a pocket watch with a dragon on it. She told them to never part with the items, and as long as they did that they would be safe from all harm.

When her mother died Douglas told Stella what that really meant. Aiden still doesn't know the power that lies within him, and Stella and Douglas will do whatever it takes to protect him from the forces trying to take that power away from him.

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