A/N: Hello again friends! I have another little throwback for you. This one in particular I love so much and I am so happy that I found it after all these years. I had finished watching something about the destruction of the earth and it put in such a mood (I was thoroughly upset for the whole day that day! Nothing could make me happy!). Now, I am a Capricorn and my spiritual element is earth so I've always been into making our planet a better place then what we have right now. But there's only so much that one girl can do! Especially with everything going on nowadays and how bad the news has gotten. I felt moved by reading this little jewel of mine.

Now I know it's short but you really take the time to read the words, you can make your own perspective in what this poem means. Now that I'm looking at it again after 6 years (I wrote this when I was 17), I can come up with a different meaning for this one as well.


Sickness of Life

In a bed gazing at the sorrows through the frosted window pane,

From the rain the night before.

The rain that blankets the sky in painful tears of mourning,

Of sadness.

Damn this disease,

That binds me to this room forever,

I close my eyes to see it,

This pain that enslaves us.

Trees burning in the sweet intoxicated air of man.

Soil turning dark and ashy.

Animals running from the pain,

The ulcerous smell of sulfur and warfare.

Then silence,

The forest in ruins,

Broken homes,

Broken hearts,

The mournful cries of mothers searching for lost sons,

Of fathers searching for their daughters,

Of forsaken ones.

The sickness of the world,

Is the sickness of life,

And the sickness of life,

Is the sickness in me.