Dear friend,

Neglected affinities are specters floating above my eyes. Only ten minutes away yet you're untouchable. There's a back road I pass by everyday, but I've forgotten how to get there. In my dreams I frantically keep tracing the route back to nowhere.

Like dead insects the fabric sheds away and falls to my skin before the memories absorb. Human beings can never completely slough off their husks, I assume.

Ephemeral sensualities murmur in a timeline on ancient papyrus, with tales of vile goddesses forcing me to drink their elixirs of anxiety.

Defiled relationships sprout a rebirth and an embrace of life. My humanity and carnality will no longer be untouchable in seeking authenticity.

Only when you start pulling back, that's when I'm clamoring for you. Grinding the device until it obliterates, forcing the issue into a renewal.

Breathing in acceptance and objectiveness. Allowed to be self-sustaining in some fragility.

For the first time, I let what's meant to be. These days, I'm not stuck on my individual realities. I'm much more stable. You'd be proud of me.

Accept pain, discomfort, and industriousness without bias. Please accept this with me. Life will always consist of constant hard work.

We're so burdened with what we yearn to attain. The truth is, we're quick to forget what's wonderful. Sometimes I forget what's wonderful about you.

Existence in these memories can be so very strange. That's why it's so difficult to speak to you.

Did we start forcing our friendship at the end? Did you really imply I was too neurotic for a lasting friendship? Are you ready to return to me?

I almost forgot your warm sobbing on my chest as I consoled you, saying you're stronger than the maelstrom. That you'd escape into vast landscapes and open skies.

Do not burden the contrived; creativity flourishes in novelty. When my energies are sapped by the activities of life, I can't seek out what interests me.

But I believe when my subconscious goes to that uncomfortable place, it's trying to heal. When I'm letting go, I'm healing. With all these things I've learned, I feel like I just need to let myself heal for once.

Heal with me.

Like a hailstorm where small pellets indiscriminately smack and sting your face. Each ice ball is fascinating in it's malice. You inhale the brisk air, refreshing the soul. All is wonderful in this short endeavor. A frostbitten ear is but a past wrong learned through time.

Like a wounded, drowning bird that is safe, dry after being plunged below water, I'm finally able to absorb what you said to me.