Almost alone on the overground

If not for the armrests I could stretch out on the worn blue seats

And curl to sleep like a cat

The battered plastic windows act as a television

Showing me a view of London, slightly distorted from the refracting raindrops

Almost alone and almost eighteen

I rest my head on the window and imagine that I'm an almost queen

Quietly crying, I see myself simply, perfectly, falsely in my mind

Entirely sad and innocent princess, banished by her tyrant father for marrying for love

I ride now to see my beloved, the one who sends me doves

We'll wait out my father's wrath in the warmth of a cottage, soon he'll play the Lear and want me near-

Almost flown away, shoot the dream like a bird

Call it back, reign it in, grit your teeth-look at the blurry London

Me and my almost baby are almost there

There's going to be blood and dirt while I dream of air