Wrote this a few years ago with my younger brother and I wrote this while scrubbing the floor tiles of our bathroom with tooth brushes. And we didn't even do anything...

Enjoy! Review if you like! :)

(To the tune of "My Favorite Things" from "Sound of Music")

Toilets and bathtubs and showers so dirty
Tiles and trash cans ain't looking so purty
Toothpaste that covers the counters and sinks
My mother's face is turning hot pink

Towels on the floor are getting quite moldy
Slime on the walls make me shiver quite coldly
A mirror that shows no reflection at all
My mother looks like she's about to fall

Empty bottles
Rusty nozzles
Toilet filled with goop
I simply remember how my bathroom looks
And I grimace so hard it hurts

Ceiling is covered with green and grey lichen
Toothbrushes covered with things I won't mention
Underwear practically covers the floor
My mother is struggling to close the door

Now it's Sunday
Clean the house day
And since we skipped two weeks
My bathroom is worse than it's e'er been before
And I am quite deaf from Mom's roar