First of all, thanks for reading Jamie's story. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you had as good a time reading it as I did writing it! This story is actually going on to be self-published over on Amazon! The release date for it is the 07/09/2015.

Many thanks to my beta readers who have helped get parts of this story up to scratch! Doylex, Holdmetogether and Lazerkat are the best :)

I am however one of those people that likes to make my characters names mean something so here's a list of their meanings for you to browse through:

Jamie Griffin

Her forename means 'he who supplants' which was perfect for her role in taking over as the Knight from her brother. Her surname, which she shares with Harry, is the name of a magical beast.

Harry Griffin

His forename means 'rules the home' which was ironic because Harry basically just did not contribute to the household bills or housework in general all that much. I mean occasionally he'd go food-shopping on the winnings from his matches or any gigs her got as a dance teacher, but other than that he provided only company. Again, his surname is after the magical beast as well.

Daniel Fortier

Daniel's first name came to me when I decided to make him innocent. There was a point in the story when I wanted Daniel to be the bad guy and be the murderer. Unfortunately, a friend of mine (Lazerkat) pointed out that my intent was becoming way too obvious. I changed his name to Daniel as it's an angelic name, like Gabriel or Castiel and means "God is my judge". Fortier means 'stronghold' in French and this gives him both an origin, and a little reminder to be strong, even though actually I think he suffers most.

Drake Fortier (Fiere)

Drake means 'dragon'! Fortier is the family name that the deceased Drake shares with Daniel. It's meaning is 'stronghold' again. Fiere was added onto the spell so I could set it on fire! Everyone knows that if something is on fire it is a gazillion times cooler. The dragon fortress of fire protects people in their time of need. It's a shame the spell is so draining.

Clara Fortier

Clara means 'bright or clear' and she shares her last name with the two boys. She took her partner's name even though they were never truly married. If you are curious however, her maiden name was Ombreux which means 'shadowy' in French. She's not all bad and I wanted her first name to be sunny and the name she threw away to be shadowy.

Dean Mordrel

Since Dean was 'supposedly' descended from sir Mordred and in turn from Morgane le Fae, I figured his last name should sound almost the same, but not similar enough to actually prove anything. (Sorry Dean!) His first name means 'valley'.

Cassandra Logan

Cassandra means 'shining upon man' which was so appropriate for this little witchka that I didn't know what to do with myself. Her last name Logan means 'the son of the descendant of the Warrior' which had a good battle-ish ring to it but no real connection to any famous witches or warlocks.

Alexander Gardner

Alexshares a last name with Gerald Gardner, whom many have called the father of modern witchcraft. He is also said to have been involved in the running of the New Forest Coven and founded Gardnerian Witchcraft. Alexander is a Greek first name meaning 'defending men'.

Theodoric Monvoisin (descendent of Catherine Monvoisin)

Catherine Monvoisin or La Voisin as she was known, was a famous poison brewer and fortune teller. This is Theo's claim to fame in the arena! Theodoric means 'ruler of the people' because he is an arrogant ass-hat.

Roden O'Kent

Roden is descended from Jack O'Kent who was a legendary wizard in Herefordshire and Gwent who supposedly made bets with the devil, and actually outwitted him on several occasions. Roden means 'red valley'.

George Pickingill (AKA Fingernails)

Historically old George was a feared farmer who set imps to work on his fields during the harvest months while he sat under a tree and smoked a pipe. He was also famous for being able to trace his own ancestor back through many generation of witches and warlocks.

Vanessa (the nurse)

Vanessa means butterfly.

So if that hasn't bored you to tears then I hope you found it interesting! Thank you for sticking with this story and for reading it all. Please leave me a little something to tell me how you found it!

Thank you,

Nora Long

Ghost - Ingrid Michealson

I didn't even cry
'Cause pieces of me had already died

I'm a ghost
Haunting these halls
Climbing up walls that I never knew were there
And I'm lost
Broken down the middle of my heart, heart
I'm broken down the middle of my heart, heart, heart

You know you make me a ghost
You make me a ghost