This is Glenn's and Cassie's story. They're from Home, Sweet, Home. If you don't know them, who cares?

My life began when... I saw her.

I was a rich kid. Parents were always gone. I was left all alone in the giant mansion they bought with their billions of dough. I had no siblings. My life was tragic. I had nothing to live for. I felt nothing. I did nothing. Typical story. Blah, blah, blah. I'm sure you don't care. So when I met her... I was completely blown away. Absolutely swept off my foot. Bulldozed over.

I was walking around the corner, a book in hand. Just casually taking a stroll around the school. Nothing grandiose. It was just a mediocre day, like any other. I woke up on my luxurious king-size mattress, feeling nothing. Just numb inside. Dead. Ate a nutritiously sumptuous breakfast, tasting nothing. Got driven to school in a Benz, still emotionless. It was an ordinary day that happened with monotonous regularity. I didn't expect, couldn't expect what would occur next. I was just floating my way to class. When suddenly I saw her. It was like I was hit full force by a vision. A wonderfully enchanting vision. Shock struck me across the face and seeped into my epidermis and into my veins, making a nest inside of me. She shocked me to the core. The impact caused the hardcover novel to slip from my suddenly limp fingers and slide across the polished marble floor. As if drawn by an invisible string, I distantly noticed myself rising my foot and coming fully around the corner, unknowingly bumping into students passing by, protests and glares went unnoticed. I could discern nothing but her. She was all I could notice. Some unknown force was drawing me toward her. Her rare radiance was all I could see. All I could experience. All I could notice. I would do anything to get closer to her. She was laughing and talking animatedly to two of whom I assumed was her friends, her light green eyes shimmering brightly, her face stretched out beautifully with a blindingly brilliant smile, the epitome of happiness. Even her light brown hair seemed to shine with her glow. Yes, she was radiating a glow that seemed to cover her entire bodily was blinding my eyes, but I didn't care. I just needed. I needed to get closer. My eyes were snared by her enthusiasm, her blatant euphoria, her enchanting radiance. She seemed to draw me to her. Her outright merriment was affecting me. A wave of pleasure splashed against my body. The sight of her gave me glorious gaiety. Enormous amounts of stimulating shock, happiness, fear, and much, much more. The intensity of these emotions this stranger awakened in me downright terrified me. The thing that really caught my attention was that I couldn't seem to tear my eyes from her. I couldn't look away to rescue a waddle of drowning ducks. It wasn't logical, it didn't make an iota of sense, but I couldn't move my head. I just couldn't. It was illogically infeasible. But I felt something when I looked at her. At some point that I didn't notice, I had stopped blinking, I had stopped moving, practically stopped breathing, just staring at her, unable to look away. Unable to do anything. But idiotically ogle at her and all of her beauty.

Suddenly, someone pushed me and I jerked back to reality, quickly—automatically—pushing the storm of swirling emotions down inside of me and trying to calm my racing nerves. I didn't understand. I never felt this way before. I never experienced this before. I couldn't perceive how this was possible. How? How could this person do so much to me without ever having met me, without even knowing that I existed? How could she control me so completely? Where's the logic in this? How could someone whose name I didn't even know, who I never even talked to make me want to study her and learn everything about her? To know her interests and disinterests. To discover her perfections and imperfects. To know every inch and cranny of her. I desired more knowledge of her. All of her. Her soul. Her mind. Her heart? All of her. Indeed, all of her. Why did I feel that way? She's gorgeous, absolutely stunning... but there was something more. There had to be something more feeding this voracious hunger that cannot be satisfied. She awakened emotions in me. I had to thank her. A rise of sudden shyness overwhelmed me. But how can I compare to her? I was nothing. And she was... she was a goddess. How could I ever stand by her side as an equal?

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