The Colorblind Love

Staring at her

I don't see deformities or Color

What I do see

is a strong woman with motivation, dedication, and ambition

Staring at her

I know that what we have now would have been frowned upon

two hundred years ago. It was unlawful.

Would I had gone to prison? Would she had been hung?

I wonder if people back then had what her and I have now

A Colorblind Love.

Even in these modern times

I'm sure that there are still people who disagree.

But we don't care

A relationship together is all that I need.

Our Loyalty is not dependent on color, shape, size, or figure.

Only that we make each other happy in our distance.

Will we be a rose?

Start off as a bud, then bloom. Eventually withering away through the passage of time.

Or will we be a tree?

Growing larger and stronger slowly as the years go on.

Some people doubt that interracial couples can happen.

But even Dogs and Cats can be the best of friends.

As a white man

I am not ashamed to admit that she is the most important Woman to me

She is beautiful, not ugly.

She is Smart, not ignorant.

She is Hard Working, not a Cotton Picker

She is Independent, not to be owned

She is A Woman, not a Nigger.

Any other person to be my mate

would never be enough

She may be black, and myself white

This Color Blind Love