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The Inventor- Chapter 1

David Elliot Archer had the mind of a scientist. He analyzed, observed, and made conclusions about people and situations. And really nothing could change his mind. Furthermore, he was very well-read and intelligent, taught by his father, the esteemed Cyril Adsen Archer II.

Cyril was as analytical as his son and had much in common with him, though the two looked quite different. Cyril was in his early forties, his once dark hair and mustache now grizzled gray. His hair was short and clean-cut, his eyes a vibrant blue. He had always been a short man.

David, on the other hand, had eyes as dark and brown as chestnuts and longish hair the color of chocolate. He had a strong jaw and a split chin, and straight eyebrows which were often set with concentration. His build was tall and fit.

He often wore brown clothing of different shades, a clothing style which seemed to reflect his facts-based outlook on life. His typical attire was a dark brown tie matched with a light brown shirt, a vest, a jacket, brown trousers, and dark brown boots. It was simple, but it suited David quite well.

David had become so facts-based in his way of thinking, in fact, that he had begun to predict things that would happen based on facts he had collected. He was often right. David Archer did not, however, expect to find the letter.

He could not have predicted what it would bring into his life. Whom it would bring into his life.

The letter had come in the mail that morning. It was addressed to David himself, not to Cyril, but with no return address in sight. Curiousity piqued, David had opened the letter and read it, straining to understand the cursive scrawl. It read:

Dear David Archer:

I am requesting you to come to my home tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon. Have you any interest in coming, I should think it fair to warn you that I am asking you to become my apprentice. I find myself longing for a student like yourself.

I hope you consider my offer genuinely.

Sincerely, Dr. Henry Cooper

(Also, in case you didn't know, my house is the 9th house on the right side of Birch Street when coming from White Street.)

David thought these directions were odd, but then this was Dr. Henry Cooper who had written the letter.

Dr. Cooper was known for his reclusive tendencies and prickliness. He was neither well-liked nor well-respected, despite the fact he was a doctor. His claims of cures were often dumped as "bogus" or "too revolutionary". Some even claimed that Dr. Cooper had openly threatened to injure Council members. Obviously, this did not help to boost this doctor's reputation. In fact, he was somewhat considered to be a dangerous madman.

These were the things that were running through David's mind as he read who had written the letter. He was confused, firstly. What did a nearly antisocial man like Henry Cooper want with him? How did the doctor find him? Malka, did Cooper actually want to start talking to people?

But secondly, David was curious. As frightening a character as Dr. Cooper was, he had always seemed very mysterious to David. What could be "too revolutionary" to share with the world? With just Nobania? Or even just Nodol? Sure, Nodol was the most populated city in Nobania, but it was also the most advanced.

Nodol held the country's largest factory center, Axeda Enterprises. What could be so big about this man's ideas that not even Nodol could handle them? This curiosity and other things finally drove David to a difficult decision. He consulted his father at supper that evening.

"So, I got a letter in the mail this morning," he began. "It's from Dr. Henry Cooper."

Cyril stopped chewing at this, his eyebrows shooting up. He swallowed. "You got a letter from Dr. Cooper?" he questioned in disbelief.

David nodded. "Hand-written by the man himself. He wants me to see him tomorrow. Wants me to become his apprentice."

Cyril looked thoughtful. "What have you decided?" he asked.

David's brow furrowed. "I'm going to see him," he said. "I'll take my chances. I need a job, don't I? Apprentices do get paid for work they do nowadays. I'll need to make my own money somehow."

"You always were an intelligent lad, David," said Cyril. "From what I can tell, this doctor is also extremely intelligent. You could learn quite a lot from him."

David nodded. "That's just the point of being an apprentice though, innit?" he said. "To learn from the master."


End of Chapter 1. It's a shorty, but it sets up for the rest of the story. The next chapter introduces Dr. Cooper in all his awesomeness.

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