I show expression but I'm empty inside,

I would say I'm happy, but I lied,

So many years of faked expressions has a cost,

The price to pay is that my true face is forever lost,

I'm saying it's alright but inside I'm screaming,

It feels like a horrible nightmare that I'm dreaming,

I want to scream and cry but that is not a choice,

In this world humans call perfect I have no voice,

I'm wearing the mask of a doll for you, the human race,

Because you would isolate me if I were to show my true face,

Sadly I'm not the only one that's flooded by masks,

I'm not they only one to stay silent whenever someone asks,

The pitiful humans around you maybe be faking too,

They may be smiling and laughing but they are like you,

Scared to be alone and isolated they fake a smile,

Their blood of being chained down fills a mile,

This world is now plastic, filled with expressionless dolls,

Oh, is there no one to help the human race form it's fall,

No choice, no voice, no love, no hate, they can't feel,

For acceptance they have made an horrid deal,

Is there no way to reverse this spell?

My true feelings I want to tell,

But that is not possible nor my choice to make,

I am not me anymore because of my face so fake,

All I can do now is not to have my mask crack,

I have to accept that true feelings are what I lack,

I have to avoid the voice that call,

And remain my life as a plastic doll...