He crouched on the sill, gazing wondrously into the room at the angelic girl asleep on the bed, his eyes glowing blue. Leaping silently down onto the floor, he stole across the room to the bed, the light from his eyes and mouth washing over the girl's beautiful face. The unaccustomed brightness woke her, and her eyes opened. She stared up at him a second in shock, before her lips parted to release a scream. Faster than sight, his titanium hand reached out, pressing over her mouth. "Don't cry out, please. If they find me, they'll send me back," his voice reverberated in her mind. Feeling her tense, about to fight him, he reached out his other hand and pressed to her solar plexus, holding her inexorably still. "Don't struggle," he pleaded. "I don't want to hurt you, only look...I have never seen a human before..." His vision roamed across her face, devouring every minute detail. The girl gazed back wide-eyed, her muscles relaxed as she stared at the strange invader, so similar and yet so unbridgeably unlike her own self.

His metal head turned towards the door, his ultra-sensitive audio receptors picking up footsteps moving closer to the room. "Don't scream," he begged again, his voice a soothing vibration in her head, and retreated towards the window. He paused once, crouched on the sill, meeting the eyes of the human girl across the room, the two of them caught in wonder at the other. Then the door started to open and he leapt from the sill out into the night, the girl closing her eyes quickly.

Molly Darling entered the room, glancing at her apparently sleeping daughter. "Wendy?" she whispered, then shook her head and crossed the floor, closing the window. "Why she insists on leaving this open," she murmured to her husband, who stood in the doorway. "It's almost like she expects some sort of Peter Pan to come."

George Darling smiled tenderly at his wife as she rejoined him in the hall. "It's our own faults," he said lowly, closing their daughter's bedroom door behind them. "Deciding it would be funny to name her Wendy Darling..."

Alone again in her room, the girl opened her eyes, thoughtfully watching the frosty glass outside of which her mysterious visitor had appeared. Some kind of Peter Pan indeed...