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The Tale of Charming and Princess Ella

Once upon a time, there lived an extraordinary boy named Charmont.
He had very unusual looks, with his beautiful brown hair tinted with red and
his eyes the stormy gray-blue of the angry sea. He lived in the realm of
Eldwood, which was made up of many separate lands. When he was younger,
his family ruled over the lands of Sirle, and his father Coren was the great
and kind Sirle Lord. One cold, clear night when Charmont was only four years
old, a hired assassin murdered his father and drove Charmont and his mother
Rianna out of Sirle, without a copper coin between them.
They found a small fishing village near the Sea of Terbrec, where an
old crone took them in, hoping to get a few coins from their pockets. When
the old women discovered that they had no money, she began to screech and
"What do you mean you have no money!?" she moaned to herself. And
with that she began attacking Char and beating him over the head with one
of her old leather shoes.
Rianna, horrified at what the old crone was doing to her son, began to
plead with the old woman. "Oh, please stop! I promise, we will pay back any
debt we have to you. We'll do anything! Just please stop hurting my son," she
begged. And with that the woman stopped.
Utterly gleeful that she had total control of such young, healthy
people, the old crone decided to illegally sell them as slaves.
At the marketplace, which sold all manner of goods, a dark, unhappy
man named Drede was astounded by Rianna's fair looks.He bought both of
them on the spot. And with that the old crone went home, thoroughly happy
with her tidy sum, and was never to be seen again.

Rianna and Char then went home with Drede to his mansion by the sea,
accompanied by his twins, Maegla and Mithran. Maegla was a large, clumsy
brat of a girl, and lazy in every respect. Mithran, however, was as strong as
a lion and just as mean-spirited as Maegla. They both despised Charmont.
Drede had fallen in love with the beauty of Rianna, and asked her to
marry him. Knowing the evil in his heart, Rianna refused. Drede then
threatened to kill Charmont and torture her if she did not accept his
proposal of marriage. So Rianna and Drede were married unhappily ever
A few years after the marriage, when Char was only eight, Drede
forced him to work for his keep, and hired him out to an especially cruel
fisherman in the village below. Charmont had been slaving away for his
step-siblings for years now, but this was worse. Rok made him work harder
than he ever had to, while Rok sat at the stern and barked out orders. One
day while he was slaving away on La Esclava , he found a dolphin entangled in
one of the fishing nets. Char removed his belt knife from its hiding place
under his shirt and set to work freeing the dolphin. After the dolphin was
able to swim safely away, Charmont turned away, expecting the sleek
mammal to splash away through the waves. However, it spoke to him instead.
"I thank you," called the dolphin up to Char. "Without your help I
surely would have drowned. My name is Gyld." And with that the dolphin
transformed into a dragon.
Charmont fell back, astonished at his good luck. Dragons had been
extinct in Eldwood for centuries! Remembering Rok and his malicious temper,
Charmont shot a glance over his shoulder. However, he discovered that Rok
was not moving. In fact, neither was anything else, the wind in the sails, the
boat on the waves, nothing.
Gyld saw the look of amazement on Charmont's face. "I have
temporarily frozen time for all, except for you and myself. It is a gift we
dragons have, among other things. Rok will not bother us until I leave. But,
because you have freed me, I will one day free you. All you must do is call my
name by the sea, and I will pay my debt to you."
With that Gyld flew into the distance, and Charmont watched him
until the great dragon was no more than a speck, and then he could not be
seen at all.
After Charmont's encounter with the Dragon Gyld, he continued to
work for Rok and the 'Step Evils' Drede, Maegla and Mithran. Quite a few
years had gone by, when King Roald and Queen Kalasin of Eldwood announced
that their daughter Eleanora was old enough to marry, and that they were
hosting a royal ball in her honor. The ball would decide for her who she would
marry and all eligible men were invited.
Mithran was overjoyed! He began to look at his wardrobe with serious
interest as he tossed silks and satins around his room like a crazed man. A
month before the ball was to occur, Mithran began to work out by beating
Charmont and chasing him through the white marble halls of the mansion
while Maegla looked on, laughing. When Charmont asked Drede if he could go,
all of the Step Evils began to laugh at him. Rianna begged Drede to permit
Charmont to go to the Royal Palace in Tirlith. Drede refused until Rianna
pointed out that he would need a servant to take care of them during the
long journey north. Rianna wished only for her son to get away from the
slavery of Rok for a few days. Drede finally agreed, but forbid Charmont to
leave the coach or the rented Town House. He was especially banned from
going to the ball.
While Drede, Mithran and Maegla worked out their plan, Charmont
trudged down to the beach. All he had wanted was to go to the ball, and that
was exactly what he was banned from doing. While skipping rocks over the
water's surface, Charmont suddenly remembered Gyld. Without thinking of
anyone but himself, he began calling for Gyld.
"Gyld, I need you now! You promised that you would come and repay
your debt!"
"So I did," cheeped a small sparrow from a rock behind him. "And here
I am. What is it that you wish?"
"I want to go to the Royal Ball held in two night's time. All I ask is to
go to the balls without the Step Evils finding out."
"And so it shall be," replied the dragon/sparrow. "All you must do is
wait for your 'Step Evils' to leave, and say what you need aloud. It will then
appear, and you will be able to go to the ball." And with that, the sparrow
turned itself into a small crab, and walked sideways into the ocean.

So happy was Charmont that the next two days flew by with him in his
own dreamland alone, dancing with some fair maiden. Before he knew it, they
were in the capital city of Tirlith, and Mithran was taking lessons in manners
from, ironically, Maegla (who possessed no manners herself) and Charmont
was being ordered about by Drede. Soon all three of them were out of the
door and in the carriage to the ball. As they drove off, Charmont could here
Drede telling his children that they would be back by three.
With that in his mind, Charmont ran up to his room. As soon as the
door was closed, he began yelling various items. "Please Gyld, I would like
some clothes, just as fine as Mithran has." And with that, beautiful
multicolored clothes began to fall from the ceiling! "Please, I would also like
a pair of shoes that glisten and sparkle." As before, these items also
appeared from the ceiling, shoes that were made of golden silk and gold
tassels on the ends. "All I would like now is a mask, to hide my identity from
the Step Evils." A black mask offset with milky-white pearls of the finest
variety. And then Charmont was ready.
Charmont walked to the ball, careful not to ruin his fine clothes. As
soon as he arrived, all of the young nobles that were invited began to
whisper. The girls especially wanted to know who this masked man was with
such stormy gray-blue eyes and lovely brown-red hair. Charmont was swept
up with one dance partner after another with no hope for any break. As the
bell clock tolled 2 o'clock, a shy young woman approached him. The fairest of
all the girls there, he asked her name.
"My name is Eleanora, but I am called Ella," she replied. "What is your
Charmont stammered. This was the princess that everyone was talking
about! And he was dancing with her! "Yes, I am, that is, my name is
Ch-Ch-armont! Oh, and you can call me ah, Char." And with that they began
to dance and dance and dance.
Suddenly, the clock struck 3. Char gasped and broke away from the
"What is it," she inquired.
"I have to go." And off he ran. He ran past the Grand Staircase,
through the doors of the Palace, and past the line of carriages. As he ran,
his mask became looser and looser, until it finally fell off. In his panic to get
home before the Step Evils, he did not even notice the loss. Finally he
arrived home and flung himself into bed.
The next morning when he awoke, the city had been flung into bedlam.
When he went downstairs to see what was happening, he was sent back to
his room without an explanation. An elderly servant explained what had
"The princess found a black mask decorated with pearls this morning.
She has declared that she will only marry the owner of the mask."
Charmont gasped. It was him! The princess wanted to marry him!
Suddenly, trumpets bugled outside the house. It could only be the princess!
Charmont raced down the stairs just in time to see Mithran trying on
the mask. But his nose was too big! The princess sighed. Then she spotted
Charmont, standing on the bottom step.
Ella walked over, her eyes on Char's face the entire time. "Would you
like to try on the mask," she asked. Char took the bejeweled mask from the
gloved hand that offered it. He slowly slid it on, not looking at her until he
had tied it on his head.
"It is him," the princess Ella said. "It is Char. Those eyes, that hair, it
is truly you."
"Yes," he replied. "Yes."
And Rianna, Char and Ella all lived happily ever after, whereas the
Step Evils were sentenced to catch and gut fish unhappily ever after.