1. Don't get mad at me.

2. I think we've been waiting for this for far too long.

3. I haven't slept in three weeks. The anticipation has been killing me.

4. I bought you a postcard from Dublin when I went to Ireland. I had been looking for it for decades, and I happened upon it a few days ago. I'm still saving it for you.

5. If you knew this was going to happen, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know anyway.

6. My suit jacket is in the closet in the room that used to be my mothers. I plan to be wearing it the next time you see me.

7. My hands are shaking as I write this. I wish that I could see your face when you read this.

8. Things have been going missing in my house for weeks. My keys, my blue tie, my one purple converse that I like to wear with the grey one with the stain on it. I've been loosing everything that makes me me. I wonder if they've been showing up at your house, telling me something that I should already know myself.

9. I painted my room the same colour of yours when I was sixteen. I've never told anyone until now.

10. I watched the movie "Wristcutters" half a year before my father killed himself. For years afterwards, I prayed that he would never end up in an afterlife like that. That reminded me of the years that I prayed for you, my religious beliefs telling me that you would go to hell for not believing in the God that I believe in. Even now, I'm still praying for you, but for different reasons. Now, I pray for us.

11. I've always wanted a tattoo of an anchor somewhere on my body. I finally got one. It's right over my heart, where you had once rested your head. I hope you like it.

12. I told you once, but you've probably forgotten this by now.

13. I always used to think that jumping into the unknown was the most terrifying thing in the world. Now, I'm unsure.

14. Don't regret the good times we shared if this doesn't work out.