Fabian stared at the corpses. He seriously had no idea what to do with them, so he left them there, and sat on the floor. He then eyed at Roskeiv and asked a question. "So, what will happen to these girls?"

Roskeiv smiled. "They're from Hesmosia, so no one in this world except for me, you and some special people can see them." The young boy then giggled. "We'll be going to Hesmosia. Your three female friends will also be going to Hesmosia." Roskeiv did a little dance, "Everyone's going to Hesmosia!"

Fabian shuttered at the sudden yell.

The blonde then quieten, "well, I guess I'll have to dispose them in a bit."

Fabian raised his voice, "dispose?" He began stuttering, "Where and how?"

"Don't worry, it'll be quick," said Roskeiv with a sort of reassuring voice.

Fabian wanted to sigh, but no, he mustn't. He had always kept his image as an intelligent and handsome male, any signs of weakness will crumble all of his efforts in doing so. "How quick?" he asked.

"Mana isn't very sufficient in this world, so I can't just use ice and grind them up, so I'll have to do this manually - which would take around a few days I guess."

Fabian retaliated. "That's not what you'd consider to be quick."

The two handsome boys stared at each other for a few seconds.

Roskeiv stretched his legs. "Well, I guess I'll start doing that."

"Wait," Fabian demanded.

"What is it?"

"Can I keep one of them?"

Roskeiv squinted at Fabian a bit. "Which one?"

"That one."

Fabian pointed to one of the girls.

Roskeiv giggled quietly. "You really like her don't you?"

Fabian didn't say anything in return. The girl he chose was the girl he loved, but had the exact appearance, well perhaps in a chubbier version, which Fabian didn't mind at all. After all, he had decided to accept his crush in any sort of appearance, and love her unconditionally.

Roskeiv cleared his throat, as if to snap Fabian out of his daze. "Well, I'll be taking these two then," he said whilst putting both of them on his back. The young boy was much stronger than he looked. "It'll get pretty stinky if you don't do something about her for a while, you know?"

"I know that."

Roskeiv sighed. "If anyone finds out about that girl, it won't be my responsibility, okay?"

"Alright," Fabian answered, and immediately moved onto a new topic. "What exactly are you going to do to them?"

Roskeiv had his back facing towards Fabian. "I'll perform a ritual from Hesmosia, and, well, basically burn them."

"Won't people see the fire?"

Roskeiv shrugged, "Well they won't be able to see the bodies."

Fabian was unconvinced. After all, Roskeiv did mention that special people could see them, but then again, the term special people would most likely refer to things of rarity.


Five days had passed since Roskeiv left with the two corpses. Fabian continued his life normally, just without three girls hanging around him. It wasn't like he was a best friend to them, he was just a friend, and perhaps someone to have a crush on. He knew that Sala and Arina had a crush on him, which he didn't mind either, since being sandwiched by two beautiful girls wasn't really a bad idea. The only problem he had was coping without seeing his crush for five days straight. At first, he was doing fine by using the Hesmosia's girl as a replacement, but that wasn't enough either. He eventually felt the need for interaction, in which he avoided doing with the corpse. He did have urges to do something to the corpse, but avoided doing that as well, which left him wondering what that something was that he wanted to do with her.

After Roskeiv left for ten days, Fabian began to wonder if he was hallucinating, or whether his meeting with Roskeiv was all a but dream, but then he realised that there was a corpse rotting in his room.

Fabian eventually burnt the Hesmosia girl's body since she was beginning to bring maggots into his room.

Burning her was a pain for Fabian since it was like burning his crush. Even Fabian himself had wondered on how he could've done such a thing, but had convinced himself that the girl he was burning wasn't his crush, and that she was already dead, so it wasn't like he killed her or anything.

Roskeiv returned to Fabian on an evening after two weeks.

Fabian was grumpy, "you said you'd be quick."

Roskeiv's bright red eyes drooped a bit, "the ritual took longer than I thought, I had to find the ingredients in here you know?"

Fabian remembered that he burnt the Hesmosia girl with his world's ritual for the dead, which didn't needed any ingredient, just fire and smoke.

"Anyway, we can leave to Hesmosia now," said Roskeiv.

"Okay, let's leave," said Fabian, nonchalantly.

Roskeiv looked sort of offended at Fabian's reply but kept his cool. He then chanted something, which incomprehensible to Fabian, and drew circles on the ground with a white chalk.

Suddenly, Fabian saw a flash of white, and lost conscious for a while.