There's a flight into eternity, but all the flyer points

Come from Jesus, not my airmanship. It's Jesus who anoints

Me with Holy Spirit pilot skills, and spares me from the wrath

Of His Father, if I let Him guide me on the Lord's flight path.

Jesus saves me from crash diving down to death in one hot lake;

But the vital key to safety is avoiding one mistake.

If I try to fly the plane myself, relying on my skills,

Or my efforts, I'll be plummeting towards an end that kills.

Should I be a slave to sinful deeds, unwilling to defeat,

Just because the good Lord Jesus sits within the pilot's seat?

Not at all. The Bible's flight instructions aren't there to dispute.

If I turn my back on God, I jump without a parachute.

That's the essence of the message found in Romans 6:16.

I'm to fly the way the Spirit guides, and trust what can't be seen:

Our immortal God, invisible, but every bit as real

As the world He made, and now He offers each of us a deal.

All my will to make that journey, all the means for doing it

Must be willingly surrendered. I must totally submit

Every part of that to Jesus, flying high by faith alone,

Not my works, lest I should deviate towards a danger zone.

Will I fly with Gospel Airlines, bound for Heaven, by His hand?

Is the ticket that I'm holding showing me the promised land

As my destination? Then I'll start inviting Jesus in

To my plane, and that's my take-off, high above the ground of sin.