I have come to love you so much, my dear,

You are the queen I love and fear,

For if you leave me I may die of a broken heart,

You are perfect from every angle like a piece of art,

Skin soft as silk and eyes deeper than the sea,

No maiden have ever had me begging to this degree,

I can't promise you fortune or fame,

I can only offer you my eternal flame,

Every part of me is yours even if you aren't mine,

Can you except a peasant like me, my queen so divine?

I live and breathe only to serve you,

You are the single light to my midnight days,

I'll love and serve you forever, this is not a phase,

Every one of your movement are of grace,

You have every suitor on a wild chase,

Even the way your breathe is perfection,

You have countless men fighting for your affection,

I am a lowly knight in love with his queen,

I'm in love with you like a doll maker is to his figurine,

My queen, I'm not perfect and I don't have much,

But I'll promise to take care of you with the softest touch,

I love you my queen, won't you feel the same for me?

I'll wait for your answer by the old willow tree,

Please come, if you feel the same,

My queen you are what I want to claim...