Blood Red Rose so pure and fair,

A rose also filled with despair,

A beauty that captures all,

And with pride that stands so tall,

You are what mankind have tried to tame,

But you live up to your fearful name,

With a soft touch of your thorns, blood befalls,

Blood of your victim fills thousands of hallow halls,

The blood red rose is the very definition of a dangerous beauty,

It may seem delicate and fragile, but death is it's duty,

Sucking it's victim's blood dry, it's a vampire of the night,

It's red color of death fills people with fright,

It's the symbol of love and also demands a sacrifice,

Just like with love you are a prisoner in paradise,

It wasn't always this way, it use to be dove white,

It's innocent allure is what poets would always write,

But then it got tainted by mankind's dirty hands,

To protect itself, it scattered blood across the lands,

The once white rose is now blood red,

And leaves a trail of the dead...