By Joseph Logsdon

Joanna Lang was a loving housewife. No matter how bad her life seemed, Joanna always managed to keep a smile on her face. If her husband was feeling sick, she would gladly take care of him. Seemingly, Joanna was the perfect wife, but, then again, no one is perfect. One morning, Joanna was having breakfast with her closest friend. Like Joanna, Bettie Jackson was a housewife, but unlike Joanna, she wasn't happy.

"It's a beautiful day," Joanna stated as she sipped her coffee.

"Yeah, I guess," Bettie replied as she stared at the kitchen door.

"Tell me, Bettie, is something wrong?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You look very miserable," Joanna stated.

"Well, I can assure you, I'm not," Bettie replied.

"Why are you so quiet, then?"

"I don't know, I just don't know," Bettie answered.

"Surely, there must be a reason?"

"If I tell you, you must never tell another soul," Bettie stated.

"I promise you, I won't tell anyone else," Joanna stated.

"I'm dying of cancer," Bettie stated.

"Are you joking?"

"Believe me, I wish this were a joke," she whimpered.

"I'm so sorry," Joanna stated.

"You see, a few months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband tried to pay for treatment, but he didn't have enough money. No matter what they say, rich people will always be treated better than poor people. In a way, it's almost like they want us to die prematurely. Now, I'm down on my knees, begging for a favor," she stated.

"What do you mean?"

"Joanna, would you pay for my treatment?"

"Why, of course," Joanna answered.

"Do you really mean it?"

"I never refuse a friend in need, especially when they're sick," Joanna stated.

"I've never had a better friend," Bettie stated.

"Still, you might have to do something in return," Joanna stated.

"Sure, I'll do anything I can," Bettie stated.

Before another word could be spoken, Joanna got out of her chair and placed her hand on Bettie's shoulder. Using all of her strength, Joanna squeezed Bettie's shoulders, causing her to release a soft moan.

"Stop," Bettie stated.


"This is wrong," Bettie stated.

"Why? Do you have anything against two women loving each other?"

"It's not that, it's just that I'm married," she stated.

"Just because you're married, doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself," Joanna stated.

"As tempting as this sounds, I can't do it," Bettie stated.

Refusing to be denied, Joanna placed her tongue in Bettie's mouth. The two women were, in a sense, battling for dominance. Bettie might've been older, but Joanna was more experienced. Bettie was, at the end of the day, too weak to fight the superior housewife. Knowing that she was going to be defeated, Bettie submitted to Joanna. Joanna's tongue touched Bettie's throat, resulting in an intense sensation. After several minutes, the two women stopped kissing.

"Wow, that felt good," Bettie stated.

"I'm glad you liked it," Joanna replied.

"You really know how to please a woman," Bettie stated.

"Tell me, your husband never did anything like that for you, did he?"

"I'm afraid not," Bettie laughed.

"Well, what about my husband?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did my husband ever do anything like that?"

"I've never met your husband," Bettie stated.

"Don't lie to me, you bitch," Joanna stated as she grabbed Bettie's soft hair.

"Joanna, what have I done?"

"You fucked my husband, that's what you've done," Joanna exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?"

"Yesterday, when I came home from shopping, I saw you with him," Joanna stated.

"Why would I do that, anyway?"

"First, you were going to fuck him, then you were going to extort money from me. That way, you two could run away together and leave me behind. Well, as long as I'm breathing, you won't be going anywhere, understand?"

"You're wrong, I do have cancer," Bettie stated.

"Why should I believe you?"

"As you know, your husband is somewhat promiscuous. Yesterday, when I came to talk to him about my situation, he molested me. I screamed and struggled, but, in the end, he was too strong. You have to understand, I would never willingly have sex with your husband, Joanna. I thought, hoped, that you would give me the money to fight my disease. You seemed like a good person, I guess I was wrong. Only a shallow, ignorant monster could accuse me of willingly committing adultery. There isn't any good in this world, only evil."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," Joanna stated.

"Well, now that you know, will you pay for my treatment?"

"I can't, I'm afraid," Joanna stated.


"Because your coffee is poisoned," Joanna stated.


"I thought you were sleeping with my husband," Joanna stated.

"Help me," Bettie whimpered.

"It's too late, far too late," Joanna stated.

The End