Legend of the Runes Book I: The Dragon's Eye

Chapter II: The Gathering of the Classes

Lupinicus Riverus...

Alistair yelled as he charged at the 5 Lupines that blocked his path, sending an endless volley of Flame Cantrips towards them. The wolves growled in response, easily blocking the attacks. He knew if he wanted to break through their defensive line, he would need a way to distract them. This was easier said than done – once a Lupine had it's target in sight, nothing could distract it. One of the Lupines, irritated by his constant Cantrips, roared loudly and charged towards Alistair. The Acolyte Mage quickly formed a barrier of flames around him – however, the Lupine easily broke through it, slamming into Alistair and sending him skidding across the ground. Alistair managed to stop himself, before spitting out a wad of blood, wiping at his mouth to get rid of the metallic taste. "Damn it..." he muttered, glaring at the 7-foot-tall Lupines.

It turns out his Quest was harder than he thought it would be. Trying to get these filthy Lupines to hand over the Sagea – an ancient manuscript that detailed a large list of forbidden Spells that could potentially be a threat to Alandyrr in the wrong hands – was his Quest. And he wasn't faring very well. These Lupines were possibly Level 3, while he was only Level 1. This could be really disastrous – especially since the 5 of them weren't the only Lupines in the area...

Suddenly, while he was busy monolouging about his situation, all 5 of them charged at once, growling and snarling. Alistair quickly dodged out of the way once he had noticed them, before sending a large flaming disk towards them. The Spell hit, but no damage was dealt – they were too powerful for him.

Then, a thought came to his head. He had recently learned a new Spell, but he hadn't had the chance to actually test it out. He smirked, and made a quick hand motion. "Come fight me!" The Lupines charged once again, and soon, they were followed by their brethren, and even an Alpha Lupine. "Right into my trap..."

Suddenly, each and every one of them were held into place. A gigantic, runic circle formed around them, preventing them from moving forward. Alistair held both hands on his Sceptre, closed his eyes, and began chanting loudly. A soft, golden glow surrounded him, and his long robes began to billow in the wind. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and saw an orb of golden flames beginning to form at the top of his Sceptre. He pointed it straight at the bound Lupines, who were almost rid of their trap – the runic circle had began to fade.

"Draco Infernalis!" he shouted, just as the Lupines broke free. A gigantic dragon made out of golden flames formed, and began charging towards the Lupines, opening it's large maw. Once it was close enough, it swallowed all of the Lupines, before shining brighter than before. A large explosion occurred, sending a shockwave throughout the area. Alistair was blasted back from the force, slamming into a nearby tree.

Once the explosion died down, there was no trace of the Lupines left.

"That took more Mana than expected..." Alistair said, sighing. Just then, he noticed movement at the corner of his eye, but he was too late. He was knocked right through another tree, before skidding across the ground and leaving a large crater in his wake. When he looked up, he saw the Alpha Lupine itself, who seemed to be completely unscathed even after being swallowed by the Draco Infernalis. "B-But... I could have sworn..."

"No mere dragon shall kill an Alpha..." the Lupine responded, growling.

"Wait, you can talk?!" Alistair said in surprise.

Just as he was about to attack, the Alpha was knocked aside by a rather large shockwave.

"Well, not any more..." Alistair said, grinning as he saw the Lupine was knocked unconscious. He walked over to him and began searching, but all he found was about 500 Gold. "I guess he doesn't have the Sagea."

He looted all of the other Lupine corpses, giving him about 5000 Gold. Finally, he noticed the manuscript lying right next to the Alpha.

"How did I not notice that?" he said, before shaking his head. He walked over and picked it up, placing it in a pouch tied to his waist. "My first Quest is complete!"

The Forgery...

After receiving all of his payments, Alistair walked over to the Forgery. The Blacksmith was sitting at the counter, displaying his list of weapons to another customer who Alistair assumed was an Assassin. He walked over to the counter, before placing a bag of Lupine fur, fangs and claws on the counter. "I'd like to buy a few robes, please?"

"Well, we have a pair of Draconus robes about your size..." the blacksmith replied.

"I'll take it!" Alistair said, placing a pouch full of gold in front of the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith took it, and gave him 200 Gold change. "Thanks." He took the robes and walked out of the shop.

"Well, he was strange..." Simon muttered, taking his pouch of daggers and leaving.

Blade walked down the narrow alley, making sure his sword was in reach in case someone tried to ambush him. Just then, he bumped into someone. He almost fell over, but he caught himself just in time. When he looked down, he saw an Assassin lying down on the floor, looking disgruntled. Offering a hand, he pulled him up. "Sorry about that. I didn't see you there..." he said sheepishly.

"It's not a problem..." Simon responded. "I'm Simon, by the way. What's you're name?"

"Blade." he responded. "Well, nice meeting you..."

Isles of the Chained Monster...

The prisoner thrashed around madly, his chains still holding him down. He gave up once again, growling loudly at the guards. "When I get out of here, I'll devour your flesh and drink your blood!"

"Yeah, keep on dreaming," one of the guards muttered, looking into his empty bottle for any drops of ale he hadn't drunk.

The prisoner growled. He was known as Xalenfyre, an ancient demon that had been locked inside of his cage for 100 years. "Fools..." Then, he smirked. He raised his chained hand, and began putting more effort into breaking his bonds. He yelled loudly, gritting his teeth, as small embers of dark flames burst from his open palm. "Infernalia tala suron lucifyr! Infernalia tala suron lucifyr!" he began chanting. Then, flames engulfed his body, making the entire prison shake.

"What's he doing now?" the other guard slurred, looking at the imprisoned demon.

"Infernalia tala suron lucifyr! Infernalia tala suron LUCIFYR!" he shouted. The flames burnt straight through the chains, destroying the prison cell and sending the two guards flying out of the top windows. Xalenfyre panted, his flames receding back into his palm. "It took me 50 years to gather that much energy with these chains... Stupid Elves..."

Then, the prison exploded, Xalenfyre walking out of the resulting mushroom cloud completely unscathed. Then, large black wings sprouted from his back, and he took off in the sky, watching the sunset.

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