A Girl in Red

She wore a beautiful, long, red skirt and she liked to twirl about in gardens dancing to music only she could hear. Strands of her brown hair had been pinned back behind her head – the rest cascaded down her back in waves. The girl in red had been a mystery to all the inhabitants of the small town. She often smiled and laughed as she twirled in her red skirt, dancing gaily. The citizens of the town only saw her by night – they tried often to catch glimpses of the dancing girl in red but she remained anonymous. (I do not know much of her myself but I have met her once in my passing of the town).

The girl in red often liked to wander around the lakeside, twirling in the mist and fog floating off the water toward the shore. No one knew where she came from or where she hid if someone saw her – she simply vanished. The girl in red was clever at hiding from those who tried to discover her. Often to protect her own identity – she would hide away for several nights before returning to her nightly dance in the garden. Some, who did catch a glimpse of her, however thought of tales of her youth. Those were the townsfolk who thought she was a phantom forever wandering the gardens and the lakeside of their town. Perhaps the girl in red had had a love so painful she took her own life because of it. Now she wanders and is not at rest. Others declared she was just the neighbor's daughter – deceiving and frightening everyone into believing in things unseen.

Now, it is for the reader alone to decide whether such sprites or fairies exist or perhaps it is just a folly – rather the girl in red is just a friendly girl who enjoys being mischievous and causing consternation amongst her neighbors. If you do happen to come across the girl in red – do not let her frighten you, for she means well. Let her dance her once a night, haunting dance in the gardens or by a river or a lake. Perhaps she may say hello or vanish in fright.