A/N: This story was written by me (shipperoftheships67) December 20, 2009, and it was even worse than it is now that most, if not all, grammar mistakes have been taken care of. I've been cleaning and stumbled across the disk that I'd saved it to with my 13 year old technology skills. So many squiggly red lines were all over the place, but they're gone now and, for whatever reason, I've decided to post this really, super god awful story onto this fictionpress account.

Do or do not enjoy.

Probably the latter.


Pine Lake

There's this place just a little past my grandmother's house, its called Pine Lake.

One day there were about six teenage kids between the ages of 15 and 17. They were going out to swim after dark. The kids' names are Anthony- but his friends call him Tony-, Eric, Devin, Lexis, Paige, and Betty. Tony and Lexis are dating, Eric and Betty are dating, and Devin and Paige are go swimming after dark because they got caught drinking on the property. It was the lake of Old Man Krump, as the kids called him. They went out to swim, and when they started to strip down to their swimsuits they had put underneath their clothes, Mr. Krump came out, unseen, and sat on his front porch watching their every move.

Devin and Eric went to go get the cooler that had their drinks in it out of their

old, rusty Chevrolet. Tony and Lexis walked around the lake a few times while sharing tales. When they finally got back to the site, Lexis noticed everybody laughing and told Tony to

ask what going on.

"Hey guys what's up?" When he received no answer, he repeated himself louder.

"Hey what's going on?!"

By the time Devin finally quit laughing, he noticed something on his friend's back. "What's on your back, dude?"

"What are you talking about?" Tony looked at Devin with a confused face.

"What, you mean you don't feel that?"

"No. I don't feel anything!"

Everything went quiet.

Tony looked around and said, "Whatever it is, you'd better be gettin' it off me! NOW!"

Lexis took one look at her boyfriend's back and let out a shriek. Devin and Eric looked at Tony's back where the once-little black thing had grown!

It looked like a big, foot-wide leach on his bare back. Devin stepped forward and told his friend, "Stand still, man! I don't know if it'll hurt or not!"

So Tony turned around and grabbed hold of Eric's arm and stiffened his back. Devin took

the leach by the tail and yanked it off Tony's back. Tony let out a pained yelp as the bloodsucker was removed with force. Lexis almost passed out when she saw the chunk of skin the leach held in its mouth, and the small hole in her boyfriends back.

Mr. Krump sat back and watched his plan fall into place as he laughed out a small chuckle. The kids jumped with fear. He ducked behind the porch railing as the kids looked around.

Paige grabbed Devin's arm and whispered in his ear. "Hey, Dev, do you think you could take me home?"

"Doesn't your mom think you're staying the night with Lex?" Devin asked, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend's waist.

"Yeah, but you could take me to your house or something couldn't you?"

"Yeah i guess I could do that." He kissed her nose.

The same thing went on with Eric and Betty. Tony and Lexis were taken to the hospital. The rest said their goodbyes and left the creepy lake.

Lexis and Tony started talking about what happened. "Do you think old man Krump could've put that thing on me when we were walking around?" Tony asked as the nurse left the room.

"Um, I didn't think he was out when we walked past his house." Lexis crinkled her nose as she thought about the possibility.

"Well he could've been. But we were just too busy, erm, talking." He winked with a grin. She just laughed and laid down beside him in the hospital bed. As he put put his arm around

her, he said, "So what do you want to talk about?"

The next day when they woke up, both their sets of parents were in the room talking about how this could've happened to Tony. Lexis's parents thought she was staying the night at Paige's house and Tony's parents thought

he was staying at Eric's house. Everyone was so confused. When Lexis woke, she didn't move because she saw their parents in the room. She tried to wake Tony up quietly without their parents seeing the movement.

When she got him up and told him what was going on he just laid there with his eyes closed and listened to her carefully trying not to miss anything that she was telling him.