Feudal Love

by Glee-chan

Chapter 30: Epilogue.

Watching the sickening sight of those twins hanging all over her brother really pissed her off. Reiko stood in your usual spot at the school entrance and watched them approach. It had been months since her little brother had decided to accept fully the immoral lives of those Twisted Twins, and she had to admit that even though she hated it, he seemed much happier. During her time away from Shinji, she had gotten a nose job. She always hated how wide it was before, and since the family had money now, she decided to splurge. Her nose wasn't that much different, it was just smaller, looking more like Takako's. Yesterday was the first time she took off the bandage, and she was shocked to see the results. Just that little change made her look more like her beautiful-idol sister.

She lied to everyone at school, including her brother, about what happened to her nose. She told everyone she broke it on accident and she needed surgery. Shinji was very upset that she didn't break her silence on him to tell him something important like that, but Reiko played it off well. The story was that the doctors had to reconstruct her nose because the break was so bad, and since they had to anyway she could pick something more aesthetically pleasing.

As she watched her brother approach her, something inside of Reiko still didn't want those twins to win. She wanted her brother to love her as well, and felt her new appearance might give her an edge. So she pushed aside her pride and decided that she would allow Shinji to talk to her again. She wasn't going to give up on him, no matter what. If he could love two sisters at the same time, then Reiko was convinced she could get him to love her too.

"Reiko-chan!" Tsukasa was the first to notice Reiko's new look. "Y-You look so cute!"

"You think so?" Reiko asked innocently, knowing she did. She better look cute, for the price she paid. Plus she gave her all on hair and make-up. She was pretty damn adorable.

"Y-Yeah." Shinji was staring at her.

Reiko was pleased. He couldn't take his eyes off her. "I was a bit scared about the surgery… but I guess it was a blessing in disguise…"

"Does your nose still hurt?" Chiharu asked.

"A little."

She noticed Shinji pull her eyes from her. Apparently he was embarrassed that he was caught looking. She loved that. She wanted him to look at her some more. The act between the two wasn't lost on the twins. Chiharu seemed to be the one to pick up on it first.

"So does this mean you're going to start talking to Shinji again?" She asked, a bit of coolness in her voice.

"I was thinking about it." Reiko tried to sound polite, but she picked up on the bite there. The alpha-twin was getting territorial.

Shinji looked uncomfortable. She knew he would. At least three of them knew what this meant. New nose, Reiko deciding to talk to Shinji again, she was on the prowl. She knew her brother wasn't sure on how to deal with that. But she'd change his mind. She'd show him that the love of a sister was way better than that of some freaky rich girls.

"W-Well if you w-want to fuck him, one of u-us twins always had to b-be present." Tsukasa blurted out loudly.

Maybe the innocent one wasn't as shy a she appeared. Even Chiharu looked embarrassed by that. "Kasa-chan!"

"What? I-I'm just saying what everyone's thinking. You want S-Shinji as well, right?"

Reiko couldn't believe she was thrown in this situation, of all things. This wasn't her plan at all. But she found her head nodding before she could stop it.

"I-I already share him with one sister… adding a-another one isn't that bad." Tsukasa said, then walked on ahead of the others.

"Um…" Shinji was looking rather awkward now. "I don't think-"

"Look, you can't just up an decided to join our little club." Chiharu interrupted Shinji, addressing Reiko. "It took a long time to get what we wanted, and it's not right for you to just butt in."

"I'm not butting in, I've been in love with him since I can remember. If anything, you're butting in."

"Oh that's rich…" Chiharu scoffed.

"Besides, if you let me join in.. then… then I'll let you two do things to me as well." Reiko said quickly, remembering Shinji's story about Chiharu's weakness for girls. She hadn't planned on doing that before, but now her plan was all messed up so she had to go with the flow.

"Like that's something I'd be interested in." Chiharu tried to play cool, but her voice deceived her. She was interested alright. Her eyes were already looking Reiko up and down. It was making her skin crawl.

"Look… don't you think I should have a say in this?"

"No!" Both girls said.

"C'mon!" Shinji grumbled loudly. "We're talking about incest here. It's not like it's-"

"Those two commit incest every time they have a threesome with you." Reiko pointed at Chiharu. Off in the distance the school bell was ringing for homeroom. No one seemed to notice. "So what's the big deal?"

"But Reiko-"

"Just give me a chance, Shinji! It's not like I'm asking you to fall head over heels in love with me… I just want a chance." Reiko looked at him with her biggest kitten sized eyes. That look usually always got her what she wanted in the past. But she was shooting for something big now. She couldn't expect him to fall into line like he always did for the small stuff.

"Well, I don't approve." Chiharu placed her hands on her hips, still being difficult. "You shouldn't force him into something he doesn't want to do."

"Said the girl who forced him into a polygamist relationship." Reiko countered. "How about this… you can have a test drive. If you like what you see, then you agree to let me join in."

Chiharu looked very tempted by that. In fact she looked on the verge of stripping Reiko right then and there. But her lower jaw shifted and she gave a big swallow. "I… I promised Shinji I wouldn't cheat on him anymore. So… So I can't."

Reiko pointed at Shinji. "Then you can watch."

"Like I want to see my sister and my wife get it on."

He may have protested, but she could tell that as he was saying that, he was imagining it. And the image wasn't as disgusting as he thought it would be. Still he was sticking to his guns, but Reiko knew she had a shot. She just needed to pry a bit more.

"Please, Shinji… All I'm asking for is a chance. It's not like it's even you touching me. I just want to prove how much I love you."

Chiharu was dragging her toe on the ground, clearly trying to calm herself down. "You know… maybe if we get this out of her system she'll give up on you."

"You just want to have sex." Shinji rightly accused her.

"I won't lie. I think she's cute… but… but I made a promise. I won't do anything unless you approve. B-Because I love you." Chiharu glanced at him for a fleeting moment, then back at her shoe. "If you don't want too… then you should make it clear."

"I have. Twice already." Shinji looked at Reiko. But there was a slight change in the way he looked at her, than he had before. It wasn't just her nose job. Before he never entertained the possibility of being with her, but now that he was doing strange and wild things on a daily bases a window was starting to crack open.

"Just watch us. That's all I'm asking." Reiko told him. She knew if she could turn him on doing stupid sick shit with Chiharu, she had a shot. She decided she was willing to go through with it. She'd do anything to be with him. Anything.

"You got to make a decision now." Chiharu told him. "I'm getting worked up. I need a yes or no."

Reiko could tell that Shinji looked like his brain was about to explode. His morals were fighting over the curiosity of seeing something erotic. She needed to do something to push him over the brink. Reiko couldn't think of what. She looked at Chiharu who seemed just as anxious as she was. Then it came to her. She had to kiss the girl. Her stomach turned at the thought of it, but maybe seeing that would spark Shinji into giving in.

Taking in a deep breath, Reiko walked over to Chiharu and lightly pulled her face from Shinji's. "By saying yes, you get to see things like this."

For all she was worth, she gave Chiharu the most passionate she she could ever summon within herself. It wasn't a sloppy fast tongue gagging one, but a slow sensual kiss, that lingered so every ounce of desire could be poured into it. When she pulled away from Chiharu, the girl gave a soft moan of outcrying, wanting more. The two turn turned to Shinji who was white faced. Was he turned on, or was he disgusted?

"My house or yours."

The End…