If I Died Today

If I died today

Would you remember me?

If the answer is yes,

Did you really see

Who I really am

On the inside for real?

How I see the world

How I really feel?

Or would you remember

The part that I played?

The smile in place

That would always fade

Behind closed doors

Where no one saw

What was really there,

The feelings raw.

Would you recall

The tears I cried

In my room

Where I could hide?

In the dark

Where no one knows

I let tears fall

As they soak my clothes

Would you see

The nights I stayed awake

Unable to sleep

While my shoulders quake

With sobs I keep silent

So I could stay true

To my happy fa├žade

Always appearing like new.

If I died today

Would you remember me?

The answer is yes,

But you could only see

The smile, the laugh

The things that hide

The darkness enclosing me

I'm dying inside.