Demons have existed for thousands of years. Some lived in harmony with humans and didn't cause any problems for anyone. They were able to live normal lives and keep normal jobs without an issue. For other demons, however, it was nearly impossible for them to live harmoniously with humans. Some demons had such hatred for humans that they could not overlook it, and their only desire to live around humans was to change them into a demon or kill them just for the fun of it. This was frowned upon by most humans and even most demons.

Of course, those demons were few and far between anymore. Most demons had realized it was more productive to live with humans than to fight against them. The number of demons that hadn't realized that yet was dwindling in the thousands. That might seem like a lot, but when you're talking about a simple thousand out of the seven billion occupying the world, then it didn't seem so bad.

Luciana Torres was among the demons that lived with the humans peacefully. She actually worked with them too. She was, for lack of a better term, an assassin. She found the demons that were causing a threat to human society and got rid of them any way she saw fit. Luciana was one of the best.

She was chasing after a demon who was trying to get away from her. He had been a demon in the area who was messing with young kids on a daily basis. Luciana had instructions to take him down and bring him in dead or alive. That was how most of her instructions came. No one cared whether or not the demons she was after stayed alive or died a slow and painful death. Depending on what kind of a mood Luciana was in at the time, she was usually willing to provide either of them.

Luciana followed the demon around a corner, purposefully slowing herself down. She didn't want to draw all kinds of attention to the two of them since it was somewhat early in the morning. They were in broad daylight and it was essential that Luciana didn't freak out all the humans. So her plan was to let the demon in question run until he got tired. She knew he would get tired eventually because he was a very low level demon. That meant he didn't harbor any particularly useful skills including speed and agility—two skills Luciana had in abundance.

They ran for about an hour and then Luciana noticed her demon start to slow down. She smiled malevolently as she stayed on his trail. Now that he was growing tired, he realized his fate was sealed, so he veered to the right quickly to try and lose her to no avail. Luciana was right on his heels.

"Might as well stop running, buddy boy. I'll catch you no matter how fast you think you can run," Luciana called to him. Her voice didn't sound like she'd been running at all. Apparently, the sound of Luciana's voice startled the demon she was chasing and he tripped over his own feet, sprawling out onto the ground. Luciana wasted no time tackling him and pinning him. She had him straddled in seconds and he looked up at her and swallowed.

"Any chance you'll just let me go? I mean, you proved your point. You can catch me and beat me, so it's like your job is already done, right?" he asked in a begging sort of tone.

"Oh, Tony is it?"


"Well Toby, you see, it's not about proving a point to anyone. The thing is, I like to run and the fact that I had to come after you this morning cut into my morning running time. So I let you think you were getting away while I got in my morning cardio. Now that I'm done with that, you're pretty much done living. And begging will get you nowhere, especially when you spend your free time torturing kids. People don't like that, Tony," Luciana said sweetly calling him the wrong name on purpose, letting her dark brown hair fall into his face. Whether he liked it or not, he was going to die. Whether or not he was tortured first, was entirely up to Salvatore and his people.

"Wow, you know, you're very hot. I mean, I don't mean to be forward or anything, but you don't look all that American," Toby said in a shaky voice. Luciana chuckled and softened her green eyes.

"My mother is of the Spanish decent. My father is one hundred percent demon. Now you might be thinking that would make me weaker because I'm only half demon, but it's actually the opposite. I'm one of the best at what I do, and flattery will get you less places than begging," she informed him. Toby gulped, knowing his minutes were numbered. Luciana was focused and he wouldn't be able to take advantage of her. She pulled out her cell phone and sent a text to Salvatore for a body pickup and looked down at Toby in amusement. He looked like he was going to pee his pants.

"Are you in business with your father?" Toby asked. He was trying to make conversation to hopefully find a topic that would help convince Luciana to let him go since begging and flattery didn't seem to work on her. He was surprised flattery hadn't seemed to have any effect on her. Usually most women cracked at least a little bit when dealing with flattery.

"Hell no, now stop talking before I kill you myself," Luciana snapped.

Luciana didn't know her father. He was, of course, a demon. After Luciana's conception, her father took off into the sunset never to be heard from again. Her mother had told her that he wasn't a very nice man, but could be very persuasive which was why she was ever with him in the first place. Luciana thought her mother was quite the idiot. She was nothing like her mother. Luciana was not nearly as impressionable.

The demon assassin was a lot like her father apparently. She had a temper that would flare at the drop of a hat. It was the demon in her. She was a specific type of demon. The technical term was Jiishi Imbra. This just meant she was like a cat. When she was in her demon form, Luciana's eyes turned a frightening shade of purple, her fingers extended into claws, she grew a tail and cat ears, and she had amazing balance, speed, and technique. Luciana was a force to be reckoned with. Her balance, speed, and technique didn't go away when she was in her human form, but she didn't have claws, ears and a tail, which helped her when she was interacting with humans. Cat attributes tended to freak out humans.

Though Luciana was a strong, independent young woman, her mother didn't agree with how she chose to live her life partially in the demon's world and partially in the human's world. Her mother, Sarah, had kicked Luciana out of the house when she was only fifteen years old. That was the time when Luciana was trying to get a hold of her demonic gifts, so her temper was slightly out of control. Once Luciana was gone, she didn't speak with her mother again. She'd heard she was now remarried, but that was the extent of the knowledge Luciana knew of her mother.

It had been ten years since Luciana had spoken to her mother. Though in the technical sense, Luciana was twenty-five years in age, she would never look it. All demons stopped aging between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one. Unless someone ended her life, which was highly unlikely in her eyes, Luciana would live for all eternity.

She looked up as Salvatore transported to a spot against the wall to their right. He was leaning there like he'd been there the whole time just watching Luciana take down this idiot demon. Salvatore was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy that looked very innocent. Though he looked innocent, he was anything but, and Luciana knew he was extremely good at his job. Pretty much everyone who was anyone knew you didn't mess with Salvatore.

"You called for a body pick up?" he asked casually. Now Toby really began struggling under Luciana. She just laughed and held him down harder, not even a little affected by his thrashing.

"I did. This one apparently likes to torment kids around the ages of ten to sixteen or so. I don't really feel like killing him because I would do it much too quickly being that he is quite annoying. He's one of those jackasses that likes to strike up a conversation with their captor while attempting to beg and flatter them into letting him go. I'd say you should take your time with this one and make him beg you to kill him," Luciana said with an evil smile pointed right at Toby who had gone completely pale.

"Did he grope you at all? Because if he did, then I can work in a special punishment just for that," Salvatore told her. Luciana smiled.

"He didn't, but since he likes to play with little kids, maybe you should just add that to his list of charges," Luciana suggested.

"You can't do that!" Toby practically shouted. Luciana slapped her hand over his mouth and glared down at him with stony purple eyes.

"What does it matter, Tony? You're going to die anyway because doing what you did is punishable by death, and since all you've done is annoy me since I started this little endeavor, then I get to call the shots on how you're treated in your last hours of life. Now, Salvatore is going to take you back to his office and he's going to give you the royal treatment. You're not going to give him any problems because if you do, then he's going to call me and I'll come help him finish you off, and trust me, I will not be nearly as nice about it as he is," Luciana snarled in Toby's ear causing him to whimper. Luciana glanced up at Salvatore and smiled, standing up and pulling Toby with her.

"Okay, he's all yours," Luciana said, pushing Toby roughly into Salvatore's grasp. "I'm going back to the office to finish up some paperwork and see if any new cases came in."

"Okay, have fun with that. Don't work too hard though. I don't think I've ever seen you not working since I met you. You need to relax sometimes," he told her sternly.

"Relaxation is for losers. I'm not a loser, so I work for a living and keep the relaxing to a minimum," she told him. Salvatore rolled his eyes.

"Okay, then in that case, try not to work too hard alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll try. Maybe I'll come by later and help you torture Toby for a little relaxation. I bet that will take the stress away," she said glancing at Toby who looked like he might throw up.

"If you want to. Call me and let me know if you want to come by," Salvatore chuckled. He tipped his head to Luciana before holding tightly onto Toby and teleporting to his office. Luciana smiled and turned back the way they had come toward her office building. She walked slowly, trying to enjoy the morning air. Usually when she went on her morning runs, she considered that to be relaxing. Since her run had been more about catching Toby than her personal wellbeing, then she hadn't exactly got her morning air like she normally did.

With a sigh, she picked up her pace to a light jog, deciding maybe she should take a minute to relax like Salvatore had suggested. When had she ever just blown off work? Luciana couldn't recall a time when that had happened. With another sigh, she changed direction and started heading back to her apartment. She thought maybe she could do some yoga or something. She ran at full speed the whole way there.