Outside the sun is cheerful and warm,
and the breeze caresses lightly.
The sky says there is nothing wrong
but sorrow holds on tightly.

Tears threaten to choke
and despair grips on like a vice.
Hugs and smiles are exchanged
and closure shall suffice.

Quiet voices of condolences
whisper through the air.
Casket laid out beautifully
with her lying there.

So silent, so still with unseeing eyes closed,
she lies in eternal sleep
while family says their last goodbye
They cry.
They sob.
They weep.

Flowers laid out everywhere
to symbolize one's love
When the casket doors are closed
she'll be watching from above.

Sadness encloses those around
while prayers are being read.
Put the casket in the ground.
She's gone.
She's gone.
She's dead.