A Wish For My Friend

I have a wish, maybe more a plea,
For my friend whose dear to me.
Although we've never met,
Still I call him friend. And yet
There is a pain that troubles me
There is a a hurt that should not be.
He has a love so deep and true
For only one girl, that's you.
Long he has carried this secret in his heart,
He has loved you from the start.
For years you have known him
And called him friend.
And he has been a friend to you
While holding his love so true

He's kept his secret inside
He tried to tell you once he was denied
So my wish today for me friend
Is that his pain you would end.
Open up your heart to love
Give him a chance. Above
All else see you love him too
Listen to your heart its true.
Share your love with him
This one who is my friend.