There are things in this world that are far more sinister than even the darkest minds can comprehend. Corners of the world so dark that even the shadows fear them. Those places, among the darkness, are where the secrets are kept. Those things that go bump in the night. The stories parents tell their children to keep them tucked into bed. But what nobody ever seems to question, is where those stories come from. Who would think up such horrible things? An even better question is why would parents tell their precious little children about them?

Because, not so long ago, they weren't just stories to be told.

The media loves to cover dramatic stories about children going missing and homes mysteriously burning down in the night. When you're just a kid, it seems like a lot of bad luck. When you're a teenager, you don't see the horror. And when you're an adult, you look away in fear. But what about those few who know? Those few who have seen the dark corners of the world, who know what lurks just beneath the false security of sunshine and flowers. They watch. They listen. They know.

Things are not the way they seem. Of course, everyone always says that, don't they? I was one of those who believed the pretty lie.

The world isn't what we thought.

The world is a much darker place.

And now I belong to that world. There is no going back.