It started with a letter.

A single letter.

From a young girl.

A girl who became my friend. Even if I could not contact her.

She died.

Moonlight Industries is despicable. It's only purpose is to heal mankind.

By using mankind as lab rats.

Nobody knows when they are going to be taken. You never see them coming. Everyone knows what happens. You wake up one morning or you go to work or you are out shopping. You are content with life, happy even, when BAM! They take you. Out of your home, off the street, even dragged out of the grocery store.

They lock you up and call you a prisoner. They take your memories. They give you nothing, not even clean clothes. But they give you paper and a pen. And they will send your letter to a random person who can never write back. Then, when the time comes they take you.

And your organs.

They are used for transplants, new medicines or – for the really unlucky ones – experimented on for new cures.

They will take people who are healthy, between the ages of eighteen and twenty eight and who, naturally, don't matter. Those ten years of your life are terrifying. You never know if you will live to see tomorrow. So we throw ourselves into life; parties, drinking, drugs.

As soon as you are twenty eight – that very day – you receive a letter from Moonlight Industries saying something like 'sorry you couldn't help us save the world'.

That letter is the worst. Like we are suppose to feel bad about not dieing. Nobody ever comes back.

Lily didn't come back.

I threw the letter I was holding into the trash, it should feel right at home. Then I took Lily's letters and put the into a box. The box is long, small and wooden. My grandma put my grandfather's letters in here. I put their letters in here. Lily's at the top.

My name is Evanore Morrigan. I am a witch. I am twenty six years old. And as of right now my purpose in life is to end Moonlight Industries.