A Book is a Friend Like No Other

In a world of treachery and sin,
Where people trick and con your trust,
What better friend could a person have
Than a beautifully bound book?
And I should know, for I have many,
And here are some of my best friends.

I look at a Clone Wars Adventures comic.
I see a mighty galaxy at war,
And colorful characters of all shapes
And sizes fighting war like it's fun.
The colors and balloons excite me,
For fighting with clones and droids is fun.

I open a book, The Great Ape Project,
That shows the world that the great apes
Are people with inalienable rights.
I love apes like I love men and women,
And this volume comforts me so,
That one day apes may be all our kin.

I sift through the pages of Women Warriors,
Stories From the Thin Blue Line,
Short stories of women's exploits,
As proud and brave cops on the street,
These short tales are a refreshing change
From all the tales of male policemen.

I like to read The Horse and his Boy,
A chronicle of a good boy and girl,
And a couple of good horses, too,
Who run from tyranny to freedom,
And discover themselves as children
Of an Almighty Lion named Aslan.

I gaze at pictures in Up: The Insider's Guide,
A simple book that explains the story
Of Carl, Ellie, Russell and Dug,
And how they learned the truth of where
Adventure comes from, all around us,
A wonderful way to tribute the film, Up.

I flip through pages of cool magazines,
Missouri Conservationist and Xplor,
Fun and in-depth ways to learn about
The land, plants and wildlife of the Midwest.
Star Wars magazines are cool, too,
As are those about hunting and fishing.

I read a free or cheap Kindle book
About the stories of cops and crooks.
Un-perverse erotica counts too,
As do books of religion and animals.
This all adds up to my own library
Of cheap but worthwhile digital reading.

On my Kindle I may also read
A book or two about my favorite
Land full of theme parks, Disney World,
Like Animal Kingdom and Epcot,
That make me feel like I'm really there,
Even though in truth, I am not.

On both Kindle and print format,
I read about differing cultures,
And foreign languages so interesting,
I want to learn a little about them,
So maybe I can one day read or speak
A little German, Italian or French.

I search chapter and verse in The Bible,
The most special book of them all,
With verses of wisdom and special hope
For my own soul and those of others,
The history is so amazing here,
The Bible should be the Book of All Years.

Long story short, I can trust a book
Not to betray me or abandon me,
But always to be there when I need it,
And it will teach, help, or comfort me,
Like the hand of Jesus Himself,
Guiding me through the trials of life.

Thank God for books and magazines,
Unfailing friends in our hour of need!