The soft chime of the bell above the store's door alerted Reyna to the presence of a new customer, smoothing out her hair she made her way out of the back storage room and into the store front. "Hello!" she greeted the customer with a polite smile, "Is there anything I can help you with?" The customer, a middle aged man with thinning black hair, thick square glasses, and a small paunch looked up at her with large eyes. "Um, no. No, I—I'm just browsing." Raising an eyebrow at his strange behavior, Reyna shrugged it off and sat on the stool behind the counter. She had just begun to flip through a magazine when the bell above the door chimes again. Looking up, she smiled as she recognized the newcomer. "Ah, Mrs. Flemming, are you here for a refill?" Mrs. Flemming was an elderly woman with all white hair and kind brown eyes. She was never seen walking without her trusty cane and always wore a flower in her hat. Today's flower was a purple daisy. "Oh yes dear, thank you."

Getting off the stool, Reyna bent down and opened one of the counter's sliding panels and grabbed a medium sized box and brought it out to rest atop the counter. After slicing the tape open with a pair of scissors, Reyna grabbed one of the dark green bottles from within and handed it to the older woman. "How's this been working out for you? I hope the side effects didn't affect you too badly."

"Oh no dear," Mrs. Flemming said as she rummaged through her large purse for her wallet. "In fact, the only side effect I had was some dizziness, but that wore off quickly enough. This potion really is a God send, though." She stated, and then fell quiet as she focused on finding her purse. "Ah, there it is! How much is it again? Twelve something?"

"Twelve-thirteen, and I'm glad you're pleased with the product." Reyna took the fifteen dollars Mrs. Flemming handed her and gave her the change. "You know, it really is a marvel what you have in here. All these different potions and drafts, and at such a low price! Why, the last place I went to asked for thrice the amount you ask for and hardly ever worked. My arthritis was downright awful until I found your lovely shop." Reyna gave a small chuckle of appreciation and bid Mrs. Flemming a farewell.

Sighing, Reyna looked around her cozy shop and settled her sights on the man still loitering around. "Are you sure you don't need any help, sir?" The man rubbed the top of his head and let out a long sigh that sounded like defeat to Reyna. Walking over to the counter, he quickly checked around to make sure no one else was around. "You're a—you're a witch, right?" Reyna clucked her tongue and responded dryly, "Sorceress, but yeah." The man gave small cough and took a deep breath, "Um, well, I was wondering . . . do you have anything to help, um, help in the bedroom?"

Opening and then closing her mouth, Reyna thought she knew what the man was referring to, but didn't want to assume anything. Last time she did that her ear was chewed off for over an hour, and she vowed never again. "Could you, uh . . . elaborate, sir?"

"You know, something to help me get things . . . started." He said slowly, trying to convey what he meant by looking hard at Reyna. "Sir, you know there are pills for that, right? You don't need magic." He gave out a long sigh again, "Look, I've tried them all. Viagra, Erectzan, Triverex, you name it. None of them have worked." Opening her mouth to explain to him that she didn't sell that sort of item here, the man pleaded, "Please, I don't know what else to do. It's becoming embarrassing."

Sighing, Reyna told him to hold on for a second as she walked into the back room. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but the man looked so sad and, well, pathetic, she couldn't help but feel like she needed to help. Grabbing three Panax Ginseng roots, she crushed them up along with some Alfalfa. After placing a small verbal spell on the herbs, to increase potency, she placed the herbs into a plastic baggy and handed it to the bag. "Here," she said as he took it, "brew this and drink it a half hour before you want to . . . do the do and you should be fine."

"Thank you! Thank you so much! How much for it?" Reyna had to think for a second, since she'd never sold this item before, "Five dollars even." Handing her a five the man thanked her again and ran out of her shop, inadvertently knocking down the bell on top of the door on his way. Rubbing her forehead, Reyna sighed in frustration, hoping she'd never have to see that man again, but resigning herself to the fact that she probably would.