The sunlight creeps in through the blinds.

You hear the sweet dirge of skylarks.

You see the corpse I left behind.

I escaped from life in the dark.

Oceans of tears

Gave way to a puddle of blood.

I'm free from fears

That dragged my choked soul through the mud.

The sunlight dances on the blade

Discarded from my lifeless hand.

I hope your sorrow won't invade,

Dear world, I hope you understand.

With nothing left

Of the sweet girl I used to be,

Wasted life crept

Out of the bleeding form of me.

The sunlight whispers my farewell,

I hope the best is in your fate.

I know I'll find my place in Hell,

I'm sorry, but it was too late.

And the day shines

On a world that'll forget me soon.

I know you'll find

Your pain fading on the new moon.