Daisuke-san barely had time to blink before his head flew, the rest of his body quickly being devoured by the Shadows while his head landed right in front of Kaede-chan.

She didn't scream, instead her eyes were wide with fear and she slumped to her knees, picking up and cradling Daisuke-san's head. She didn't even bat an eye as a lone Shadow walked up to her and opened his mouth inhumanly wide. I screamed loudly but could not move as the Shadow surged forward and enveloped her entire head in its mouth.

Pulling up the Shadow screeched loudly while Kaede-chan's body slumped forward and poured blood from her stump.

I screamed louder than I ever had before as their bodies disappeared in a pile of Shadows, only other sound from my scream being the crunches and pouring liquid of my two best friends being eaten in front of me.

What is the point of living now, when the only people who made life worth living died in such a way?

Because of that thought racing through my head, I dropped my weapon and waited for them to turn to me. The same Shadow that had eaten Kaede-chan's head turned to me and, quicker than I could see, charged me.

I felt pain for only a second as its hands pierced me before I felt a slight tug. It was weird really, weird being the only word I could use to describe seeing the lower half of my body on the ground. Yet I felt no pain, even when I was dropped to the floor and the Shadow positioned itself over my body to begin the devouring.

Before the Shadow could begin eating me however there was a bright light and, when it faded, the Shadow was gone. Even though I couldn't see them I could tell the other Shadows were gone as well, all of them destroyed within a single second…and I saw the one who did it above me.

I couldn't see their face but I could feel their warm arms circle around me, running their thumb against my cheek and lips as if they had done it a thousand times before.

"I wonder…would things have turned out differently…if you had been with us?"


I couldn't even tell if they were male or female but yet I heard the word resound throughout my head.

"Do you think…it's too late to try?"


I smiled as my vision faded and my senses dulled but the warmth from their arms stayed strong.

"Well…time to…try again."