Deadworld Arc I: The World of Death

Chapter I: Deadworld's Secrets

Reaper slowly opened his eyes, looking around dizzily. He noticed he was sitting down in chair inside a large room, but it wasn't the court room he was in before. It was more of an assembly room you'd expect at a school. However, there was no one else there. "W-Where am I now?"

"The Assembly Hall of Megadeath Academy," the booming voice of the Grim Reaper, Megadeath replied. Then, after a small flash of light, the cloaked skeleton himself appeared in a seat right next to him. "An academy I formed to battle against the forces of the Fallen."

"Fallen?" Reaper asked, confused.

"They are what living humans call 'zombies'," Megadeath replied. "Except, they aren't rotting corpses. They are beings who have been taken over by Oblivion before they can be properly judged. They feast on the flesh of the dead. It is my job to prevent them from escaping Deadworld, or else they might go to the Living World and cause the same havoc as they have done 200,000 years ago..."

"...Eh?" Reaper asked, even more confused than before.

"One of my predecessor Grim Reapers, Scythion, accidentally created The Oblivion by combining Hellfire he had stolen from Inferno and experimenting with it, being the scientist he was," Megadeath continued. "The Oblivion formed in a way similar to the living universe – in a big bang. Though, it doesn't have any mass, or stars, or planets."

"What do you mean by predecessor Grim Reaper?"

"Do you really think that there has only been 1 entity of death throughout the existence of all of the universes?" Megadeath asked. "Well, I'm not exactly surprised. Humans are quite ignorant..." Reaper shot him an undignified look, but didn't say anything. "There has been billions and billions of Grim Reapers before me. However, I am currently the longest reigning Grim Reaper. I have been around since 3 universes before the current one."

"So, the multi-universe theory is true?" Reaper asked.

"Exactly. Though, Grim Reapers usually end up destroying the universes faster than they can fully grow..." Megadeath said, sounding slightly amused.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Reaper shouted in shock, eyes bulging out of his face.

"Grim Reapers don't just kill humans. We also "kill" animals, insects, planets, solar systems, stars, galaxies and even entire universes, with just a slash of our scythes," Megadeath replied, his skull twisting into what looked like a crooked smile.

"...You're overpowered." Reaper accused.

"Overpowered? Ha! I'm more than overpowered," the Grim Reaper replied. "Humans would consider me a god if they heard of my powers."

"Like that one old Mexican or Spanish religion?" Reaper asked. "Don't exactly remember the name..."

"Yes. But, let's continue with other explanations..." Megadeath said. "So, after Oblivion was formed, Scythion died. Soon after, he was replaced by Scythlon, his own son. Scythlon went on to create the very organization that protects Deadworld from the Fallen today – the Grim Paladins. Many wars were fought, until finally, the Grim Paladins defeated the Fallen. However, only a 100 years before now, the Fallen have once again arisen from Oblivion. Many are attacking the 4 continents of Deadworld right now, at this moment..."

"Wait, what are Grim Paladins? And what are the continents?"

"Grim Paladins are like Medieval knights, in charge of fighting against the Fallen," Megadeath replied. "The 4 continents in question aren't really continents in the human sense. They are 4 artificial fortresses tied to the center of Deadworld through Strings of Death. All of Deadworld's inhabitants stay on these fortresses."

"...Wow..." Reaper said, amazed.

"I'm guessing that's enough information for now. So, do you want to see your house?"

"This place looks exactly like a normal city on Earth. Well, except for all of the skeletons walking around..." Reaper said, eyes sparkling as he looked around at the city.

It had tall black skyscrapers, with markets, quite a few houses, theaters, public places, and anything you'd expect in a human city. Skeleton-like beings were driving and walking around, but there were also beings similar to creatures from human folklore. There were also regular humanoids walking around, who didn't seem to be freaked out by the other creatures at all. "It has been designed like this for a reason..." Megadeath replied, leading Reaper across the city.

Finally, the two reached small house. "It... It looks exactly like my house on Earth..."

"Yes, it does... Well, this is your new home. Feel free to explore. Also, you have been accepted to join the Megadeath Academy. It will start in a Deadworld week from now which is equivalent to 3 weeks on Earth, in case you didn't know. You will be receiving your Grim Paladin training there."

"Wait, what?" Reaper asked, even more confused.

"Good luck, and be nice to your roommates..." the Grim Reaper replied, his face morphing into a grin, before he disappeared in a flash.

"...Damn... Someone's gotta teach me how to do that."

Reaper began exploring his new home, finding out that there was 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, a computer room, kitchen, a game room and a living room. All in all, it was plenty spacious. The house was equipped with a bunch of weapons in case of an attack, some of which looked like stuff used in Medieval torture chambers, which freaked him out. He knew he would be having roommates, so he decided to tidy up the place, which the roommates had left in a sad state. It was like his boarding school dorm all over again... Except, now he was dead. He thought back to how his family would feel about his death, and his excitement caused by Deadworld began to die down. He shook his head, ridding himself of those thoughts, and decided to go up to the bedroom that had his name written on it.

Feeling tired after the day's events, he decided to put off the lights and jumped into his bed, falling asleep the moment his head met the pillow.

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