New Heart

Burdens to bear,
Pretending not to care.
Lost in a blinding stare,
Living on a prayer.

Lonely and lost,
In a sea of frost.
Passions exhaust.
To a heart accost.

Burdens of shame.
Only myself to blame.
Then you came,
My heart to claim.

Plunging off the slope,
You threw me a rope.
Shame turned to hope.
As I learned to cope.

I fell within you so deep.
Hoping against hope you were mine to keep.
As love began to seep,
And my heart began to weep.

You patched the holes inside.
From those things I tried to hide.
As within you I abide,
And push the sorrow to the side.

My passion for you was great.
An addiction I could not sate.
With time to wait,
Passion grew to hate.

The time came,
When each day was the same.
There was always something else to blame,
A new excuse to claim.

I denied my pain,
Only to stay sane.
Leaned on it like a cane,
As I felt my love wane.

The hardest thing to do,
Was to leave you.
Walk away out of the blue,
Leaving my heart wondering what to do.

Where I go from here,
Is to wipe away the tear…
Allow my soul inside out to peer,
With a new heart to endear.