"What? Huh? I'm up! I'm up!"

Mornings are never easy, especially when my alarm doesn't seem to wake me up anymore. It seems Hannah has had to wake me up nine out of ten times in the past month we've lived together. It wouldn't be that bad but I soon came to the realisation that my new housemate is not a morning person, and the majority of my classes are early morning ones.

Hannah's great though, she's my cousin's friend from high school. She's studying business and is a junior. When Steven my cousin told me he knew someone with a killer apartment 10 minutes from college who was looking for a roommate I couldn't call her fast enough. There was no way I was living in dorms again and all my friends moved into their sororities this year or had roommates already.


Running into my 9am class late I grab the first seat I see. It's an animal behaviour class and probably one of my favourites but the professor is really strict and hates when people are late. I can already feel his eyes glaring at me and I refuse to look up while getting my notes out.

The class goes by quickly and I rush to my next class which is across campus, you see the thing about me is I'm a complete and utter klutz. With my head down I run bang smack into what feels like I wall, I sway back and the wall reaches out and catches me. Weird the wall also seems to chuckle

"Woah there"

Of course – I just had to run into the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I hide my face behind my hair and apologise then start on my way to class again. I don't have time for awkward moments like this, not with my Tuesday schedule anyways.

"Wait! You dropped your phone"

Turning back around I see Mr. Dreamy with my phone in his hand. Damn.

"Right, thanks. Suppose I'll need that"

I reach out to take my phone and I can't help but notice his huge hands, they look bigger than my face, looking up I almost gasp. I hadn't realised how tall he is, he's probably a good foot taller than me at my 5'2 teeny tiny height.

"No worries, I'll see you later Pippa"

He turns and walks away; his long strides take him incredibly far incredibly fast and I don't even have time to question him. How does he know my name? And who is he?


"Hey Susan!"

I walk into the shelter heading straight out back; there are only 3 of us here most afternoons so the workload is heavy. It's an unpaid volunteering job but it counts towards my hours for vet school and I really love being with the animals every day. Susan is in charge, she organises everything business wise and sometimes helps out with the animals but the majority of the hands on work is done by the other volunteers and I. Today Alfie is here, he's in vet school already but still helps out as much as possible.

"Hey Pip, can you check on Ringo please? He's getting taken home by that family I was telling you about"

I walk into the far back where the dogs are kept and let out Ringo, the gentle giant Newfoundland who's been here for almost 4 months. He's around 3 years old and very shy, unfortunately he was always looked over due to his size. I lean down and scratch his head as he licks my face.

"Hey boy, you excited to be going to your new home today? Yes you are, yes you are!"

He continues licking me and I stand up and attach his lead. I heard Susan mention the family were coming to get him at 4 and it's ten to now.

I spend the next 15 minutes cuddling and petting Ringo while saying goodbye, I've grown to love the dopey boy. I always tell myself not to get attached but it's hard, especially when the animal is as lovable as Ringo is. I only hope his new family is wonderful and treats him better than the last family he was with.

I hear the front door bell go off and presuming it's the adopters I bring the bouncy dog out. He was washed this morning and is even fluffier than usual. A young boys see's me bring him out and runs over but stops before touching the dog.

"Excuse me miss, me and my family are adopting this dog today would it be okay if I hugged him?"

I almost melted on the spot, this adorable little boy couldn't be older than 7 or 8 and he had better manners than most of the boys I knew. I got down on my knees and told Ringo to lie down motioning for the little boy to join me on my knees.

"You're a very lucky boy getting to take Ringo home you know that? He is one of my favourite dogs here" I looked around the room and whispered "Don't tell the other dogs they might get jealous."

He giggled and began petting Ringo who was unusually at ease with the little boy. Often Ringo would freak out around people he didn't know.

We talked about Ringo for a little longer until I heard the click of heels behind me. I glanced up and smiled handing the little boy the dog lead and standing up.

"Hi I'm Pippa Sanders. I presume you're this little man's mother" I said shaking her outstretched hand.

"Yes, I'm Kate Hunter that's my husband over there filling out the paperwork and this here is little Michael" she says ruffling his hair. He barely looks up from petting Ringo who is now asleep with his head on Michael's knee. I melt a little more at the sight before me.

"Lovely to meet you, you're getting an extremely great dog and I can already tell he's in great hands" I nod towards Michael on the floor.

"He's actually a bit unexpected. We used to have a dog years ago but when she died we never really thought about getting another one. Then last week we were visiting my other son who goes to college here and decided to visit the shelter. I've always loved animals, anyways Michael here fell in love with Ringo the second he saw him. My husband Stan was unsure at first so we went back home and after numerous conversations we decided if Ringo would have us we'd love to have him"

I can't hold back my smile at this; this family seems perfect for my favourite pooch. They obviously thought hard about getting a dog and I know they'll give him all the TLC he needs.

"Mrs. Hunter I have to say I'm so delighted you are the family taking Ringo home, I'm sure he'll fit in perfectly with you and your family." At this her husband walks over and gives me a friendly smile, he reminds me a lot of my dad and his firm but warm handshake makes me want a hug of my own dad right now. I must remember to call them soon.

"Right love, all the paperwork is sorted its official Ringo is now a Hunter" he bends down and scratches the dogs head waking him up.

Michael jumps up as does Ringo and I laugh at the sight, Ringo is almost taller than the young boy but with a quick lick of his face and a childish giggle I know it's a match made in dog owner heaven.

"Come on son let's get Ringo into the car, it was great to meet you" Mr. Hunter says to me with a nod and walks out making sure his son has a good hold of the lead. Michael waves at me smiling "Bye Miss Pippa, I will look after Ringo for the rest of my life" he says and I grin at him knowing he will.

Mrs. Hunter smiles at her husband and son leaving then turns to me and says "I'm so happy we decided to do this. We only live half an hour away, I can't believe we've never been here before. My son was the one who told us about it said he'd heard great things."

"Well ma'am we sure are a hard working team. I hope Susan gave you the contact details for the shelter, we hope you let us know how Ringo's getting on once he's settled in"

"Of course! We travel down every other weekend for my sons games anyway so we might bring him some day and drop in" She gathers her bag and coat getting ready to leave.

"Nothing would make me happier Mrs. Hunter. Have a safe journey home. Oh actually I have one thing for you" I run out back and grab the blanket from his cage. "He likes to sleep on this, it's actually my old throw from my bed."

She laughs, thanks me again and takes the blanket before leaving the shelter.

I can't keep the smile off my face, that family is special and Ringo is going to fit in perfectly.


I walk into the apartment and Hannah is cooking dinner in the kitchen, she has music blaring which she turns down once she notices I'm in the room.

"Hey chica, want some beef stir fry?" Its almost seven and I haven't eaten since 12.

"Yes please! I'm starving"

I help her with the rest of the cooking and we spend the evening watching movies and just chilling. I like to spend my evening doing nothing cause my days are always a bit hectic.


Weirdly enough I'm awake before my alarm goes off the next morning. I stretch and yawn before deciding to go for a run cause I have time. Don't get me wrong – I hate exercise, but my dad's a football coach and he always made me run at twice a week back home so I try to keep it up here.

I run for 5 miles and walking back up the stairs to my apartment I'm panting, red and sweaty. My waist length hair's in a bun on top of my head and I'm pretty certain I smell disgusting. I'm dreaming of a shower however on the landing outside my apartment the door across the way opens. It's weird I've lived here a month and never met my neighbours, Hannah says they're "babes" and goes on about them the whole time but not once have I encountered them.

Until now. When I'm sweaty. And disgusting. Yay.

To make things worse, out walks Mr. Dreamy from yesterday, as in the guy I ran into who somehow knew my name. And he looked hot, he wasn't wearing a shirt just workout shorts and I presume he was on his way for a run.

"Oh hey Pippa" He looks up and doesn't even look surprised to see me. I must have a weird look on my face cause he goes to speak again but instead I hear another voice from inside the apartment.

"Dude, close the door! Hopper's out of her hutch!" and out hops the cutest little whit bunny. Mr Dreamy curses and goes to get the bunny but it hops again moving away from him.

I bend down and the soft white bunny jumps straight into my arms. Giggling I look up and see another guy standing beside Mr. Dreamy, this one is fully dressed and even taller than his friend. I feel like a hobbit being near them. I straighten up cradling the bunny to my chest, she's so soft and fluffy I can't help but smile. Animals are my weakness.

"Thank god you got her!" the friend says he looks relieved "Idiot here left the door open too long, she could have hopped away had you not caught her"

"Hey who you calling an idiot?" Mr. Dreamy says.

"You, you idiot! I could have lost Hopper and that's just not cool"

"Well don't let that stupid rabbit out of her hutch when I'm leaving then"

"Oh don't start you asshole" They're laughing away enjoying their banter filled conversation and it seems they have forgotten about little old me standing here… still with the bunny.

"Eh so, here's your bunny" I say and hand her over. Mr. Dreamy chuckles at me and hits his friend on the back of his head.

"Sorry, Jason here cares more about his bunny than anything else on this planet" he says laughing at his friend. "I'm Ryan by the way, I'm presuming you didn't know that since you were so shocked I knew your name?"

"Ehh yeah, I'm Pippa. Which you already knew. Are you a stalker or something? Cause I've seen CSI and I'm not interested in having a stalker. No offence." Oh great I'm nervous, I can't stop talking. Both boys are laughing at me and I didn't think it was possible but I'm actually getting redder.

Ryan runs his hand over the back of his neck and I'm all to reminded that he's not wearing a shirt. He has a few tattoos but I'm not close enough to see them since I don't have my contacts in. Shit I'm staring! Crap they definitely caught me.

"I'm not a stalker don't worry"

"Good cause if you were I'd probably be really freaked out, doesn't matter how hot you are" Did I just say that? Please tell me I didn't just say that.

"Eh okay bye" and I run into my apartment slamming the door before even looking at his face or giving him a chance to reply. Damnit Pippa you can't release the crazy! I lean up against the closed door and I can hear them laughing. Just great.


There you have it

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