Eight Years Ago

"Sasha! Come over here! Now!"

Sasha timidly opened her bedroom door, her younger twin sisters huddled behind her, but half closed it again when Nami snorted and stomped her way toward them. Stopping in front of the door, Nami tried to grab Sasha but Sasha swatted her hand away.

Nami's nostrils flared and her eyes glazed over in anger. She reached again and clamped her fingers around one of Sasha's pigtails.

Then she pulled.

Sasha screamed.

"When I say come, you get your ass moving! Understand?"

Sasha averted her gaze, crying, shaking.

Nami drank bad stuff again.

Nami grunted and jerked on Sasha's hair.

"Ow!" Sasha cried again and sobbed.
"Do. You. Understand?" Nami repeated.

Sasha sniffled and nodded.

"Look at me and say it."

Sasha looked at her and mumbled. "I… understand."


Sasha met her gaze and sucked back the pain, stopped crying and stared into Nami's pitiful hazel eyes. "Yes. I understand," she said, emotionless.

Nami grunted satisfaction before pulling and tossing Sasha into the bathroom.

Sasha landed in front of a mop bucket in the middle of the floor. "The bathroom needs cleaning. You aren't allowed to leave until it's glowing."

Sasha nodded, rubbing where Nami yanked on her hair. She wanted to cry more, to scream, to hurt Nami back, but Nami was too strong, and she would only continue to hurt Sasha if she cried, Nami would hurt the twins if Sasha couldn't stop crying.

Sasha approached the mop bucket, and picked up a dirty rag from within.

She cleaned and cleaned almost finished when Nami yelled out again, already climbing the steps.

"Miya! Luna!"

Sasha's body shook uncontrollably. Anger, rage, she burned up, her hands and face becoming sweaty.

Sasha glared at the pitiful bitch as she used the thin railings to support her lard ass up the last step and waddled to the twins' bedroom door.

Shouting, screaming, crying, sobbing, Sasha watched as Nami kicked Miya down the stairs, pushed Luna on the back, causing her to stumble down a few steps before Miya caught her.

"Go!" She stepped toward the bathroom, but stopped at the railing, waving her hand at the twins. "Go! You two are gunna-"

Sasha's tummy twisted, her head hurt, her fist turned white from gripping the rag so hard.

Then she went cold, and her head cleared. Observing, Nami still shouted at the twins, leaning further over the railing than before. Back facing the bathroom Sasha was cooped up in.

Slowly, Sasha moved toward her. Body leading, mind still registering what she was about to do.

Step after step, Sasha silently walked closer and closer.

Then fear touched her cold heart.

Hurry! Faster! Hurt her!

Sasha burst forward into a short sprint and jumped, bashing into Nami with every bit of strength and weight she had.


Sasha bounced off of her, crashing to the floor, but the thin railing cracked underneath Nami and collapsed under her extra weight.

Nami fell and the crunch that followed satisfied Sasha more than anything else ever had.