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The Universe. A seemingly endless realm in which every possibility is possible, even the possibility that there was more then one realm. A realm in which all the stars, planets, and heavenly bodies exist in the shine and shadow of those of the Light and those of the Dark. Possessing bodies clothed in the very things they were named after, these beings of power untold, living in harmony with each other, they existed for the purpose of bringing life to where there was none. Succeed in this they did, and by the time they had finished, there was life abundant in the universe.

Sometimes, however, life didn't last. On a red planet orbiting a yellow star, for example, life was short. For others, life had yet to begin. And when it came to one planet in particular, life had yet to spread across it's barren surface. It was the third planet away from its Sun, and was due to be given life. So it was then that a being of Light and of Dark were sent to fulfill their duty. Thus would come the turning point of the lives of the species as a whole...


In the vast reaches of Space, many things could be heard to those that would listen. However, at that moment there was one sound that could be heard far more clearly at the moment. That was sound of a great fight, fights which were rare in the Universe..at least for the species involved.

The two combatants were each a member of the greatest race in the Universe, one a Being of Light and the other a Being of Darkness. They both battled on a distant planet, their forms reduced to their most basic after the long wear of combat. Both looked the same; basic silhouettes that on some worlds might have been called "man". One was bathed in the light she was named for, the other was literally shrouded in the darkness that gave him his namesake. Their features long sense gone, all that remained to discern between the two was the eyes.

Her name was Serra, and at that moment she was very, very terrified. Not because she was in fear for her life-as if!-but instead of something far, far worse than simply her dying. She dodged another blow from the one in front of her, then jumped back to gather her thoughts.

"Too long...we've been at this for far, far too long. What caused this argument? What caused this to happen?"

The answer escaped her, as she quickly had to evade another attack by her assailant. First it was a swipe of a gleaming sword, then she was dodging homing spheres of energy that threatened to explode upon a mere touch. There was simply no time to remember why she was here, or why she was fighting...

Quickly dodging each blow and thrust and explosion that assaulted her, Serra came to notice something-in the short space within each dodge, time seemed to slow, allowing her every sense to feel and see things more clearly. It was during these moments that Serra took advantage of the way she could see the world-she could imagine, that although the planet that she was on was barren and lifeless, that there was life all around her; all she needed was her imagination. It was with that image, of a planet full and brimming with life, that finally jolted her memory back to her.

"Life! That's the reason I came here, to bring life to this planet, and that can only mean that...", she gasped as the memory came flooding back to her. Turning to face her attacker, she pulled a sword out of the air to deflect the one he had coming down on her.

"Drakkar, cease this at once!", she screamed at him, startling him enough with the memory of his own name that he backed off and his sword dissipated into nothingness.

"Dra..Drakkar?", he asked before his face lit up with surprise and utter joy, "Hahahahaha! That's right, my name! And you, Serra! How could I have forgotten...", he trailed off as the memory came back to him. Looking over at Serra with eyes now full of utter sadness, he quipped, "Ah, now I remember. You interfered with the job."

Serra responded with a simple shrug, not willing to have to explain herself. She was a Being of Light, and thus it was her duty to help this planet. Drakkar felt the same way, she knew, but still...to go to such lengths, all for this planet.

"Drakkar, please. Answer me with honesty, on your pride as a Dark one..why did you try to kill me? Why didn't we just try to settle this like our species has always done?"

Drakkar looked at her solemnly before answering, "If you truly wish to know, then I will tell you. But know this: at the end of my explanation you will know why we have been fighting for so long, for what I estimate to be more eons than I would like to think about. And at the end of my explanation, not only will you fully understand and respect your past decision, you'll be willing to do it again."

Serra wrapped her arms around herself, telling herself that she would never engage in senseless combat like that again. Going to sit down for the rest of the story, she was surprised when he told her to get up.

"It will not take long, and as I said, you will quickly be re-thinking your decision to hold back from fighting.", he said with a sad look in his eyes, before continuing on, "Our duty and responsibility since the time we are birthed is to bring life to the planets, just like they brought life to us long, long ago. You know that the way we decide who gets the honor is determined by certain conditions: the first one to arrive, they shall be the first to bring life to a planet. But we arrived at the same time; thereby this rule was nullified. Normally we would leave it up to who has seniority, or who has higher rank in power. But this has proved futile-we are of the same rank status, both of us being Definers. That left only our power to differentiate between us...but we have fought for long enough now. We know who is the superior one-do we not?"

Serra considered all she had heard. It was true, they had fought for a long enough time-if she could trust Drakkar's prediction of the time. Chuckling to herself, she reminisced upon the memory of their fight on this lifeless planet...a fight that had supposedly lasted for eons, but had seemed to go by in the space of a few seconds. How funny.

But what wasn't funny was that Drakkar was right-now that she remembered what her duty was, and what was stopping her from doing it-she could feel the need to make him leave the only way that was left: to prove to him that she was the superior warrior. She put her hand into the air and summoned three flaming meteors into the sky.

"You're right Drakkar-we do know who is superior. And that one is-", however her boasting was interrupted when a sudden blast of pure force suddenly launched her across the open skies, coming to land hundreds of miles from where she was originally standing.

"Okay, maybe I'm not so superior after all...", she groaned to herself as she rubbed her head. It was at that moment a shadow descended on her; Drakkar was looking down on her with eyes that still exuded sadness. Why was he looking at her like that...he had to stop...she would make him stop!

Realizing that he had forgotten about her meteors that were above him, Serra sent down the fiery barrage...only to be stunned as Drakkar simply let them hit. He smiled at her while wiping off little chunks of the rocks from his body, all the while he continued to stare down at her with those sad, sad, eyes.

"Serra, we have been at this for ages. Surely you must be getting tired of this little dance...", he whispered at her as he conjured into his hand what appeared to be a shard of pure Darkness.

Serra blanched at the sight of the weapon. A blade of pure, unfiltered Darkness-if something like that was thrust into her body, it could disrupt the balance of Light in her body; that would end up hurting her, maybe, just maybe...it would kill her. Panic flooded in, making her kick out and knock the unsuspecting-or rather underestimating-Drakkar backward. Conjuring up her own blade made up of pure Light, Serra turned to make her stand-what could be her final one.

"Drakkar, you want to bring life to this planet, but if you plan on killing me just to do so then you don't deserve that honor!"

With that declaration Serra launched herself at Drakkar, bringing her blade down in a forward arc which he easily blocked, putting his hand forward to fire a red laser beam at her. Deflecting the beam with her hand, she twisted out of the way as he brought his blade forward in multiple rapier-like thrusts. As they both locked blades again and again, Serra began to believe that she could win. Drakkar had seemed to be slowing down, and she was feeling good still.

"This'll be what he gets for underestimating me!", she thought to herself, "Might as well take my chances and try to go for the coup de grace!"

Taking a big risk, Serra let him come at him, as if she was letting her guard down. But when he slashed at her head, she ducked down and grabbed her sword with two hands, bringing it up with all her strength. Success! She scored a huge hit across Drakkar's chest, and with a cry of immense pain Drakkar fell down onto the ground as his sword spilled from his hand.

Stepping over Drakkar's arms to keep him pinned, Serra spoke what she was sure were the last words he would ever hear, "Before I do this planet a favor and finish you off, do you have anything to say for yourself? I will be kind enough to listen to what you have to say..."

Drakkar looked up at her, his eyes still radiating that extreme sense of sadness. Looking directly into her eyes Drakkar spoke to her, "Please, forgive me for my actions..."

Serra opened her mouth to ask him what he meant, only for a mind-melting pain to suddenly rupture through her stomach. Looking down at her body, she saw the blade of darkness sticking out of her body, having stabbed into her from behind. Gasping for breath, she could already feel her body start to deteriorate. Falling to the ground and moaning from what she knew was the most painful thing she had ever felt, she looked at Drakkar's sad-filled eyes and realized he knew what was going to happen all along.

Drakkar picked up her body and laid it down in mid-air, taking out the sword to make her a little more comfortable. Wheezing from the pain that was coursing through her body, Serra asked through clenched teeth, "So..what happens now? Do I...die?" her speaking interrupted by hushed coughs.

"Yes, Serra. You will.", Drakkar responded, holding Serra's face in his hand. He felt bad about what he had done, but it was necessary. He would stay with her, all the way until the end. Then he would deal with the consequences of his actions; after all, he had know what was going to go down the moment he laid eyes on Serra after arriving on this planet.

He had no idea how much time had passed when she reached the end, but she finally made it clear when she was ready to die with the look in her eyes. They had become peaceful, accepting, and with her last breath she asked the question that seemed to have been on her mind for a while. He could not answer her. Not when she asked, not when her body went limp, not went her body disappeared into the darkness. It was only when he figured that he had better go give the news of her death to the other family members that he asked the question aloud.

"'Am I disappearing into the Darkness, or fading into the Light...'? How I wish I knew..."

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