I'm sorry, GOD, for the times that I forgot

what it meant to truly be alive,

for the times where I

would turn my

head away

from the sky

and pray that you

couldn't see me eyes, and

the way that they burned so bad all night.


I'm sorry, GOD, for the nights that I would

cry, asking You to let me die

because I wasn't able

to sit at the table


wanting to slit my

wrists against the edges

and hang myself from the

window that the bright moonlight shone through.


I'm sorry that I tried to go to heaven

before it was my time to go.

I just wanted to see

Your face

before I did something

stupid enough that I would

never see Your light from down where


I'd end up. I'm fed up with the way that

I can't say I'm fine without

it being a lie, and

I find that

when I look to the

stars in the velvet night,

I can't lie to You when I look You in the eyes.


I'm sorry, GOD, that I want to stop existing.

My mind is twisting itself apart,

and my heart is so

damn fragile

that it

combusts at

just the slightest

touch, and I wish that You could

take me home and fix me and send me back to


where I came from. It's some cosmic joke

that the angels are laughing at.

I bet that they are


at the

fact that

the broken toy on

Earth is asking you to make it

whole when it will always be shattered.


I'm sorry, GOD, that I'm tired in every way.

I'm sorry that I'm a lazy piece

of shit, and I know

that I curse

too much,

and that I

ramble when I'm

nervous, and that's the only

reason why this poem is so damn long.


I'm sorry that I'm not a good song.

I'm sorry that my melody

is fragmented,

and that

the staccato

notes are stuttering out a

fractured harmony when it's not supposed to.


I'm sorry, GOD, that I don't want to change.

I like being broken, but I want

You to fix me anyway,



what my

Mother thinks is best,

and She loves You so much, She

deserves nothing but the best from Everyone.


I'm sorry, GOD. I'm a bacterium

asking the greatest

thing in the


to make it

better as a favor when

I don't deserve the light of day that


You so graciously give to me.