The Landon Lineage

The Landon Lineage reaches far back to ancient days of yore;

For the genetic memory includes much forgotten lore.

The Priestess of Sin walked upon moon-kissed sand,

For she was alone across all Akkadian land.

The Jackal of Anubis watched his Nile kingdom burn,

Yet the Hykos did not expect their fates to turn.

The Stalwart Republican watched Rome die,

For Cicero and himself could no longer abide Mark Antony's lie.

The Last Pagan brought the Norse fury to uncharted shores,

But the Great Khan's death could not quench his rage forevermore.

The Keshik's Daughter battled across the Mongol steppes,

Preying upon all that into their lands would creep.

The Shaolin Wolf saw the Ming dynasty fall,

Wishing that Koxinga would crush the invaders once and for all.

The Denier of Empires sent many to watery graves,

Leading a Dutch privateer vessel upon the waves.

The Shadowborn Son took many lives with his suppressed gun,

And at times would claim from it a perverse fun.

Instinct compelled the Wayward Wanderer to a land of the mad,

And liberating made him glad for the light of the blood moon.

The Lifeweaving Engineer stalks through dark corridors with her perverted tools,

Under the sands of the blood planet.

The Righteous fury extends a transformed claw of gore,

Infuriated to take life in the blood realm.

The story may stretch forever more;

For none may know what the future may have in store.