I awoke that morning to the most heavenly of sounds. It was as though it wasn't a sound I was listening to, but the very presence of sheer divinity. It was as though something had just entered existence that explained everything to me plainly and simply. My daily life paled in comparison to what was waiting for me if I followed it.

I scurried from my resting place just beneath a sack of potatoes in the chef's cellar. I saw that my brothers were leaping the steps up to the kitchen two at a time; clearly I wasn't the only one sensing his presence.

I dashed up the steps after my brothers, and we ran through the kitchen and out into the restaurant, ducking and diving between the tables searching for the door.

Eventually salvation came as we found the morning light outside, but we didn't know where we were being led yet. We glided through the cobbled streets on a cloud of high spirits and optimism. The villagers were noticeably absent, but my brothers and I regarded this not, for we now sensed something much more important.

Eventually we reached the town square and found the source of the mysterious voice that felt as though it was speaking directly to our souls.

A man was stood in the square where we once terrified the residents of the town with our mere presence alone. His ugly, clownish appearance was something of a letdown considering just how beautiful the sound was, but we soon realised that he wasn't really what we were looking for. This man with that tube of wood between his lips was a signpost pointing towards everything real and true. The music this man was relaying to us had found the divine presence, and he was leading us to him. This man was a true hero.

Our signpost started to walk us through a side road, and we happily followed. The sound was so beautiful and moving that we had no choice but to go with it. We couldn't question what had suddenly made us follow, or indeed how this man, our guide, had found God and was managing to relay his frequency.

We didn't care. We didn't question.

In our hearts: we knew that this man had found God and was leading us towards him.

We are your followers, lead us to the almighty.

We started to head down the road out of town. I didn't know the area all that well, but I knew that was where we were headed. I wondered how far away the sublime presence was and how long it would take us to reach him. It couldn't be far.

The wondrous sound was calming me and reassuring me that however long it took; God would be there.

They say we are vermin and soulless, but this sound tells me that's a lie: for he loves us all.

I started to feel uncomfortable when I realised we were headed for the river, but that feeling immediately vanished as I reminded myself of the comforting splendour of the sound.

As we rushed towards our goal hiding safely in the confines of the river, just for a second; I looked across at our guide with his pipe.

I found there was no expression on his face. He wore a blank look of total detachment. This man's face was not filled with the joys of the transcendent sound and what it promised. He was merely the signpost pointing his hollow bony finger in the direction of that which was mightier than himself. He felt nothing emanating from it.

I then saw what lay behind him while running toward God with my brothers. I saw the landscape for what it was. The twisted structures of the village were laughing in shameful joy; the lazy skeletons wandering through them were languishing in a fake world where greed and lies were the only things that were real.

The piper knew full well at this time that he was merely a tool of God. He knew what lesson was to be taught from all this. He knew full well that his place in this story was to be swindled by the worshippers of greed. The piper knew of man's nature, and he had his plan to bring the almighty back into these people's lives, and it was a cunning and ruthless one. And he felt no guilt over his part in it and what he would have to do. How many would die by his hand.

I smiled and banished it from my mind and turned my attention to the river, which was rushing up to meet us at breakneck speed.

I couldn't stop smiling; he had shown where the omniscient one lay in wait for us. Nothing else mattered.

As my head burst down through the freezing surface of the water along with my brothers, I gazed around the world beneath the hell above us.

I couldn't see him yet.

The darkness of the water below terrified me, but I carried on in spite of this.

The icy waters tore at my fur, and then at the flesh beneath, but I regarded it not, for all would be good if I found him.

I couldn't breathe; it was only now that I noticed this.

Surely God would let me breathe? Surely he wouldn't let me die?

I had to search faster, find him, he must be here somewhere.

He must be further down, somewhere near the bottom...