Summary: Brooke Merriam is a smart eighteen year old girl. Starting her first year of university, with her over-friendly best friend Sarah, Chad who thinks sending crude notes is the way to her heart and did I mention Sarah's hot older brother Luke who hates her and thinks she doesn't belong. If she thought failing assignments was one thing losing her heart is another.

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Chapter one

"Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...mmmmmm...block everyone and everything out"

"Will you shut up, I am trying to concentrate " I shout slamming my book closed and jumping up from the spot i was sat on, on the carpet of our frontroom.

"On what? you don't even leave for university until tomorrow,what could you possibly have to concentrate on considering schools over and you have no social life to begin with" My sister Beth snaps back at me.

Yeah and i can't wait till I leave this hell hole for university tomorrow I thought as I glanced up at my sister Beth while she is still meditating on the carpet.

My sister really is stunning with her long brown shiny hair and bright blue eyes, flawless skin and toned body I wish I looked more like her at time even though i would never admit it.

I walked over to the large mirror on the wall just above our fireplace.I was quite small 5'4 to be exact, with large hips and mousy brown hair. The only nice thing about me was my bright blue eyes just like my sisters, my nose was a bit wide and my head seemed a bit to big for my body at times.

"What are you doing? staring at yourself? you freak" Beth scoffed and finally stood up

"I was not" I denied and shot her a dirty look before walking into the kitchen.

Beth follows me in and goes straight to the fridge, grabbing her new dieting drink or whatever the hell it is she drinks.

"So I heard Luke Colling is going to your university" she smirks slyly.

"Yes unfortunately " I scoff and roll my eyes.

Luke Colling, now how do I explain Luke Colling well let's start with how much he hates me. I guess the feelings mutual, You see Luke is one of the biggest jerks I know who is treated like a god by most of the female population. He's a popular conceited asshole who thinks he's better than everyone else.

He sees me as his sister's ugly fat friend. Yes that's exactly the words he uses to describe me. The only good qualities about him that I hate to admit is that he is very attractive with his brown hair, bright green eyes, and very good body.

Now that assholes out the way I can now explain the better half of the Colling siblings Sarah. Sarah Colling has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We became friends when she stuck up for me against the biggest bully in the class when we were only six years old. Sarah Colling is one of the toughest people I know. She's smart, funny and can wrap guys around her finger just like that, with her shiny dark brown hair and green eyes identical to her brother Luke's.

The only bad quality I can say about Sarah is that she's too friendly and when I mean too friendly I mean with guys. Sarah has been nicknamed 'Female Colling' for a couple of years now and not because of her last name. Sarah is known to be just as slutty as her brother Luke, you see Luke is known for his behaviour to sleep around and when Sarah started sleeping with different guys, people began to talk about how Sarah is just as bad as Luke.

Which in my opinion is a load of crap. Yes Sarah can be slutty at times but she is nowhere near as bad as Luke and also Sarah is one of the nicest people I know as long as you don't mess with her. Luke on the other hand is horrible to everybody who isn't attractive or up to his standards as he says.

"I don't know why you hate him so much he's gorgeous" she sighs leaning on the kitchen side.

As you must of already guessed my sister is also smitten by Luke . He flirts with her now and then when he sees her but has never took the time to ask her out on a date.

"He's an ass who is too much in love with himself, Beth you can do so much better, what happened to Dylan?" I asked turning towards her.

"He cheated on me with that skank Tracey Peters, I mean Tracey Peters over me, he will regret it and come running back soon. they always do" she smirks.

I swear my sister has no respect for herself at times. She let's guys treat her like crap all the time and yet let's them walk back into her life whenever they want.

"Beth why do you do this to yourself , you deserve someone who treats you with respect" I shout at her. Rolling my eyes.

"We are home, Brooke, Beth?" My Mother shouts coming through the door with my Dad behind her carrying all the shopping bags.

"Hey Mum, Dad will you help me with the last of my packing for university?" I smile and walk towards my parents.

"Of course honey, I can't believe our baby is leaving for university tomorrow, where does the time go Earl?" She asks my Father.

"I know Linda soon she will be married with children of her own, and we will be grandparenst you know how much i want to be a grandad Linda" He smiles sweetly at my mother. As they stare lovingly into eachothers eyes.

"Okay this is getting a bit too weird for me, I'll be upstairs packing if anyone needs me" I say walking up the stairs towards my room.

My family ladies and gentleman can you now see why I can't wait to get away?.

I walk upstairs into my room waiting for my parents to stop swooning overeachother and come upstairs to help me pack. My parents have been together since they were fiveteen years old it was love at first sight my mother says. She always repeats the story of how they met at a theme park in a waiting line for the newest ride that just came out. She goes on and on to say how she saw this boy with amazing bright blue eyes andbrown hair and knew there and then she was going to marry him and have his children.

I guess she was right in a way because that is what exactly happened. Now she seems to think that my sister and i will find a big love of our own one day. Was she wrong about that i have had a few boyfriends in the past nothing that lasted long thought the longest was nine months and that was an on/off relationship. I guess you can say i have abit of experience with boys and break ups but not as many as my sister Beth or my best friend Sarah.

"You call to me and i fall at your feet how could anyone ask for more..." I hear my ringtone going off and look down at my mobile phone to see Sarahs name pop up on my screen. I click on the answer button.

"Hey girl, you got to come to my house like right now the party of the year is happening, Luke has invitied everyone from the neighbourhood and all the jocks from our old school as well as two other schools my house is packed of cool hot jocks. Seriously come now its great so many guys around me im in heaven" she shrieks loudly on the other end of the phone as i hear heavy dance music in the background.

"Sarah i still have a bit of packing to do considering we leave tomorrow." i moan back at her.

"Listen Brooke, its our last night hereso dont be a bore and come round i have let you off missing parties in the past but not this one so come now" she moans back at me.

"Fine but i have no idea what to wear atall" i sigh at her.

"You will find something so hurry up and get over here" she says before hanging up the phone.

An hour later im ready for Sarah and Luke's party. I re do the last of my eyeliner and skip downstair, where my parents are cooking late night dinner.

"Hey Mum, Dad im heading out for a while to a leaving party at Sarah's house is that ok?" i smile and ask.

"Honey thats fine dont forget to take your key incase your back late and we arealready in bed." My mother smiles at me.

Theres another good thing about my parents, ever since i turned eighteen i dont have a curfew they trust me enough to act responsibily and not do anything stupid unlike my sister Beth.

I head out the door and start the fiveteen minute walk to Sarah's house. I decide to check out the university website again for anything i might of missed.

Ten minutes later i hear.


I roll my eyes at the chanting that could be heard from miles away. Why am i doing this again? Oh yes that's right Sarah invited me to her house well shall I say mansion for a leaving party. So here I am stood at the end of the street walking towards her house with deafing chanting as i walk closer. This is so stupid I should of just stayed at home with my parents after all the packing was finished. But no I let Sarah talk me into going to the party. I sigh and walk towards the door where I can hear loud music and chanting still going on inside.

"Oh Luke your so hot.." Cindy Butters slurrs

"Luke don't leave us..." Kirsty Rames moans

"Colling, my man.." Adam Rellgate shouts

These are the first things that I hear as I walk through the front door. Oh god this is one of the reasons why I never go to parties. You see everyone knows who Luke Colling is and for some strange reason everyone but me seems to love him.

I walk towards the kitchen to see if I can spot Sarah anywhere. There are red cups everywhere and a bunch of guys and girls playing a game of 'I Never'.

"Oii stumpy, what are you doing here?" I turn around to meet gorgeous bright green eyes that always seem to be glaring at me.

"If you must know Luke, I was invited" I hiss back at him giving him the same disgusted look he gave me.

"Oh yeah I forgot for a moment then that my sister chooses to hang out with a fat freak like you." he sneered before one off his friends well more like follower walked over.

"What you saying my homie? Luke-dawg" Rick Hartley smiles

Rick Hartley must be one off the rudest, crudest, immature eighteen year old boys I have ever met. He reminds me of a small child stuck in an eighteen year olds body. With his goofy grin always present and his wide eyes that seem to light up whenever he gets a bit of attention.

"Rick you do know your white right?" Luke replies rolling his eyes.

"My mother says I should try and be different from everyone else and stand out more then maybe, maybe I will find someone female who isn't related to me to love me. but what does she know its all about hottie's and sex and alcohol and..." he paused while he put his hand to his chin as though he was thinking of what to say..."heyyy did I tell you about that one time when that girl was all over me on the dance floor and i was like shake that ass, girl shake it and she was totally into me I swear, but then she slapped me in the face and I had a handprint for a week. But I think it was her way of expressing her attraction to me" Rick creepily smirks as his eyes light up.

"Oh god, I wonder why I put up with you half the time" Luke rolled his eyes and turned back towards me. When Rick followed his gaze

"Hey hot stuff want a fun time don't worry I always bring protection and some spare because this one time I forgot and it totally ruined the night" he smirked

"Your kidding right fatty here?" Luke burst out laughing and holds onto his sides as his laughter increases.

"Fuck you Luke" I hissed before I turned away to walk off.

"No thanks darling even though i know you would love it I've got standards babe" he chuckled

"Where you going my lady? I promise I will give you some special Rick time pow wow" Rick shouted whilst doing air guitar impressions.

"Seriously Rick at times your weirdness blocks up my common sense which is probably the only reason I'm still friends with you". I hear Luke say.

That was the last thing I heard before I walked out of the room. I continued searching around the house for Sarah and sighed with relieve when I finally found her in the living room sat on Matt McGuire's knee drinking a beer.

"Brookieeee, you made ittt" she slurred at me jumping up off Matt's knee.

"I sure did, how much have you had to drink?" I laughed as she run and hugged me.

"Oh you know, a bit of this, a bit of that," She laughed.

I smiled back at her, this is going to be a long night.

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